What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategy aimed at improving a business’s visibility in local search results on search engines. It’s particularly crucial for businesses serving specific geographic areas, as it helps them attract more local customers and increase sales.

As opposed to normal SEO that aims to enhance a brand’s visibility on a national or worldwide level, local SEO concentrates on optimizing for geographically-specific and “near me” search inquiries. The objective of local SEO is not just to increase your brand’s exposure beyond your physical location, but also to make your business more readily discoverable by potential customers in the local digital community.

What are local SEO ranking factors?

What are local SEO ranking factors?

What are local SEO ranking factors?

Let’s say your business is based in Hong Kong. With a decade of client data insights, we’ve identified key local SEO factors that influence search rankings:

  1. Google Business Profile Optimization: Formerly Google My Business (GMB), a complete and active profile is crucial.
  2. NAP Consistency: Your business’s name, address, and phone number must be uniform across all online mentions.
  3. Domain Authority: A strong domain authority signals to Google that your website is a reputable source in Hong Kong.
  4. Local Citation Quality: The accuracy and prominence of your business listings on Hong Kong directories matter.
  5. Click-Through Rate (CTR): High CTR from search results indicates that users find your listing relevant.
  6. Keyword Relevance: Using keywords that match Hong Kong searchers’ intent can boost your visibility.
  7. User Experience (UX): A seamless, mobile-friendly website encourages longer visits and interaction.
  8. Review Signals: Consistent positive reviews, a steady flow of new reviews, and responses to reviews can improve rankings.
  9. Link Signals: Backlinks from authoritative and relevant sources strengthen your local SEO. If your content is mostly Traditional Chinese, it is best that your backlink anchor texts are also Traditional Chinese.

Understanding and optimizing these factors based on historical client data can significantly improve your local search presence.

What is included in a Local SEO Service?

What is included in a Local SEO Service?

What is included in a Local SEO Service?

In order to localise your website, top local SEO services should include:

  • Localizing website content
  • Generating content relevant to the local audience
  • Establishing local backlinks
  • Setting up and refining Google Business Profile
  • Overseeing Google Business Profile Posts
  • Combatting spam on Google Business
  • Creating local business listings
  • Maintaining local business listings
  • Managing online reputation
  • Tracking local search ranking
  • Performing local search evaluations
  • Conducting research on local keywords

Just look at our clients’ reviews!

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Michelle has applied her analytical abilities in managing our Google ad-words account to great benefit. Her insights and research have been invaluable in shaping our advertising strategy. We offer this endorsement of her skills without reservation.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Heather, has proved to be very professional in setting up and running my ads on Facebook and Google. I received a lot of input even before signing an agreement. I am happy to be working with the team at First Page!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page is a transparent and results-oriented SEO agency. They've helped us move up the Google search ladder over the last few months very effectively. Great company and highly recommended!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I received a lot of help from First Page - especially with Facebook ads. Lars helped me to focus on the right things and not put everything in the same basket. Thank you Lars for your availability and professionalism.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
It has been a pleasure working with First Page. They are professional and truly passionate about what they do. We have been very happy with the service they provide.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
My firm engaged First Page for Google Adwords and SEO and we're over the moon with the results! We've seen a substantial increase in inbound leads and as a result we've hired two more team members to handle the demand. Very happy to recommend First Page to other businesses.

Our Recent Work Why is Local SEO Important?

A case study by First Page - Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for businesses for increase in local visibility, attract more customers, competitive advantage, improve online reputation, increase foot traffic and sales, cost-effective marketing.

This is not an exaggeration. Just take a look at these statistics of our clients…

of all Google searches include local intent
of all local searches led to sales
of "near me" searches led to actual store visits

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Why Is Google Business Profile Important?

Why Is Google Business Profile Important?

Why Is Google Business Profile Important?

Google Business Profile is like your business’s digital billboard on Google’s busy online highway. It’s a free service from Google that lets you set up a signpost for your brand, which appears in Google Search and Google Maps. Think of it as a storefront window where you can put up your shop’s name, address, and phone number, hang a clock showing when you’re open, attach a link to your website, and showcase customer testimonials. It helps people driving by on the digital road to find your shop and learn what they need to drop in or get in touch.

Here’s why optimizing your Google Business Profile should be a key part of your local SEO strategy:

  • Brand Visibility: It helps put your brand on the map, quite literally.
  • Reliable Information: Ensures your business details are correct and accessible.
  • Engage Customers: Encourages interaction with your customer base.
  • Strengthen Online Trust: Enhances the reliability of your online presence.
  • Revenue Opportunities: Opens the door to potential earnings.
  • Build Customer Confidence: Fosters trust with prospective clients.
  • Local 3-Pack Potential: Increases the odds of appearing in Google’s prestigious Local 3-Pack.
  • Lead Generation: Attracts interested buyers and brings more foot traffic.
  • Focused Exposure: Provides visibility directly to those searching for your services or products.
  • News Sharing: Allows you to share updates and announcements in real-time.
  • Reputation Control: Gives you the power to manage and respond to customer feedback.

How to choose the best Local SEO Company?

1. Custom Local SEO Services
Choose an agency that offers personalized SEO strategies tailored to your business’s needs and market position, with services extending beyond local SEO to comprehensive digital marketing guidance.

2. Clear Local SEO Pricing
Select an SEO agency with transparent pricing and clear cost projections to avoid unexpected expenses and ensure value for your marketing budget.

3. Industry-Specific Experience
Work with a local SEO agency that has a proven track record across various industries, offering insight into client successes and adapting strategies to your sector’s unique demands.

4. Focused SEO Strategy
Partner with a company that prioritizes SEO tasks effectively and is committed to overcoming the specific challenges of your local SEO campaign through strategic planning and research.

5. Proven Track Record
Entrust your local SEO to an agency known for affordability and effectiveness, one that has a strong online presence and consistently positive feedback from clients.

Why Choose First Page?

Why Choose First Page?

Why Choose First Page?

Efficient Local SEO for Hong Kong’s Market
Optimize your online presence in Hong Kong’s bustling digital economy with our budget-friendly SEO services, customized for businesses of all sizes and shaped to fit a range of financial plans.

Analytics-Driven SEO Insights
Utilizing Google Analytics, we examine crucial metrics — tracking an average increase in website traffic by 30%, improving click-through rates by 20%, and aiming to reduce bounce rates below the Hong Kong average of 45%. (According to your industry)

Streamlined Video Reporting
Stay informed with succinct monthly video updates that track your SEO performance against Hong Kong’s average session duration of 3 minutes and page views, ensuring your business stays ahead.

Strategic SEO Consultations
Engage in productive consultations to discuss your SEO progress, with strategies that have enhanced local search ranking for our clients by an average of 50% in Hong Kong’s competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions
Expand your reach with our 360-degree digital marketing services, proven to increase local engagement by up to 40% through tailored PPC and social media campaigns in the Hong Kong market.

Local SEO Education
Navigate Hong Kong’s SEO with our straightforward guides, designed to educate you on best practices that have helped our clients achieve top 3 local search positions 70% more frequently.

First Page's Local SEO Services Procedures

Before we even begin your campaign, we carry out exhaustive keyword research to discover geographically-specific, industry-related keywords, and categorize them based on search intent. After our local SEO professionals have outlined your search terms, we generate a local SEO roadmap to assist you in creating locally-focused website content. Our local SEO advisor also equips you with a keyword ranking report, allowing you to track your rankings at any given moment.

First Page helps you manage your business locations and ensure your brand details are comprehensive and current. We make certain that these business profiles maintain consistent brand identity and are tailored for your target location or service area. Additionally, our Google My Business experts review your business information across the internet to provide you with the most accurate and error-free local presence.

First Page conducts a comprehensive audit of your local SEO status to identify your current ranking, derive practical insights, and formulate your local SEO action plan. We verify your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) consistency, pinpoint your geographic location and service regions, and scrutinize your Google My Business listing. To round off your local SEO approach, our local SEO specialists also carry out an examination of your Google My Business page, analyze reviews, audit landing pages, assess local citations, benchmark competitors, and analyze organic links and penalties.

Optimizing these elements will significantly boost your sales. Just ask one of First Page’s clients.

Is your website fine-tuned for your intended location? Our local SEO services include on-page optimization to ensure your site attains high rankings in your service region. We enhance your homepage and metadata with location-specific keywords, develop service, city, and industry pages, establish social media signals, and integrate local SEO best practices across your website. Moreover, First Page also help you implement local business schema and reviews into your web pages, so Google can understand your target areas easier.

First Page makes sure Google encounter a precise depiction of your business online. Our SEO service crafts hyperlocal SEO landing pages, establishes your local SEO citations, utilizes high-relevance domain keywords, and initiates email outreach campaigns. We adhere to local link building white-hat practices to attract links that bring the greatest value to your business. Our backlink outreach specialists will find backlinks that are the same source with your location.

In extension, local SEO citations act as mentions of your business name and address on other websites. At First Page, our backlink outreach specialists use reputable third-party sites to establish local citations for your business. We include your brand on third-party local business directories, such as Crunchbase, Whub and Yelp. First Page explores niche directories related to your industry and submits your business data to ensure optimal control over your online portrayal.

Develop and release captivating local SEO content to grasp the attention of your target audience. First Page has a team of in-house content specialists who collaborate to produce a practical local SEO roadmap for your content marketing. Our local SEO offerings encompass keyword research and optimization, guest blogging, and local site content enhancement. We devise appealing, pertinent titles and generate high-quality content to attract more visitors to your website.

Finally, after First Page drove you all the rankings and traffic, we will provide you CRO suggestions, so you can easily convert those traffic to leads, and then to sales. Our SEO campaigns will easily allow you to achieve a positive ROI.

Local SEO FAQs

Start by setting a precise goal for your Local SEO campaign. This could be getting phone calls, in-person visits, online form submissions, purchases, text or chat initiations, or web traffic. Build your campaign toward achieving that goal and periodically compare your results to previous numbers to see if you are getting a good return on investment.

Local keywords are an important source of leads, so don’t forget to track your ranking for relevant terms. While you can conduct your own keyword research and get a general idea of how you are ranking across keywords, subscribing to online tools such as SEMrush can provide you with important data and insights. Better yet, let First Page take full control of your Local SEO, and you can sit back, relax, and watch your numbers blow up.

The top three factors in deciding where a business ranks on the results page of a local search are relevance, distance, and prominence. Google will decide how relevant you are to certain keywords by looking at your profile and information about your business. Your proximity to the searcher will matter, but your profile’s popularity and online reputation will be the most important factor.

While the location of your business will likely remain the same, and we can’t magically move wanting customers closer to you, relevance and prominence can both be massively improved if you know what you are doing. First Page has a proven secret strategy that will help you outrank your competitors for Local SEO. Talk to our digital strategists and get a head start on it now.

Several important factors will determine how long it takes your Local SEO campaign to show results, such as the competition in your industry and area, the kind of resources at your disposal (having a bigger budget and a website with high authority certainly helps), the goal you set for your campaign, and the overall effectiveness of your Local SEO strategy.

Based on these circumstances, fixing your Local SEO could take several weeks to several months. A poor online reputation, such as having bad reviews and ratings, will also affect your Local SEO ranking and take more time to fix. If you want the best results in the shortest time, talk to a digital strategist at First Page now.

If you didn’t know, customers often search for things like “best karaoke near me” or “highest rated restaurants in Central”. Google will list nearby businesses with popularity in mind, so it’s crucial to have good reviews and ratings to rank high on these searches. Even for searches that don’t ask for superiority, having good ratings will always rank you higher.

No matter how small in quantity, bad reviews will always sting like a toothache. Luckily, First Page has a proven strategy that helped hundreds of clients remove existing negative content and change their online reputation. If you are having a hard time ranking above your competitors due to poor ratings, this could be a great solution to improve your Local SEO. Talk to our digital strategist to learn more.

Building and strategically optimizing your Google Business Profile for local searches is a great way to start. If there is a website for your business, create a good landing page and make it as mobile-friendly as possible, as mobile searches account for offline purchases. Encourage your customers to write reviews, regularly upload local content, get quality backlinks and local citations, and you will see your rankings catapult.

Depending on the severity of competition and your available resources, you can focus on one or several of these proven strategies to help improve your Local SEO. Let First Page take over, and you can see all these strategies (and more) take effect without having to do it yourself. Learn more from our digital strategists now.

Mobile users are much more likely to search for local businesses that they plan on visiting than desktop users. One survey has found that 61% of mobile users are more willing to call a nearby business if they have a mobile-friendly site, while another research found that 88% of local searches on mobile led to a call or visit within 24 hours.

You can improve your website by creating engaging local content, improving load speed, and targeting specific keywords. Mobile users also prefer things like a tap-to-call button, and mobile-friendly booking systems will be a game-changer for businesses like restaurants and salons. Talk to a digital strategist at First Page and learn how we can incorporate these strategies into your Local SEO campaign now.

Like any other form of digital marketing such as traditional SEO, Google search ads, and social ads, catering to your local customer’s language preferences will always give you better results. A hungry banker roaming the streets of Hong Kong is just as likely to search for a pizza restaurant in English as in Chinese. Being able to rank high in both languages will definitely increase your chances.

Does that mean you have to do everything twice, once in Chinese and once in English? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because having a localized landing page for each language will definitely help your Local SEO. No, because you can just let First Page do it for you. We are one of few agencies in Hong Kong that provides top-quality copywriting and content creation in both languages. Get in touch with us now.

If your only goal is to get more visits from nearby customers, you might focus on ranking higher for local keywords. If you are getting outranked by competitors due to bad ratings, you might want to incorporate reputation management into your strategy. If you want to build an authoritative website and grow the long-term influence of your business, you might want to take a more content-focused approach and dominate the relevant keywords.

Depending on your goals and available resources, you might want to incorporate different strategies into your overall SEO campaign. No matter what your short and long-term goals are, First Page’s talented and experienced digital strategists will always find a solution to help you achieve them. Contact us for a free consultation session today.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a complex process, but there’s at least one simple way to up your rankings — managing your reputation online. By creating content that describes you in the most positive light, you can ensure search engines pick up positive content and rank it higher on their results pages.

Be sure to pay attention not only to content related to the services you offer but also content that highlights who you are and how you conduct yourself in business. After all, SEO is subjective, and it’s all part of what makes the web such an interesting place.

The initial goal of SEO is quite simple – to get more traffic to your website. To see the amount of traffic you are getting, you can check Google Analytics. Simply compare the traffic you are getting now vs the traffic you were getting before you started investing in SEO. You can also use Google Search Console (another free tool) to check how much organic traffic your site is getting, and what search queries are bringing you the most visitors.

Once you see that you are receiving more traffic, you can get much more granular with the data to assess the performance of your SEO campaign. You will want to look into your conversion rate and bounce rate, and you will also want to analyze how many leads and sales are coming from your optimized pages. It’s important to remember that SEO takes time – even the best SEO agency will need at least 4-6 months to start generating traffic. But once it starts coming in, it’s worth every penny you invested 🤸🏻‍♂️

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