3 Important Factors to Increase Visitors Dwell Time


SEO isn’t just about the number of keywords companies use, or the layout they provide, it is about so much more. Several years ago, Amit Singhal provided a list of questions companies and marketers should ask themselves about their websites. He did this in an effort to provide “more guidance on building high-quality sites” This list made numerous references to concepts such as trust, authority and originality.

It’s no surprise that these are key factors in determining how much people will want to view a company’s website. However, what some may find surprising is that search providers actually have a way of measuring these factors. That’s correct; search providers have managed to develop a method for measuring how much visitors see a website as trustworthy, authoritative and original. For some, these factors come together and are referred to as ‘dwell time’.

‘Dwell time’ is important because without it, websites aren’t going to get near the top of those important search result pages. If they want to make it to number one, they need to make sure that viewers are navigating to their webpage, staying on their webpage, and remaining active.

Here are three of the most important factors companies have control over, which can contribute to visitor ‘dwell time’.

Quality content

Is the content available elsewhere on the internet? Has it managed to say something in a new and interesting way? Why should a person look at that content and not someone else’s? Ensuring content is of a good quality and useful is the first step to ensuring a higher ‘dwell time’.

Ease of navigation

But what if that content is great, but no one can find it? Ensuring a higher ‘dwell time’ means the website needs to be easy to navigate. Making sure that the user interface is as simple as possible is probably a good start. Tailoring stylistic choices, such as color and menu locations, can also be important.


Reputation is always important, and nowhere is it more important than on the internet. On the internet, trust is much harder to gain than in real life, and authority can easily be stripped away if someone says the wrong thing. Making sure to maintain a good online reputation is one of the most important steps in ensuring that anyone’s online presence makes it to the top of search engine results.

The factors which contribute to ‘Dwell time’ are incredibly important. In order for companies to achieve greater heights and stronger audiences, they need to increasingly pay attention to them and not let these opportunities to show-off pass them by.