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We speak your language

Hong Kong is an international business hub where deals are made in dozens of languages. It’s important to partner with an agency that can communicate in your language, as well as that of your target market/s. This is especially critical if you’re doing business on the mainland.

Speak your language

At First Page, we have managers, technical and creative staff

who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English to native-speaker level. Through our network of affiliates, we can also provide other language services. Not only does this give your organization more contact options, it also means we can craft an SEO campaign that’s China-ready entirely in the language of your choosing, from the technical aspects through to the copywriting.

budget under control

Our technical team know Chinese ecommerce
inside out

There’s no doubt about it – ecommerce is the way Chinese manufacturers are reaching the world in the age of Web 2.0. From the runaway success of Jack Ma’s Ali Baba (B2B) and Ali Express (B2C), to Chinese fashion, homewares and health food wholesalers, everyone’s getting on board. To stand out in a crowded online market place, you need an SEO strategy that reflects your brand’s

First Page is here to give you the edge you’ve been missing.

Our technical and creative teams have spent their entire professional lives working
on bringing Chinese businesses to the world through SEO in China. Take advantage
of their expertise.

Get the sophisticated reporting you deserve

Our reporting is second to none for accuracy, detail and insight. With our proprietary reporting software, you’ll get clear and easy to read PDF reports that outline exactly where your rankings are going, how you’re faring against your competitors, and summary information from your site analytics. Forget about long, verbose reports that read like essays; you and your SEO management team will get the cold hard facts you need to make informed decisions to succeed in China.

In addition to the reports you get, our SEO team does a ton of work behind the scenes to ensure you benefit from the insights our extensive data can provide. By examining click data, search volumes and other variables from your target markets, we can dramatically improve your ROI.

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