How Floristique grew its revenue
by 157% in just 3 months
Our SEO team conjured up a fantastic traffic campaign reaching 363% organic traffic, turning Floristique into a success story in flowers and bouqets.
increase in clicks
increase in completed sales
Meet Floristique
Boasting an enormous catalogue of fresh flowers, Floristique is the top florist in Singapore. Floristique provides premium flowers and efficient delivery services, along with affordable prices. Floristique’s unique personalised e-commerce business has made it possible for Singaporeans to send flowers to their loved ones for special occasions.
Services Used:
The challenges initially discovered.
Floristiqiue approached First Page with the objective of increasing flower sales through their ecommerce website.

However, establishing brand presence and market share would not be easy, as the market is saturated with strong and well known competitors within the flower delivery industry.
The outcome after implementing First Page’s strategy.

The team at FPD started off by laying the foundation for product type keywords and optimising around these clusters, including a mixture of mid and long-tail keywords. As the campaign progressed and Floristique domain authority increased, the website was primed to start ranking for more competitive keywords and thus, shorter tail keywords were targeted with success.

  • 363% increase in clicks
  • 227% increase in impressions
  • 110% increase in users viewing bouquets
  • 64% increase in completed sales
  • 75% of keywords are now on page 1 (181 out of 240)
  • 157% increase in revenue based on a 3 month period year to year
  • 288% increase in sessions

This data is based on a comparison of the last 3 months vs previous the 3 months.

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