Most NFT projects fail unless they do this one thing…

Most NFT projects fail unless they do this one thing…

Most NFT projects fail unless they do this one thing…

So you have an idea for an NFT project, and you are ready to pull the trigger… you’ve got the artwork ready, and you’ve crafted a roadmap that will absolutely blow people’s minds.

Well, the truth is that when it comes to a successful NFT, your artwork and roadmap are only half the battle.

The other half?




You see, the NFT scene has changed dramatically in the past few months.

Sure, early NFT-adopters like Crypto Punks, BAYC, and CyberKongz were able to launch their projects with no marketing budgets, and in spite of this, they have gone on to become million-dollar brands.

But those days are gone. The market has matured and is now crazy-saturated. The early-adopter-wave is over.

That’s why, to win the NFT game now, you NEED a marketing plan that is designed for real growth.

This means exploding awareness, creating next-level hype, ensuring legitimacy, and inspiring passionate engagement in your community.

Once you do this, your NFT project will be on its way to the moon.

First Page - Hong Kong’s #1 NFT Marketing Agency.

First Page - Hong Kong’s #1 NFT Marketing Agency.

First Page - Hong Kong’s #1 NFT Marketing Agency.

Here at First Page, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the NFT revolution.

In fact, we’re kind of obsessed with it.

To explode the sales of your NFT drop, you need 4 things – legitimacy, awareness, hype, and community engagement.

Here’s how we can help with each of those aspects…

#1 Legitimacy
We will evaluate your roadmap, make sure that you are properly doxxed, and offer next-level marketing landing pages that will perfectly complement the branding of your NFT campaign.

#2 Awareness
We will create marketing campaigns on various channels and platforms, including SEO, paid media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase awareness. These campaigns are backed by our proprietary data and designed with sniper-like precision to immediately identify and target your core audience.

We are an experienced NFT marketing agency.

We are an experienced NFT marketing agency.

We are an experienced NFT marketing agency.

#3 – Hype
Hype is everything in the NFT community. So to build the right amount of momentum, we will design a social media campaign that attracts the right crowd, and we will work with influencers who are known to help push projects similar to yours into the next stratosphere.

#4 – Community engagement
The final step is arguably the most important. All great NFT projects have their own Discord channels where members can learn more about the project and connect with other people in the community. Discord communities need experienced mods (aka, managers) who know how to initiate engagement, eliminate FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and inspire members to take ownership in helping grow the project even more. In fact, our sister agency, Mooning, have Discord experts that can help you build a rockstar level community.

When all of these aspects are combined, your project will have the potential to take off like a rocket ship.

Nowadays, many NFTs are still going viral and selling out within minutes of the drop, but most of the hype is due to well-choreographed marketing campaigns.

This means utilizing SEO, pushing ads via Paid Per Click (PPC) on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter, to create strong social media campaigns that create exponential awareness and a crucial sense of legitimacy.

To be able to do this effectively, marketing needs to be done at scale. This is why the large majority of NFT projects that are blowing up, are doing so with the help of an experienced NFT marketing agency.

What makes NFT marketing services from an experienced agency essential?

What makes NFT marketing services from an experienced agency essential?

What makes NFT marketing services from an experienced agency essential?

Even with the most groundbreaking, exceptional collection of NFTs that’s ever been seen before, a complete lack of awareness and demand for them means they’re going to sell for next to nothing – if at all.

To create a huge amount of awareness around your drop with a highly engaged audience, it’s vital that you’ve developed a quality NFT marketing strategy.

One that not only communicates information about the drop, but also works to build plenty of conversation and energy surrounding it in the weeks (and even months) leading up to the date.

Planning and executing a successful strategy for your NFT collection requires extensive background knowledge and experience, though, which generally means collaborating with an NFT marketing agency.

If you’re in need of expert assistance with your campaign, it’s important to understand that every single NFT project is completely unique in its style and presentation.

Because of this, the marketing strategy behind one will be very different to another.

And while some of the more mediocre NFT marketing firms out there offer pre-packaged “cookie-cutter” services that simply aren’t effective, we take a completely personalised approach.

We’ll discuss the goals you’d like to achieve for your business and build a one-of-a-kind NFT marketing strategy from the ground up that aligns with those goals.

And as Hong Kong’s best NFT marketing agency, you can be 100% confident that the team at First Page will go above and beyond to ensure your campaign sees nothing but the most outstanding results possible.

So get on board with the best team in the business today and take the next giant leap forward with NFT marketing and promotion by calling First Page on +852 2356 3200. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything much to gain.

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NFT Marketing Hong Kong

NFT basics.

Technical definition – NFT stands for non-fungible token. ‘Non-fungible’ means it cannot be exchanged for something else of equal value (similar to a piece of art). ‘Token’ refers to the blockchain that the transaction is stored on (such as Ethereum and Solana). The tokens are cryptographically unique and contain identifying information recorded in smart contracts, which shows proof of ownership.

First Page definition – NFTs are a new emerging technology leading the way to improve ownership, transparency, value, and community in the digital world. Currently, NFTs are mostly perceived as status symbols. Why would someone pay 23 million USD for a jpeg? Umm, for the clout! But NFTs are rapidly evolving into more than just status symbols – they are evolving into digital assets that also provide real functional value – whether that be access to a conference, commercial rights to the images, and more. As the world grows increasingly digitized, digital assets will become more and more important in our lives, and NFTs will be a central force in shaping how we perceive value and express ourselves in that digital world. Check out this article for a more in-depth look at what NFTs are.

If you are on a bit of a budget and you cannot spend any money on marketing, then there are certainly ways you can handle marketing yourself. First, you NEED to be active on Twitter. Twitter is the beating heart of the NFT world, so having an active account with followers will go a long way in validating and growing your NFT project. Be sure to engage with NFT influencers (on Twitter and IG), and see if they are interested in promoting your NFT – they can literally make or break your project.

We also recommend doing some basic SEO – make sure that your site has the proper meta tags, title tags, headings, and loads very quickly. This will ensure that people can find your site easily on Google, giving your project more legitimacy and your website more traffic. Finally, be sure to utilize your discord community for growth. One popular tactic is doing giveaways with your community in return for promoting the NFT on social media and recruiting new people into the discord community.

Any NFT can be marketable as long as someone thinks that the NFT has value. We know that this is a bit of a vague answer, but it’s the truth! That’s why Crypto Punk NFTs are so expensive – regardless of the fact that the art is fairly basic. Crypto Punk is seen as a (digital) collector’s item, which is why buyers are shelling out tens of millions to own one themselves.

Having said that, as the NFT market matures, we see many different types of projects succeed. Some strong selling points that will make your NFTs more marketable are strong artwork, a passionate (and preferably niche) community, innovative roadmaps, celebrity and/or influencer endorsements, and functional value in the real world (aka, not the ‘digital’ world). Some examples of value in the real world we are seeing are allowing NFT owners to have exclusive access to parties, conferences, mastermind groups, coaching, clothing and swag, and much more.

Outsourcing your marketing to a freelancer always comes with its fair share of risks. First of all, a freelancer might not be as experienced as they claim to be, which puts you at risk of them executing your campaign incorrectly, which can do irreparable damage to your NFT and brand as a whole. Freelancers can also be unreliable, especially if they are taking on more work than they can actually handle – something you won’t find out about until it’s too late.

That’s why we always recommend working with an experienced agency. Here at First Page, we have a team of over 70 marketing experts, many of which will help with your NFT campaign. The more people who brainstorm and collaborate on your campaign, the more likely it is to blow up! Working with an agency is like extending your marketing department (for a fraction of the cost).

If you are at the minting stage, then there are a few things that you are going to absolutely need to ensure your project is a success. First, awareness. The NFT community is a tightly-knit one, but if no one knows your project even exists, then you will hear nothing but crickets when your NFT drops. To avoid this, you need hype and momentum – all of which happens through marketing.

We will use our 10 years of marketing experience to identify where your core audience hangs out online and execute a targeted campaign that gets your project directly in front of them. This means SEO, PPC, social media, influencer marketing, and more. We can also help increase the sense of security and legitimacy of your NFT and help with community management. Ultimately, our team of NFT-ninjas is ready to take your project to the top!

To avoid your NFT drop being a failure, there are a few things to keep in mind. First up is the legitimacy of your campaign. Are the cofounders fully doxxed? Is your artist fully doxxed? Being fully Doxxed means that investors have visible information on the cofounders and those involved in the NFT. This alone will give you and your NFT heaps of credibility.

What about your website? Is your website transparent? Is there a clear roadmap in place? Is your website well designed and inviting? You also want to make sure that your artwork is top-notch. This doesn’t mean that the images need to be complicated or modern, but they need to be high quality. Another point to take into consideration is your pricing. How much ETH are you going to charge for your NTF? If you go too low, it might compromise the perception of the value. If you go too high, it might look like a rug pull. Finally, how committed and passionate is your community? Many NFT-startups fail to realize the value of their community and take it for granted. Make sure that you cater to your community, and incentivize them to push the project on their personal socials as well.

Just like any other non-fungible asset (whether digital or physical), the value of an NFT depends on perception. Why does someone pay millions of dollars for a physical sports card, or for a celebrity’s autograph on a piece of paper? Because that person perceives it to have value. But having said that, there are a few ways that you can optimize and maximize the value of your NFT.

First, make sure that your artwork is top-notch – the market is rapidly maturing, and the artwork is getting more impressive by the day. Second, make sure that your NFT looks legitimate – no one wants to be a victim of the next rug pull. Third, you want to make sure your NFT is validated, preferably by an important influencer in your community. Finally, the more utilities that your NFT offers (aka functionality), the more valuable your NFT will be perceived.

Choosing an NFT marketing agency comes down to a few important things. First of all, does the agency publish content about NFTs? Do they seem like authorities in NFTs? Make sure that they have a well-written page that is exclusively dedicated to their NFT services. Then, check their blogs and socials. The more NFT content the agency has published, the more likely they are truly invested and knowledgeable in Web3.

From there, it’s important to check their reviews, preferably from a third-party website. If the agency has hundreds of positive reviews across a wide spectrum of services, then it means that they are committed to getting results – regardless of the platform! Finally, you will want to give the agency a call. Ask them about their NFT knowledge. Do they train their employees about NFTs and the future of Web3? Do they have a culture where employees are encouraged to learn more about NFTs? What sort of NFTs have they created or helped create?

What is NFT marketing?

NFT marketing is different from any other type of digital marketing. The reason for this is that while NFTs are growing in popularity, the ecosystem is still quite small, and because of this, the NFT space has developed its own unique culture. To be frank, to properly market your NFTs, you have to have an understanding of how this culture functions. If you don’t, your NFT will come across as disingenuous or, even worse – as a possible scam.

There are many different platforms to consider when marketing your NFTs, and in an ideal world, you would use them all. SEO can help your website get to the top of Google rankings, ensuring more direct traffic and more legitimacy to your project. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads are among the best ways to grow awareness of your campaign and build hype, especially if the campaign is hyper-targeted to your core audience.

While we have seen a few NFT projects do well with Google Search Ads, the truth of the matter is that NFTs are a highly visual product. For that reason, describing an NFT with words isn’t going to be as impactful as showing the actual NFTs that you are selling. For this reason, we see the most success for paid media campaigns when they are advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Display.

But having said that, it’s important to remember that the manager of your paid media campaign needs to be highly experienced. Paid media (and especially anything that is pay per click) can be extremely complicated to execute. You need to make sure that your bidding strategy is flawless and that you don’t overspend your budget. For these reasons, we always recommend hiring a digital agency to handle your paid media campaign.

The two most important things that PR gives your NFT launch are legitimacy and awareness. Legitimacy is crucial for NFTs because there are, unfortunately, many scams out there. A solid PR strategy would help settle any FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) regarding your NFT campaign, especially if you are able to team up with influencers who can offer further legitimacy to your project.

A well-executed PR campaign will also help give your project additional attention and awareness. The #1 goal of your NFT marketing campaign is to generate interest and hype – a PR campaign can go a long way in achieving all of the above. With a PR campaign, you can also better control the narrative of your launch and really focus on the USPs of your NFT. All in all, a PR campaign is one of the key elements behind the success of some of the world’s biggest NFT launches.

In the exciting world of Web3, nothing probably sounds less sexy than email marketing. Email marketing is archaic, right? No one who is interested in NFTs will open their emails, right? Well, actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember, while Web3 is coming at us fast, we are still living in a Web2 world. And in Web2, email is still one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

But to get results with email marketing, you need to have an actual email list. If you don’t have a list, the best way to grow one is through paid media. We recommend starting a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign that offers something of value in exchange for the user’s email address. This could be exclusive access to a giveaway or raffle, or it could be some sort of piece of content – either way, the goal is to provide value, and get email addresses from people who are actually interested in your NFT/industry.

This is important – if you are starting an NFT, then you absolutely need to have either a Discord server or a Telegram channel for your community. Over the past few months, these two apps have emerged as the de-facto platforms for NFT projects around the world. In fact, not having a community on one of these two platforms is a HUGE red flag to your project as a whole.

If you are starting a smaller NFT project and have limited resources, Telegram is a great way to build your community. It’s simple to use, easy to manage and will allow you to interact with potential buyers. But it should be noted that Discord is king when it comes to the most serious NFT projects. If you have the resources, you should start a dedicated Discord server with multiple channels and numerous mods (community managers). The more members in your Discord server, and the more active the community, the more likely your NFT will succeed.

Presale marketing of your NFTs comes down to generating hype, building trust, and growing a huge audience (preferably on your Discord server). If you are on a limited budget, we recommend picking one platform and mastering it to the best of your ability. Twitter is a great place to start as it’s the heart of the NFT world – but having said that, growing organically on Twitter can take time. You should also consider creating a content marketing strategy and growing your brand through SEO if you are a decent writer.

If your budget is larger, it’s best to have a multifaceted strategy revolving around multiple platforms. Twitter is good for organic reach and can help you build trust and community. Instagram and Facebook ads can help you visually showcase your NFTs to your core audience. Remember, whatever platform you choose, make sure that you are building (and nurturing) your community on Telegram or (preferably) your own Discord server.

While NFTs are helping to push the world into Web3, the truth of the matter is that Web2 still dominates everything around us, and because of that, social media should be one of your highest marketing priorities. The largest NFT communities can be found on social media platforms – Twitter mainly – but also Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit.

You will want to do two things with your social media strategy. First, try to influence people who are already in the NFT space. Second, try to attract people who are interested in your actual niche or industry. By doing this, you will be able to generate hype about your project while also bringing in new people who are interested in your story but may not have bought their first NFT yet.

The amount of time and money you invest should come down to two things – how serious are you about the project, and how many resources are realistically available for you to invest? When it comes to digital marketing, more is always better. The more time you have, the more talented people on your team, and the larger your actual budget is, the more likely that your NFT will completely sell out on the first day of minting.

If you have a budget, but don’t have as much time, we recommend partnering with an agency that offers NFT marketing services. Here at First Page, we are NFT-experts who can help you with every aspect of your growth. From roadmap strategizing to paid media to community management – our team of NFT-ninjas is ready to help take your project to the moon.


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