A truly global business needs next-level international search engine optimization.

A truly global business needs next-level international search engine optimization.

A truly global business needs next-level international search engine optimization.

To turn your business into a global enterprise, you need traffic, leads, and sales coming in day after day from every corner of the globe.

And the best way to do that? Two words. International Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

International SEO services from SEO companies can turn everyday businesses into revenue-generating powerhouses. It’s incredibly cost-effective, brings in the highest quality leads, and can scale effortlessly with your business.

There’s no way around it – SEO is tricky these days. Because of this, most of your competitors have given up on SEO (or are barely touching it) as they prefer to get quick wins with performance media and pay-per-click ad campaigns.

In contrast, SEO is a long game. It takes strategy. It takes patience. But once the results kick in, it will completely revolutionize your business and catapult you to the top of your industry.

Are you ready to generate leads and sales from every corner of the world? You should be if your focus is more than Hong Kong. If your focus is just Hong Kong, you need local search engine optimization.

However, if you are ready to explode your international traffic and scale your company’s growth into the stratosphere? If so, you will need some top-class digital marketing services and work with a credible Hong Kong SEO company, and click the button below to speak with a First Page Digital Strategist.

Gain International Influence!

Gain International Influence!

Gain International Influence!

Some principles of domestic SEO also apply to international Search Engine Optimization. Just like with Google searchers, a staggering 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of Baidu or Yandex, among other offshore search engines.

To generate leads and increase sales in a new country, your entire SEO strategy must cater to what your international market wants across different platforms.

Foreign search engines have different algorithms than Google or Bing. Knowing this, the team at First Page is fluent in all aspects of optimizing websites for higher ranks on other popular search engines. We strive to innovate on and off-page methods to boost your rankings, using our full suite of strategies to place your website right in front of a brand-new target audience.

Just like with domestic and local SEO, it’s not as simple as sprinkling keywords throughout content, regardless of language. It’s a holistic method that completely optimizes your site to provide the best user experience.

From relevant content to blogs to stunning graphics to landing pages and an intuitive navigation system, each piece of the SEO puzzle forms part of the big picture – and we know how to put it together.

International search optimization has astounding potential to expand your operations and increase your earnings. Work with one of the best SEO agencies in APAC, us! When it comes to a Hong Kong SEO agency that will get you international digital marketing success, the data-driven approach used by the team here at First Page, you’ll see sales like never before.

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An overview of International/Global SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of optimizing the content on your website to rank higher in organic search results. The higher you rank in organic search results, the more traffic your website gets (and more traffic = more money!). While there are many search engines you can try to rank on, most SEO campaigns target traffic on Google due to its domination of search engine market share (93% as of 2021).

To get higher rankings in the search results, you need to focus on two things – on page SEO, and off page SEO. On page SEO refers to everything you can do on your website to optimize it for traffic. This includes making technical improvements (such as speeding up your website, and having cleaner code) as well as optimizing the content on your site (to make sure it’s keyword rich and relevant to users expectations). Off page SEO typically refers to the process of getting backlinks from other websites, which helps Google understand the quality of your website.

If SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines, then international SEO is the same process, but with the ultimate goal of global growth and global traffic. This means that if you are a business that is based in Hong Kong, international SEO would aim to give you growth in other countries in the world. With international SEO you can target a few particular countries, or you can try and raise your rankings across the entire world.

Because of this, International SEO is the ticket to explosive global growth. Entering new markets can be a challenge for businesses – it’s difficult and costly. In contrast, International SEO is easily scaled and takes place on a single platform (Google) which is why it’s often considered the most cost-effective way to scale globally. Simply put, when you invest in international SEO, you are giving your company the gift of explosive, international growth.

While International SEO can be a game-changer for some businesses, it isn’t ideal for all businesses. For example, many local businesses would not benefit from International SEO. Some examples would be a local plumber, a stand-alone restaurant, or an independent retail store. While businesses like these could hypothetically benefit from international SEO, they have a tendency to depend on local web traffic, as well as local foot traffic. For businesses like this, investing in Local SEO (as opposed to International SEO) would make far more sense.

In contrast, International SEO is for any business that wishes to expand aggressively into new markets and territories. Such examples would be eCommerce businesses, SAAS companies, global service agencies, and more. Simply put, if your business would benefit from more international traffic, then International SEO is 100% for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an established enterprise, International SEO can take any business to the top.

International SEO services aren’t drastically different from other types of SEO services, the only key difference being the target market. As opposed to Local SEO (which would target a precise location) International SEO takes a global approach, and targets keywords around the world (possibly even in multiple languages).

The specific services you get would depend on your budget, goals, and the services the SEO agency provides. Typically, with an International SEO package, you can expect to have a technical SEO team that focuses on improving your website. This would include technical audits, strategic analysis, and possibly some re-coding or optimization of your website. If your website needs new content, then the agency’s in-house copywriters would write, and publish, content that is specifically designed for higher rankings and conversions. Finally, the agency should also offer some sort of backlink-building service, where they reach out to other websites and build powerful backlinks to your site to give you more credit in the eyes of Google.

Global SEO is important for many reasons, but the two most obvious benefits are increased traffic and sales. The first goal of Global SEO is to increase your website’s traffic. This is done by ranking your website higher in Google for keywords that are relevant to your business. For instance, if you ran a company that sells men’s sunglasses, then ranking for the query ‘blue titanium mens sunglasses’ would help give your website an enormous influx of traffic. There’s a saying ‘without traffic, you ain’t got nothing’. Global SEO helps fix this problem.

The second benefit of Global SEO is sales. Sure, getting people to your website is fantastic, but what good is it if that traffic doesn’t convert? By focusing on Global SEO you will be able to target keywords that have buying user intent, therefore increasing the likelihood that your traffic ends in sales. The technical SEO teams will also help speed up your site, which improves user experience, therefore increasing the likelihood of a sale. The content team will also write copy that educates and builds trust with your visitors, directing them closer to making a purchase.

While there are many similarities between Local SEO and Global SEO, it’s important to know their key differences. Local SEO focuses exclusively on a location that is crucial for the business in need. This is typically the case for local businesses – think neighborhood technicians, restaurants and bars, and local retails shops. Businesses like this won’t benefit as much from Global SEO as their customer base is usually in a smaller, more refined, area. Excluding the target location, Local SEO shares many similarities with Global SEO, such as focusing on off page and on page SEO.

In contrast, the goal of Global SEO is wide-spread international growth. A solid Global SEO strategy would focus on scaling growth of traffic by targeting relevant keywords in various territories and countries across the world (often in many languages). Global SEO is for companies who are looking to expand into new markets, or for companies whose products and services know no physical boundaries. Think of software companies, eCommerce brands, global agencies, and more. Global SEO focuses on expanding traffic, leads, and sales throughout the world, and is the driving force behind many successful enterprise businesses.

The first step of getting started with International SEO is deciding whether you want to handle it in-house, or hire a third party (such as an agency or a specialist). If you decide to handle International SEO in-house you will need to hire an entire team – this includes digital strategists, tech specialists, outreach experts, and SEO copywriters. From there, the team will come up with an International SEO strategy, and focus on execution. Due to the many factors included in International SEO, many businesses who handle SEO in-house still choose to outsource certain tasks to agencies (such as tech and outreach).

If you wish to instead work with an agency, then the first step is choosing one. Be sure to find an agency that has stellar Google Reviews, and if possible, with plenty of case studies of successful SEO campaigns within your niche/industry. Once the agency is hired, they prepare the strategy and typically start executing the campaign right away. While the agency might need some help from you every now and then, they should handle the bulk of the work, and communicate results to you directly through your account manager.

Ah yes, the age old question that business owners have been asking themselves since the dawn of time… or at least since the dawn of SEO. The truth is that businesses have successfully executed International SEO campaigns both in-house, and by hiring an agency. Taking your International SEO in-house has it’s benefits – mainly it can give you more control and oversight of the entire process, which many businesses prefer.

But while handling International SEO in-house might seem ideal, the truth is that it is a huge drain on your resources. International SEO is significantly more nuanced and time consuming that Local SEO, and it requires an entire team to strategize and execute the campaign. You will need to hire a tech specialist, digital strategist, content creators, and outreach specialist (at the very least). Hiring these roles can be extremely costly and time consuming. In contrast, an agency is significantly more cost-effective, and can start working for you in no time. It’s tough to beat that sort of speed, especially in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

How international SEO can help your business.

One of the things that scares business owners away from investing in SEO is the fact that it takes some time to start seeing results. Performance Media campaigns (like Facebook and Google Ads) give businesses immediate gratification, but SEO is the long game, which can be scary. SEO results can come as quick as a few weeks, but truth be told it typically takes much longer – 4-6 months usually being a good rule of thumb. International SEO in particular can take a while as you are trying to rank higher in multiple markets simultaneously.

But, having said that, once that traffic DOES start to pour in, you’ll quickly see that the juice is well worth the squeeze. SEO traffic is some of the highest quality traffic you can get in all of digital marketing. This is because SEO is a form of ‘pull’ marketing, which, as opposed to ‘push’ marketing, means that visitors are coming directly to you. Once you solidify your SEO rankings, traffic and sales will start coming on autopilot – a beautiful evergreen stream of consistent revenue for you and your business.

SEO prices are difficult to pin down, and International SEO is no exception. This is because the pricing comes down to so many factors. What is your budget? What are your goals? What are your KPIs? How many keywords do you want to rank for? What industry are you in? How competitive is that industry in SEO? What services do you want? These are the types of questions that an SEO agency will ask you while they are trying to determine how much they will charge you.

When it comes to International SEO, the higher your budget, the better results you will get. More money equates to more specialists and services the agency can provide. A higher budget will also result in more keywords, as most agencies charge per the amount of keywords you are hoping to rank for.

When it comes to eCommerce, there are few digital strategies that are as powerful as International SEO. Most eCommerce businesses ship their products worldwide, or at least to a certain number of countries. The more traffic your eCommerce website gets, the more sales you will make, the more your eCommerce business will grow. Simple as that!

International SEO for eCommerce businesses can be difficult to execute. You will need a full in-house team or agency who understands the relationship between traffic and sales. You will have to make sure that you are targeting the right keywords – ones with the right user intent that aren’t too difficult to rank for. Your team will have to also understand how to make a sale once the visitor is on your page.

International SEO is one of the best strategies for world-wide lead generation. If you run a business that is in need of lead generation across the globe, then there are fewer strategies that are more effective than International SEO. We have helped multiple agencies and brands elevate their lead generation game to a whole new level, as they brought in hot, high quality leads, from across the planet.

International SEO for lead generation is the same as any SEO strategy – but it needs to be executed to perfection. This starts with a competitor analysis, followed by keyword research, and a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis. From there, you will want to identify which keywords you are targeting, and create a content strategy to support the keywords. It’s important to remember not to over-optimize your content by overstuffing it with keywords. Finally, be sure to get an outreach strategy in place to start building links which build your domain authority and trust in the eyes of Google.

At their core, most SEO agencies do the same thing – strategize and execute SEO campaigns for their clients. Once you reach out to an SEO Agency they will tell you about their pricing and services, as well as what they specialize in. If you choose to hire the agency, then the work begins. You will be given a dedicated account manager – your primary point of contact and the one who oversees the execution of the entire campaign. From there, the other teams will create a strategy and focus on execution. This could include doing tech work, building backlinks, writing new content, optimizing old content, and more.

It’s important to understand though – not all SEO agencies are created equal. There are far too many SEO agencies that have a ‘churn and burn’ business model, and don’t really care about the results that they get for you. We have had way too many clients come to us after working with a ‘cheaper’ SEO agency just to see the damage the other agency incurred. Cleaning up after a poor SEO agency can take weeks, or even months, so it’s important to work with an agency that has excellent reviews and consistently delivers excellent results.

At its core, SEO is truly about generating traffic. SEO is the process of ranking higher in search engines. Once you rank higher, you get more traffic – easy as that! But the beauty is that traffic and sales are powerfully intertwined. Modern internet users are searching for solutions to their problems – whether that be a product or a service – and are more than willing to make purchases online if they find exactly what they are looking for.

That’s the power of SEO. When people have a problem, what’s the first thing they do these days? They Google it! And if your website is showing up as the top result (aka – creating a solution for the users problem) then your likelihood of making a sale increases significantly. If you maintain your rankings (which any great SEO agency can help you do) then it means you will see an evergreen waterfall of traffic and sales on a day to day basis.

Absolutely! If you strategize your International SEO campaign correctly, you can target any (and every) country you wish for your company to expand into. A truly outstanding agency won’t just close their eyes, throw a dart at a map, and go from there. They will listen to your business model, understand your goals, research your competition, and create a bespoke SEO strategy that directly caters to your company’s KPIs.

So no matter if you want to aggressively expand into Australia, or just dip your toes into the US/Canada – you can target any location you’d like. And the best part? As you start to raise in rankings in one country, you also have a great likelihood of raising your rankings in other countries as well. This is one of the many benefits of SEO – by taking care of your site and optimizing it for search engines, you will be rewarded with high-quality traffic from other search engines all over the world.

Hiring an SEO agency can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. Here’s a few simple tips to get you pointed in the right direction. First off, check their Google Reviews. This is a simple, but extremely effective way to gauge the quality of their services. If they have hundreds of reviews on Google, and have a rating of 4.8 or higher, you know that you have found an agency that puts its customers first. Here at First Page we have a perfect 5/5 star rating on Google from over 150 client reviews.

From there, be sure to ask the agency a few questions so you can gauge if they are the right fit for you and your business. Here are some questions to consider asking them… Do they have extensive experience in your industry? Are they growing? Do they have case studies that show their SEO successes? How big or a team do they have? Will they take the time to understand your business model and your company’s goals? By asking these questions, you’ll have a much clearer idea if you want to work with the agency.

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