Social Media Marketing Guru Vol. 3: How To Make the Most of Visual Platforms

Social Marketing

Welcome to the third instalment of our Social Media Marketing Guru series. Here, we unpack the most important visual platforms, who they’re best for and how to make the most of them.

Are you a brand looking for a fresh way to get new leads, readers and subscribers, or a merchant wanting more E-Commerce sales? Whether you’re a new business trying to get your name out there or an established brand, we’ll show you how to do it through enchanting feeds on visual platforms.

Read on for our top tips!

Which Visual Platforms Are Best?


Instagram visual social media platforms

Best for Businesses That:

  • Want to capture 18-34-year-olds, who make up the biggest Instagram audience, as well as Gen Z, of whom 45% use it for brand discovery. Older people are also using visual platforms more.
  • Are creative and visual by nature, such as food, fashion, travel or fitness brands. But anyone who can creatively post captivating pictures or quotes relevant to their brand can benefit from using it.

How to Make the Most of It:

  • Optimise your Instagram Business Profile with an image, spot-on bio and a beautiful feed of posts with clever captions and hashtags.
  • Publish regular authentic posts and Stories, including videos or images. Try Instagram Live and IGTV. Stay consistent.
  • Utilise awesome picture editing apps, like Adobe’s and VSCO.
  • Use Insights to pinpoint your audience profile and their activity, as well as to keep track of how your posts are performing.
  • Look into an incredible amount of ad and analytics options for Business accounts, including Checkout and product tags.
  • Follow and engage with relevant profiles and potential ambassadors. Gen Z love it when brands contact them through Instagram.


Snapchat visual social media platforms

Best for Businesses That:

  • Want to connect with Gen Z, aka teens, who say Snapchat is their favourite social platform, or Millennials, of whom a third use it. In the US, 78% of those aged 18-24 use Snapchat regularly, which is only slightly more than Instagram.
  • Put on live events, especially with teens in mind (Justin Bieber concert, for example). Almost two-thirds of teens use Snapchat to share their experiences.

How to Make the Most of It:

  • Keep it short and simple. Internet users have short attention spans and Snapchat lends itself best to snappy content.
  • Be clever with your image and video posts, using filters, stickers, editing and emojis!
  • Content lasts 24 hours, so lead viewers through a day in your life while using Memories to include non-real-time content as well.
  • Use storytelling techniques over multiple posts.
  • Explore Snapchat ads which are now more affordable and varied.
  • Track views and interactions, and keep an analytics log (try Snaplytics).


Pinterest visual social media platforms

Best for Businesses That:

  • Want to appeal to women, who make up 80% of users. Pinterest has the greatest percentage of female users from all visual platforms and social media in general.
  • Operate in the realm of ‘life moments’ i.e. babies, weddings, holidays, meals, routines, homes, parties and events. An amazing 85% of women use Pinterest to plan, and 98% of users try out what they discover.
  • Have something to sell; as Pinterest users click through to shopping sites the most out of any platform.
  • Are creative and visual by nature, such as an art or photography studio.

How to Make the Most of It:

  • Share product photos in portrait orientation for maximum impact, and explore Rich Pins which display more information.
  • Embed your pins onto your blog or website and share them on your other socials to increase the flow of traffic between platforms and keep customers engaged.
  • Compile beautiful mood boards with keywords in the title and descriptions that people want to tweet and share.
  • Create a Pinterest for Business account to track your analytics.


YouTube visual social media platforms

Best for Businesses That:

  • Want to reach younger demographics, namely Gen Z, who use YouTube for product research at twice the rate of Millennials.
  • Have an overall greater male target market, who make up 62% of all users.
  • Want to reach a global audience, as YouTube operates in 91 different countries.
  • Operate in the lifestyle sector (wellness, music, food, fitness, beauty).

How to Make the Most of It:

  • Post music videos, or film/video based advertising or promotional clips.
  • Utilise new, more affordable bumper ads via the ‘machine’!
  • Publish product reviews or tutorials based around gaming, technology, beauty products, fitness, recipes, relaxation or anything that could benefit from audible step-by-step instructions.

Now you about the virtues of visual platforms, read on for why social media is essential to your digital marketing strategy and how apps are becoming ever-more sophisticated

Catch up with us next time when we demystify mastery of more highbrow, wordier platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.