Put Your Ad on Millions of Sites,
Videos, Apps and More

The Google Display Network allows you to be everywhere at once

Your ad in the right places, more times.

By tapping into the Google Display Network, your business will be exposed to visitors, viewers and users of over a million websites, videos and applications. Your advertisements will be subtly placed on pages related to your industry, product or service.

budget under control

your ad spend

Failing to target your resources appropriately is the digital equivalent of dropping a ton of leaflets from a plane and hoping the right people find them. Your marketing needs to be researched, strategized and flawlessly executed to achieve your goals.
Your audience will be targeted based on their browsing habits and how their interests relate to your business.

For example, if your business sells sports supplements, your ads will appear to users who frequently visit health and fitness blogs and websites.

Manage and track your campaign when it suits you

We make it easy to stay updated and to really understand your results. With your own dedicated account manager, you don’t have to log in on an hourly or daily basis – let us take care of the hard work for you. You can trust us to manage strategic and creative decisions, should you prefer to ‘set and forget’. The performance media team at First Page has the expertise and experience to deliver a compelling digital marketing strategy.

This will include:

Specifying your target audience and their most visited page

Learning their browsing habits and when they are most available to be engaged

Creating a compelling advertisement to grab their attention

Delivering a flawless campaign which meets expectations and remains within budget

Be Part of the Network

Talk to a performance media specialist today and discover more about the Google Display Network. We provide extensive advice and support, ensuring you can see where your marketing budget is being spent.