Instagram Ads!

Instagram Ads!

Instagram Ads!

If your business sells any type of consumer goods or physical products, IG advertising is the perfect way to get your brand in front of millions of potential customers.

In fact, in some industries, an Instagram ads campaign isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

But Instagram has basically killed its organic reach, and because of that growing an account organically is basically impossible. You may be aware of this from other social media platforms.

So what’s the solution to reach your target audience besides organic Instagram posts?

Instagram Ads.

While they are not free, IG Ads offer an affordable, targetable, and scalable way to generate business as part of your social media strategy.

We will now discuss why running Instagram Ads are so effective, how much they cost, and which types of ads are our favorites, so you can get your product in front of the right customers. At the same time, your brand can generate brand awareness amongst all those Instagram users too!

How Much Should You Invest on Instagram Ads?

How Much Should You Invest on Instagram Ads?

How Much Should You Invest on Instagram Ads?

Generally speaking, CPC for Instagram ads is around 20 cents to $2 USD, and CPM for Instagram ads is around $5 USD per 1000 impressions.

But remember, these are very loose numbers, and are only meant to offer general direction. When it comes to Instagram Ads, there is no one-price-fits-all. How much you should spend on IG Ads will depend on a few factors, mainly the…

#1 – Bid amount

#2 – Ad Relevance Score

#3 – Estimated Action Rates

#4 – Your Audience

Let’s break these down one by one so you have a deeper understanding of how IG Ads work…

#1. Bid amount.

#1. Bid amount.

#1. Bid amount.

Like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads are auction-style.

This means that to get placement for ads you will be competing with other bidders, and the highest bidder will win the ad.

Auction-style advertising can get complicated, as you need to be sure of how much you are willing to spend per click/impression, as well as how much you are willing to spend on the ad campaign as a whole.

#2. Ad relevancy score.

#2. Ad relevancy score.

#2. Ad relevancy score.

Instagram wants to deliver content and ads that engage their community.

This means that Instagram is likely to promote an ad that gets more engagement over an ad that gets less engagement – even if the spend is less for the ad with higher engagement.

IG gauges engagement on many factors, and compiles all of those factors into an ‘Ad Relevance Score’.

The more clicks, likes, shares, and comments that your ads receive – the higher your overall score will be.

#3. Estimated action rates.

#3. Estimated action rates.

#3. Estimated action rates.

Instagram prioritizes ads that convert.

Be sure to make your funnel as simple as possible.

For example if you are advertising a product, be sure to show an ad that links to the actual product as opposed to linking to the homepage of your site.

By creating a clearer path for your users you will increase conversion rates and improve your Instagram ads overall.

#4. Your audience.

#4. Your audience.

#4. Your audience.

Probably the most important factor for ads pricing is the exact audience your Instagram Ads are marketing to.

Are you marketing B2C? (Usually cheaper). Or B2B? (Usually more expensive).

Are you marketing to men? (Usually cheaper). Or women? (Usually more expensive).

Instagram’s extensive testing has given them the data to know who is more likely to buy, and which industries generate the highest ROI.

If your product falls into either of those categories, expect to pay more for your Instagram Ads.

What are the Different Kinds of Instagram Paid Ads?

One of the most important aspects of your Instagram Strategy is determining which IG Ads you are going to invest in.

There are many different types of Instagram Ads that are available. Want to know which ad format? Here are the 4 most popular.

#1 - Video Story Ads.

When Instagram decided to steal stories from Snapchat they changed the digital landscape and inspired an entire movement of apps to do the same.

Now, stories are everywhere, across countless apps and platforms, and they are one of the most powerful ways to advertise your product on Instagram. If you are
planning to invest in Instagram Story Ads, it’s usually best to hire a professional videographer.

#2 - In-Feed Carousel Ads.

Carousel Ads are probably the most under-utilized ad in all of Instagram.

Here’s why…

Carousel Ads inspire engagement. A good carousel ad has a compelling first image that creates a sense of curiosity so the user thinks to themselves ‘I have to see
what comes next’ and swipes.

Carousel Ads require a bit more planning, but with the right amount of creativity they can be extremely effective.

#3 - In-Feed Photo Ads.

Classic image ads in the IG-Ad arsenal, in-feed photos are a great way to showcase your product without having to shoot a video.

#4 - In-Feed Video Ads.

While it might be tempting to couple in-feed videos with story videos - truth be told they are very different experiences and therefore should be treated as a very
different type of ad.

Are you ready to grow your brand on IG?

Are you ready to grow your brand on IG?

Are you ready to grow your brand on IG?

Growing your business with Instagram ads doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call us today to speak with a Digital Strategist from an award-winning social media agency about setting up Instagram ads that drive engagement and increase your conversions.


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