What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

If you are trying to grow your business, you know you NEED to advertise.

Traditionally, businesses would advertise in a variety of ways. Newspaper ads, Billboards, TV commercials – you name it!

But the internet has forever changed the world, and it has born a new era of marketing.

This type of marketing is commonly referred to as ‘Digital Marketing.’ Maybe you already have a digital marketing strategy. You might be engaging one of the many digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong for digital marketing services.

At any rate, this digital marketing guide can help you ensure that your digital marketing efforts are on point.

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about digital marketing.

Exactly what it is, the most popular types and platforms for digital marketing, as well as advice for how to most effectively implement these digital marketing strategies into your business.

And remember, if you are interested in engaging an experienced digital marketing agency with a proven track record of results, call us to consult a Digital Strategist today.

What are the most effective types of digital marketing?

DDigital marketing is any type of marketing that happens online, and you might be surprised as to how many different types of digital channels exist for online marketing.

Let’s list out some of the most popular channels…

#1. SEO.

#1. SEO.

#1. SEO.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is the process of optimizing digital content to increase its chances of showing up on Google Search Results.

Why should I use SEO?

SEO is one of the most important types of digital marketing because of its nature. SEO isn’t an ad placed in front of someone – SEO means that people are typing questions into Google and willingly clicking on your content.

This is why SEO is so immensely powerful.

As opposed to most forms of digital marketing which push advertisements in front of you, SEO pulls people in by their own will.

This is why we think that SEO should be the foundation of any digital strategy or digital marketing campaign.

How should I get started with SEO for my business?

Truth be told, most aspects of SEO are not necessarily difficult, they are just extremely time-consuming. If you want to start with the basics, you should learn about the value of on-page SEO, as well as the importance of doing quality keyword research.

Learn more about our SEO services.

#2. Google PPC Ads.

#2. Google PPC Ads.

#2. Google PPC Ads.

Google ‘Pay Per Click’ ads are one of the most powerful and effective forms of digital marketing.

PPC campaigns are also known as search engine marketing.

These ads are typically displayed organic search results and allow you to target your specific audience and only pay when they actually click on your ad.

Why should I use Google PPC ads?

As opposed to SEO, which can take months to see results, Google PPC Ads are one of the fastest ways to start driving traffic to your business and products right away.

This is because Google Ads are an auction, so if you are willing to pay, then you can start driving traffic to your business immediately.

Google Ads are great for all types of businesses, and they are also highly sophisticated. This means that you can set up targeting specifications to directly market to a certain audience, and you can remarket your advertisements to any users who have shown interest or engaged with your ads.

Google PPC ads are one of the most effective forms of digital advertising – especially when paired with SEO.

How should I get started with Google PPC ads for my business?

Google Ads can be challenging to learn and even more difficult to master.

If you are interested in handling your Google Ads in-house, then be sure to read some of our resources covering PPC.

Learn more about our Google Ads services…

#3. Facebook Ads.

#3. Facebook Ads.

#3. Facebook Ads.

In a very short period of time, Facebook has gone from a Harvard-based social media app to the world’s largest social media platform and one of the most powerful means of digital marketing.

Why should I use Facebook ads?

As opposed to Google Ads, which are displayed on Google Search results, Facebook ads appear on the Facebook platform – which offers a unique marketing opportunity.


Because Facebook users engage with their platform in different ways, they aren’t searching for answers – they are looking to be entertained and are then served ads based on their interests.

Facebook also has a very visual element to it, which is why lifestyle and fashion advertisements do so well on the platform.

Advertising with Facebook also allows you to advertise on Instagram – which can also be extremely powerful depending on your target audience.

How should I get started with Facebook ads for my business?

Similar to Google Ads, Facebook Ads have a steep learning curve. Check out our resources on how to better advertise on Instagram.

If you want to grow your business with powerful Facebook/Instagram marketing strategies, reach out to us today.

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