Lure Interested Browsers Back to Your Site

Build brand recognition

Remarketing will:

Increase brand exposure by reinforcing your message with an interested, relevant audience.

Increase sales and profits through improved conversions and fewer transaction abandonments.

Keep your brand in the spotlight and current in the minds of your visitors

Provide a campaign managed to a predetermined budget for a tangible ROI.

budget under control

Lower your cost
per sale

Google Remarketing encourages visitors to return to your website. With a targeted ad, customers who have showed an interest in a product or service will be gently coaxed into completing a purchase.
For Example,

If a user visits your online store and places a product in their shopping cart but leave before they complete the purchase, they will be exposed to a remarketing message when visiting another member of the Google Display Network. This will encourage them to return to your site to finish their purchase, capturing a sale that would have otherwise been lost.

Strike while the iron’s hot

Remarketing helps to drive your customers to your website when they’re most likely to convert.

The classic advertising rule is that an audience may need to see a message at least seven times (often in different ways) before they take action. With the Google Display Network, your brand, services and products will be foremost in users’ minds, even after they leave your website. By timing your ad to display when there’s evidence of a user being ready to buy, you can cut out most of those steps.

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