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Any platform, anytime, anywhere

Pay-per-click advertising is the smart choice for businesses that want to maximize their reach without overspending. All of the top websites in Hong Kong (in terms of visitor numbers) offer pay per click advertising services that you can take advantage of. Imagine, being in front of your potential users everywhere they’re going online.


including AdWords, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and more. Our expert performance media team will help you get the most out of your overall spend, without taking a percentage (just a flat fee). Choice, coverage and control – what more could you ask for?!

Complement your overall digital strategy

Paid search is an excellent way to kick start your overall online marketing campaign. Once you’re in full flight, it can help bolster your brand recognition as well as your traffic stats.

A pay per click program complements organic search (SEO) efforts by providing a source of traffic while your site is being optimized. You can even choose to direct your PPC spend towards those competitive key phrases you really want, whilst building your SEO campaign during those critical first few months. In short, PPC ensures you get seen before you’re getting found through the major search engines.

budget under control

Control your marketing spend with cutting-edge precision

Pay per click marketing is what it sounds like – you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. Unlike other advertising options, where you’re charged per display/view/impression, PPC ensures you only have to pay when you get a measurable potential benefit. This allows you to control your spend and eliminate wastage.
Unlike other agencies, First Page doesn’t charge a percentage of your spend to manage your campaign. Rather, we charge a competitive flat fee that covers everything from smart ad copy to regular reporting, ensuring you’re getting the best result for your advertising at the most competitive CPC (cost per click).
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Every minute you wait is another minute your competitors are getting clicks!
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