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In general, the more content you post the better – as long as you’re not sacrificing quality or posting duplicated content. But blogging to grow your audience doesn’t have to mean posting every day. Uploading 2-3 relevant, engaging, and useful blogs per week usually is a sweet spot for driving traffic and can help promote your website as a valuable source of content.

In terms of length, a good starting point is somewhere between 800-1000 words – although there is no fixed answer. The perfect length will depend on how competitive the market is, and what you’re writing about. More content is generally better and will help you rank higher if it’s not detrimental to quality.

Blogs are great for SEO as they force Google and other search engines to crawl your website more often. Not only do they provide you with a platform to publish fresh content, but they give people a reason to stay on your website for longer, allow you to target more keywords and help generate a stronger link profile.

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