How a Global Cybersecurity & Cloud Provider Increased Organic Traffic by 97% in 14 months
Our multi-market SEO & Content strategy has now increased brand awareness & high-value traffic for three year runnings
Increase in Organic Traffic in 9 Months
Increase of Keywords in the Top 3 positions
Meet SEO for Cybersecurity & Cloud
Our client is an award-winning cybersecurity and cloud service provider for both enterprise and SMEs. They provide sophisticated IT architecture & security products to clients all across the world.
Services Used:
Search Engine Optimisation & Content Marketing
Cybersecurity & Cloud Infrastructure
The challenges initially discovered.
The nature of cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure means the services can be markets globally. This means that several key players tend to dominate the first page results on Google, and breaking into that search real estate can be extremely challenging. Increasing brand awareness and conversions in this highly competitive space would require a meticulous and well-researched strategy.
The outcome after implementing First Page’s strategy.

Target nine different market, we worked with the client to develop a comprehensive content strategy that provided online users a wealth to education material, industry updates and product information. Supported by our technical changes, this attracted new, evergreen traffic as well as increase out authority for core, high value search terms. Traffic has steadily grown across all target markets and we have reaching the first position for short terms queries such as “software firewall” and “managed cloud services” across many markets.

Our Solution

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