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Yahoo! HK is undeniably one of Hong Kong’s most popular search engines across all demographics. Just a couple of percentage points below Google in terms of total market share, it’s an important source of traffic that is used by millions of potential customers across Asia. By adding Yahoo! to your overall search engine optimisation (SEO) approach – or by implementing a standalone Yahoo! SEO campaign – you’ll be able to reach more new customers than ever before. The proof is in the pudding (or rather, the analytics); traffic coming from different addresses = different unique users.

If you can’t afford to ignore up to 33% of your target market, you can’t afford to ignore Yahoo!


Our Yahoo! SEO services are a great way to back up the results you’re getting from your Yahoo! PPC campaign. Implementing both at the same time ensures consistent growth, whilst keeping your spend under control. Unlike other platforms, your Yahoo! SEO and PPC won’t be competing for attention – they’ll be complementing each other.

Get great value for money

Bidding for search terms (key phrases) on Yahoo! PPC can be up to 75% cheaper, compared with the same terms on Google AdWords. This means you can reach more users entering those high-value, high CTR phrases that convert beautifully.

budget under control

At First Page,

we also offer the best deal around on SEO for Yahoo! We don’t take a percentage of your ad spend; rather, we charge a simple fee each month. This fee covers everything from writing ad copy, to making adjustments on a regular basis, to comprehensive reporting. You’ll be able to predict and control your spend, allowing you to reserve resources for future initiatives.
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