If you are one of the Amazon merchants, your first goal is definitely to improve the ranking of your products on Amazon.

Why is it so important?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world, with more than 2 billion visits per month. This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored as it means you have a golden opportunity to reach a huge client base.
However, with opportunity comes competition. There are more than 12 million products on Amazon, and 63% of the click-through rate comes from the top-ranked products.

That’s why it’s important to rank on the first page of Amazon. A higher ranking means that the product can obtain continuous traffic, sales and increase customer lifetime value.

Otherwise, 2 billion users won’t even know your product exists, and potential sales will go directly to your competitors day in and day out.
So, how do you get to the top of the Amazon platform? You need help from an experienced Amazon SEO team.




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Amazon Amazon SEO is challenging.

Since you have to think outside the box, cookie cutter SEO strategies will just waste your marketing budget. That’s why you need an agency with real-world experience to customize a range of options for you.

In order to further improve your ranking, we will develop an exclusive plan for you. We will take the time to understand your business size, products, and analyze your brand strengths and target audience needs.

We use state-of-the-art software to analyze your competitors so we can develop strategies to keep you ahead of them.





關於Amazon 亞馬遜SEO

Amazon Amazon SEO is the process of improving the ranking of products in Amazon search results. Amazon has official ranking algorithm rules (commonly known as A9), all you need to do is to optimize the product list. If you are an Amazon merchant, your number one goal is to get to the first page for keywords related to your product. Because in fact, most people only click on the first few products, and data shows that 63% of Amazon’s click-through rate is driven by the top 3 products.

Amazon Amazon SEO has no tricks, it’s all about planning and executing one strategy after another. Your product listing is the primary optimization element, such as including keywords in product titles, uploading clear product photos, setting appropriate prices, ensuring product descriptions have appropriate keyword density, and more. With a clear Amazon SEO strategy, selling products on the Amazon platform is definitely a good start. And Amazon’s A9 algorithm dictates everything — which product comes first and which one ranks lower. This means that if you want to maximize traffic and conversions, reach target sales, and even outperform your competitors, your product must be at the top.

Amazon Amazon SEO is similar to traditional SEO (often Google) but with a few twists. Amazon Amazon SEO focuses on on-site SEO (product listings), but also needs to pay attention to off-site SEO, such as backlinks to products. There are a few key steps you need to follow to ensure you get the most out of your Amazon SEO, such as optimizing your product titles to capture clicks from your competitors and making sure your product descriptions have the right keyword density. In addition, make sure that the photos are clear. When users zoom in on the photos, they can still see product details and unique selling points. All in all, the clearer the product photos, the higher the sales volume! Under-optimize and the A9 algorithm may not be able to read your products; over-optimize and the A9 algorithm may think you’re gaming the system, both of which are bad for your product listings.

The beauty of Amazon SEO is that you can see the results of your efforts. After optimization, you can see improved rankings, more clicks, and higher sales. If Amazon Amazon likes your product, it means you can sell more, and Amazon will consolidate the product ranking as a reward for you.

How to write Amazon SEO copywriting is as much a science as it is an art. The first step is to start with the title. The title of your product is the first element that users will come into contact with. You need to make sure it is interesting, attractive, descriptive and most importantly contains the right keywords. If your headline is boring or if you use the wrong keywords, it can affect your product’s visibility.

Next, you need to refine your product descriptions. Many Amazon merchants do not pay attention to product descriptions, and only write a few simple product summaries. In fact, the product description, like the title, needs to contain rich keywords and attractive content to stimulate users’ desire to buy. The more attractive the copywriting and the higher the product sales, the better the ranking will be. Writing great copy requires professional knowledge, skills and prior research.

With more than 12 million products on the Amazon platform, competition is fierce and getting tougher by the day. That’s why Amazon SEO services are so important—putting you ahead of your competition. Although the competition is brutal, many merchants do not know how to implement advanced Amazon SEO, and everyone only uses the same method!
To stand out on such a huge platform, you need to jump out of the existing framework and develop an exclusive marketing strategy, which is also the practice of Amazon’s best-selling merchants. It takes a bit of time, but once you’ve cracked the top spots (and been favored by the A9 algorithm), you’ll be able to solidify your ranking. Improving the ranking can increase sales, get Amazon’s favor, and strengthen the ranking. This may seem simple, but it actually takes a lot of research, strategy and process to make it happen.

While Amazon SEO is not easy to execute, you can start by understanding the basics of it. First, you need to optimize the product title, photo and description according to the A9 algorithm. To do this, you need to write compelling copy that will increase your click-through rate. You need to make sure that your product description has the right keyword density, if the density is too low, you will not be able to improve your ranking to the ideal position; if the density is too high, Amazon will think that you are trying to game the system and penalize you.
In addition to optimizing the product list, off-site optimization is also required. Amazon likes authoritative websites to be associated with them, which is like a vote of trust. Therefore, please build external backlinks to your Amazon product listings (preferably external links that can drive traffic and conversions), let people find your products from outside Amazon, and slowly increase Amazon’s reputation for you trust.


在平台建立初期,要提升產品排名相當容易,只要使用高品質影像、優化標題,並盡可能將關鍵字填充至描述中便可以了。然而一切都改變了,現在互聯網用戶變得更加精明,而亞馬遜的 A9演算法亦變得愈來愈複雜,它能判斷每個點擊的去向、銷售情況,更能評估產品名單整體質量,這些因素不斷改變著平台上產品的排名。


而亞馬遜PPC則為付費廣告,又名「贊助」產品。亞馬遜PPC是一種能讓您的產品立即呈現於受眾眼前的方式,但您必須為每一個點擊付費(而當中許多點擊都未必能帶來轉化),這使成本增加。另外,當廣告暫停,您就會馬上失去流量。First page認為兩種策略都非常可取,而最佳方法是雙管齊下。

Amazon 亞馬遜SEO如何協助您的業務?

If you want to sell more products on the Amazon platform, then you must need Amazon SEO. The Amazon marketplace is very competitive, and it’s not just about writing a product description, closing your eyes and hitting the publish button, and hoping everything happens the way you want it to. Amazon SEO is one of the ways that eCommerce can gain traction in the world’s largest marketplace and consistently attract clicks, increase sales and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

Whether you are an e-commerce business selling trinkets or a large business specializing in collectibles, Amazon SEO is suitable for any e-commerce business that wants to increase sales. One thing to note is that Amazon mainly sells physical products. If you belong to the service industry or sell digital products, Amazon SEO may not be suitable for you. There is only one exception—e-books. According to data, Amazon has nearly 50% of the market share.

The scope of work of an Amazon SEO agency is very wide, and the quality of service depends on the individual agency. Generally speaking, an Amazon SEO agency will develop and execute an Amazon SEO strategy for you, including copywriting (such as content writing and photography), technical work (such as tracking click-through rates and sales). A great Amazon SEO agency will understand your brand in detail and create a strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Partnering with the right Amazon SEO agency will give you access to the best professionals working on Amazon eCommerce. A great agency also has a strong partner network and knows how to use it to enhance your marketing campaigns. An Amazon SEO agency has multiple departments that work together to achieve the results you want.

sure! Increasing sales is a general result, and Amazon SEO can not only make sales skyrocket, but also help you improve brand awareness, increase market share, outrank competitors and increase click-through rates. All this will help improve CLV (customer lifetime value), and the effect is continuous.
And from a sales perspective, Amazon SEO is arguably the most effective way to increase revenue. When your ranking is higher, the chance of your product getting clicks is higher, and more clicks means more sales. Amazon SEO can help the business of powerful merchants flourish. And few strategies can sustainably grow your digital business over the long term like Amazon SEO.

Both have pros and cons, and everything comes from resources. Performing Amazon SEO work in-house is a solid long-term investment and you will have full control over the entire process. But on the other hand, performing Amazon SEO yourself requires a lot of time and money, including recruiting talents, or training existing employees, which can be a long and tedious process, especially if your employees leave, you will have to start from scratch. You’ll also need to buy the necessary but expensive SEO software and learn how to use it.

In contrast, hiring an Amazon SEO agency has its advantages. Assuming you hire the right agency, you’ll have access to an entire team of marketing professionals who are key to driving the success of your marketing campaigns. You don’t have to hire any new staff, and you don’t have to train anyone—just let the agency do the work. When you do the math, hiring an agency can cost you significantly less than hiring in-house staff.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before hiring an Amazon SEO agency to ensure you choose the right company. Does the agency handle all work in-house, or outsource work to other countries? Can they make any performance guarantees? Do you have the right to read/own data about marketing campaigns? Are they transparent? These are only some of the questions, but they will help you get to know the institution better.

You can also learn more about the size of the organization, is it a small company with just a few employees, or is it a large organization with the entire team dedicated to you? You can also ask what reporting software or format they use, is it easy to read or use? Fear not, hiring an Amazon SEO agency is not difficult, and in fact many Amazon merchants have grown rapidly through agencies.

Amazon SEO (like traditional Google SEO) is a lengthy process that requires more patience than Amazon Advertising (which can get you traffic instantly). Although SEO cannot bring immediate results like advertising, it is a better long-term strategy. Once you rank well for your primary keywords, you’ll maintain your position (provided your product listings are properly optimized) and get consistent traffic for far less money than running an advertising campaign.

By looking at your eCommerce marketing data, you’ll know if Amazon SEO is working. Effective Amazon SEO will lead to higher rankings, clicks and sales. If you work with an Amazon SEO agency, they will directly show you the key data you need to know, saving you time. And an excellent Amazon SEO agency will analyze according to your business needs and KPIs, allowing you to obtain key information.

If you’re running a small business or a sole proprietorship, you can definitely try to do Amazon SEO yourself — as long as you know how to master the entire journey. We recommend that you start with the basics, first conduct research on keywords you are familiar with, some software can help you pick the right keywords, and learning how to use these software will take some time, but once you learn, this All well worth it.

Once you’ve decided on keywords, you can start refining your product list. The best way to do this is to make sure your title has the main keyword, your product description has the right keyword density, and use high-quality photos. You can then focus on building backlinks to your Amazon product listings, and you might as well reach out to the right blog or website owner to get backlinks.

Besides Amazon SEO optimization, there are many ways to make your eCommerce business grow rapidly. First, consider traditional SEO, which, similar to Amazon SEO, is the process of getting your website to rank higher (but not on Amazon, but on Google). SEO is a proven method that can directly bring traffic to your website and even increase sales by a large amount. Another reliable marketing strategy is Google, Facebook’s PPC paid advertising (pay-per-click advertising). Compared with SEO, PPC allows you to instantly present products to customers and bring conversions.