How do you calculate SEO ROI?

How do you calculate SEO ROI?

How do you calculate SEO ROI?

As Hong Kong’s leading digital marketing agency, we’ve scored over 100,000 keywords on the first page of search engines for our clients over the last decade.

This is not just on the Google search engine, but other search engines too. We know how search engines work; moreover, we are confident that we can get you to the top of the search engine results page.

We are also dedicated to ensuring that your campaign is fully aligned with your company’s marketing objectives. From keyword research to search engine marketing to high-quality content, we can get you on page one of major search engines.

What’s the use of getting traffic and having search engines discover your brand if it’s not bringing in revenue to match? Each of your web pages needs to have high-quality content to get great organic search results. Then that traffic needs to convert. We know how.

As a result, we’ve combined our years of experience to produce the best SEO ROI tool for calculating the potential returns for your campaign. We measure your ROI based on the five most significant SEO metrics (highlighted below).

Our easy-to-use calculator can show you how much returns a data-driven SEO strategy will bring in. In fact, it should be the base of your strategy to improve your search rankings.

So get on top of your organic SEO traffic and get a regular influx of clients. Start maximizing the ROI of your SEO with one of the best SEO tools out there, our calculator…

Here’s a little more on the metrics we look at when measuring the ROI of your SEO campaign…