Custom Target Ads to a Pool of Over 1 Billion Users

Reach your target market where they’re spending their free time

Unparalleled custom targeting

With the largest network of active users, Facebook is an effective way to reach over 1.2 billion people instantly. Using the extensive user data Facebook marketing services furnish, your business can target more effectively, seeking out the people most likely to find value in your product or service.

You can micro-target demographics by:





We will also turn our attention to the devices the target audience use to access Facebook, whether it’s a desktop, smartphone or tablet. This will influence your ad design as well as your overall Facebook advertising strategy.

Boost your overall online presence

Adding a Facebook marketing strategy to your long term digital marketing plan means adding depth and dimensionality to your online presence. Think of your official site as the business at the front, and your Facebook as the party at the back. Not only can you give your brand unprecedented exposure, increasing awareness, you can also grow your website’s traffic by pulling users through from Facebook. Facebook marketing solutions are instant, making them a great way for new businesses to come out of the gate strong.

budget under control

Engage on more levels

Facebook marketing gives you the opportunity to convey your message with video, text and images. This means that you can get through to users regardless of their time constraints, focus or capacity for attention. We offer optional design services, including customized cover images to make your business page stand out.
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