Online reputation is the number one factor dictating your success!

Online reputation is the number one factor dictating your success!

Online reputation is the number one factor dictating your success!

Let’s face it. We can’t get away with anything anymore.

If you peeled off a friend’s scab in eighth grade and never apologized, chances are Google will find out.

Any customers thinking about doing business with you? They are doing their research.

If what they find online looks good, you have a conversion.

If not…you are in a bad situation.

Take into consideration these true facts about how consumers do their research:

● 86% of consumers would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and good reviews
● 45% have decided not to buy from a business after doing online research
● The average customer will read 7-8 reviews before making a purchase
● A difference of one star in the average rating can lead to a 9% difference in revenue

This is why your online reputation and your brand’s online reputation are so important.

If you want your business to succeed in this day and age, you best take out the online trolls and be in control of your brand’s image and user reviews.

Quick and effective - Reputation repair services from First Page.

Quick and effective - Reputation repair services from First Page.

Quick and effective - Reputation repair services from First Page.

Negative online reputation is driving your potential customers away. Negative reviews are hampering your chances to grow your business.

But, contrary to conventional wisdom, you actually can buy a good reputation. That is where online reputation management services come into play.

In fact, First Page has developed a reputation management strategy that works and works pretty fast.

By that, we mean start-seeing-results-in-15-days kind of fast.

That’s right. Your business can completely transform its online reputation and enjoy substantial growth in leads, conversions, and profit, all before your next nail appointment.

Suffering from online trolls, haters, unreasonable customers, or spiteful reviews? Don’t worry because we’re here to help improve your brand’s reputation as quickly as possible. Our reputation management service is second to none.

First Page has won countless battles for clients for over a decade, and we are fully equipped to do the same for you. Get started by talking to our Digital Strategist by clicking the button below.

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First Page is a professional Digital Marketing Agency. Thanks to our Digital Marketing Specialists Kana, William and YC. They are experienced, supportive and helpful. We enjoyed working with the First Page team.
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Clarkson is a professional and helpful marketing agent with good knowledge of SEO. He is easy to communicate with and always willing to help us with our questions. Our SEO ranking is doing better and better with his help. Thank you so much!
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We’re yet to proceed with our project but wanted to share the positive process we had with Tony and his team as we went through a very detailed RFP.
When the project goes live we will be working with First Page.
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I want to give a big thank you to our Digital Marketing Specialist Isaac because he is so nice and responsible. He’s so helpful and solves problems for his clients. Many thanks again.
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Our experience with First Page has been amazing. Giselle and Lars have helped us save the digital marketing strategy of my company. I will definitely recommend First Page to anyone that is looking for a digital marketing partner.
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We have used First Page for a few months now and Heather, who looks after our account, has shown experience and a meticulous approach. With many companies offering this service, First Page is really at the top of the list. A well deserved 5 stars!

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Reputation Repair & Management Hong Kong

Why do I need Reputation Management?

Just like any person you know, any brand or business will have an image in the public’s eyes that does or does not reflect the true quality and value of their products or services. The importance of a business’s reputation is heightened in an age where information can be shared so freely on the internet. Before most customers make a purchase, they will likely be researching your brand on Google and base their verdict on their findings.

Any negative feedback or reviews that show up on Google (or platforms such as TripAdvisor, OpenRice, etc., depending on your industry) will significantly impact a potential customer’s decision to do business with you. If your business suffers from a negative online reputation, get help from First Page immediately and see incredible results.

In this day and age, it’s impossible not to put resources into reputation management and expect to succeed in the online landscape. No matter how much money you spend on Google and Facebook ads, if a potential customer can find negative reviews about your products and services with minimal research, the return from your investments will be significantly diminished.

Luckily, even if your reputation online is not exactly perfect, there are now ways to fix it. Whether you are suffering from online trolls or spiteful negative reviews from your competitors, agencies like First Page that specializes in reputation restoration, can help you get back on your feet and see overall improvements to your online marketing campaign within a short period of time.

Some fun stats to consider: during the third quarter of 2021, Facebook’s daily active user is approximately 1.93 billion. There are approximately 5.6 billion searches on Google a day, 2 trillion global searches per year. In this gigantic digital community, the average consumer can get information about any company in the world with just a swipe of their fingertips.

With that being said, good reputation management to improve online reputation would almost certainly benefit any business in the world. Whether you are an international corporation with stores spread across the world, or just a small business serving local customers, a good reputation will always drive leads, sales, and revenue. Get in touch with one of First Page’s digital strategists and see how you can improve your online presence.

The cost of effectively repairing your online reputation will likely depend on several factors, including how much negative content needs to be removed, where these negative reviews or comments are made and the authority of their domain, and what assets do you already have to promote a positive reputation for your business (websites, blogs, etc.).

Here at First Page, our digital strategists are experts in helping businesses restore their reputation online, no matter what kind of situations they find themselves in. For over a decade, we’ve developed proven strategies that have track records of removing negative content and improving reputation. Our Reputation Repair Services are offered at competitive rates, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and get a quote from us.

SEO can help your brand’s website appear on search engines when a customer searches for a related keyword and is a powerful tool in driving traffic to your website, bringing a ton of sales and brand recognition. Most businesses will inevitably have to invest in SEO, but if their brand image or customer reviews are mostly negative, their return on investment will be significantly hampered.

If your budget for online marketing is ample, investing in both can ensure that your brand is competitive on all ends. A comprehensive online marketing campaign that encompasses both SEO and reputation management will be a game-changer. Talk to a digital strategist at First Page, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Depending on the region of your business and the demographics of your target market, customers could find information about your product or service through different channels. In most countries, Google will be the main search engine with the highest number of users, but Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu, amongst others, can also impact your online reputation.

Google search results will often show business profiles, where users can give businesses a star rating and write reviews about their experiences. Approximately 59% of shoppers read Google reviews before buying from a business, so don’t even think about taking this lightly. It’s never too late to up your Google ratings, even if your existing reviews aren’t great. Talk to a digital strategist at First Page and find out how we can help you.

Depending on the scope of the operation, fixing your online reputation could be pricey or inexpensive. Any serious reputation repair campaign will likely require the participation of a host of specialists, including brand reputation experts, SEO experts, content managers and copywriting experts, researchers, an outreach person, as well as web developers and software engineers.

Reputation repair, when done properly, is not an easy task that can be pulled at home. Sure, you can find cheap solutions online that employ bots, poorly conceived tactics, and minimal manpower, but these services will often do you more harm than good. If you want a reputation repair service that can genuinely change your online image and improve conversion rates, look no further. Talk to our digital strategist and get a quote from First Page.

It’s hard – but very important to be objective about how your business is getting along with the rest of the internet. Your brand’s online reputation is the sum of all the information we can find out about you on the internet. This includes every photo, comment, social media thread, blog post, review, and customer rating, from false and misleading to straight out personal insults.

If negative content shows up pretty quickly on a generic Google search of your brand, it will likely hurt your image. You can identify links that do not represent your brand well and consider getting them removed or drowned out through reputation repair services. Talk to a digital strategist at First Page and get an assessment of your online reputation now.

How do I win at Reputation Management?

Different clients will have different objectives ranging from getting a false and misleading Google review removed to keeping harmful content away from the search engines. For most businesses, a successful online reputation management campaign would likely aim to restrict negative content to page 3 and further on Google search results.

Different businesses will also have different discretions about how aggressively they want to promote positive search results against the existing negative content on Google. From our experience of repairing reputation for hundreds of clients over a decade, employing the right strategy with the right execution team will usually give you genuine improvements within weeks. If you want a successful campaign and speedy recovery from a negative online reputation, get in touch and get a quote from First Page.

This will depend on your goals and circumstances. A larger quantity of negative content will likely take longer to remove, especially if they are posted on high authority domains that already rank high on Google. If you have existing assets such as websites, blogs, or social media accounts that have high authority and can be used to promote new positive content, you will likely see much quicker results.

Another important factor is the reputation repair service that you employ. While cheaper services may promise you the same results, it might take years for them to improve your brand image. At First Page, we have over a decade of experience helping clients improve their online reputation with genuine results that reflect on their sales and conversion numbers. Get in touch with us to get a quote and audit.

Reputation repair is a complex task that requires the expertise of a host of specialists, including SEO experts, content writers and specialists, web developers, and brand reputation specialists. Together, these experts will devise a plan that can help you remove negative comments and reviews from existing websites and domains, or at least suppress them.

Once the negative reviews are drowned out, they will look to reestablish your brand by creating positive associations to your reputation. This process could involve posting compelling new blogs and content that rank high and above the existing negative reviews so that the positive narrative of your brand is seen by your customers first. Learn how First Page can help revolutionize your online reputation by getting in touch with our digital strategist now.

SEO is very important as it will help your website rank higher on Google and in turn, drive a huge number of leads, sales, and revenue. When a customer searches for a product or service through a specific set of keywords on Google, the search engine will take into consideration existing online ratings and reviews to decide which businesses would rank higher on the search results.

With that said, having a good online reputation will definitely help your SEO and increase your website’s authority. A well-rounded agency like First Page will help you devise and execute strategies that will not only transform your reputation but make your website rank first on Google for as long as you want. Contact First Page’s digital strategist and get a quote now.

Reputation repair is a task that requires the expertise of many specialists. You will likely need to have an in-depth understanding of SEO, Google algorithms, web development, copywriting, and content marketing to get rid of existing negative content online effectively. Most businesses don’t have the resources to pull this off, even with an experienced marketing team.

Some businesses might even be tempted to take aggressive legal action against negative comments. This will often instigate more negative sentiment and worsen the brand’s image. With the help of an experienced agency like First Page, you can repair your brand’s online reputation with just a small investment that will eventually return to you through increased sales and brand recognition. Get in touch now and get a quote from First Page.

The cost of your reputation management will depend heavily on the amount of manpower and level of expertise deployed to repair your reputation. In general, inexpensive services are often software-based and involve very little human input, meaning they can’t give you the same level of research, analysis, and high-ranking new content that human-based services can.

With a premium agency like First Page, you will have a whole team of experts at your service. From removing negative reviews and promoting new content to monitoring results and enhancing strategies, different experts from different departments specializing in different parts of the mission will work together to ensure your new online reputation is positive, appealing, and authentic. Get a quote from First Page now.

Negative reviews, no matter how small in quantity, will always hurt your business and sting like a toothache. Removing the bad apples will immediately bring up your sales and revenue, but it doesn’t mean the online trolls and haters won’t ever come back again. Maintaining a positive online reputation throughout an extended period of time requires good management and effective strategies.

An ongoing reputation management campaign is needed if you want to solidify your reputation online. By regularly producing captivating new content that reflects the positive attributes of your brand and bettering audience interaction, you will improve your website’s authority and build a protective barrier around the brand. Talk to a digital strategist at First Page and learn how we can protect you from future online reputation crises now.

Depending on the size and level of talent, different agencies will specialize in different aspects of reputation management, from removing negative reviews to devising strategies and promoting new positive content. If you want a comprehensive service that offers top results every step along the way, there are few digital advertising agencies out there that are as well-rounded and complete as First Page.

Our agency comprises different teams that specialize in different departments of online reputation management. From conducting detailed research and analysis on your crisis to monitoring results and tweaking performances on a technical level, our team at First Page will give you top-notch service that you won’t find anywhere else. Talk to our digital strategists to learn about the details of our reputation management service.


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