SEO copywriting has never been more important…

SEO copywriting has never been more important…

SEO copywriting has never been more important…

Some businesses hire copywriters. Others hire search engine optimization experts.

Well, here at First Page, we say… Why not have both?

Today’s digital landscape can be brutally competitive for search engine rankings.

Everyone is fighting for attention and for clicks from Google Search.

That’s why if you want to explode your growth, you need to work with copywriters who understand two things – the algorithms of search engines and the psychology of human beings.

Not one or the other. You need both. This is what we refer to as SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting means working smarter – not harder. The copy will be written in a way that increases the likelihood of ranking on Google, and once the user clicks on your page, they will also be inspired to take action and make a purchase.

Only the best copywriters have this capability. It takes the perfect combination of natural talent and rigorous training to accomplish.

That’s why working with an SEO copywriting agency has never been more crucial.

First Page is Hong Kong’s #1 SEO copywriting agency.

First Page is Hong Kong’s #1 SEO copywriting agency.

First Page is Hong Kong’s #1 SEO copywriting agency.

Here at First Page Hong Kong, we have spent the last decade helping businesses like yours with their SEO copywriting.

Our team of ninja copywriters is the cream of the crop. Masters of search algorithms, the perfect meta description, on point title tag, culturally plugged-in, and obsessed with human psychology, our SEO copywriters will publish content that helps you grow your traffic and increase your sales – simultaneously!

We only hire the best copywriters – ones who have experience in multiple verticals over multiple years.

Our team has been rigorously vetted to ensure that we keep our status as Hong Kong’s #1 digital agency.

We know how search engines work. We do extensive keyword research and can turn any target keyword into awesome copy that will make your target audience convert.

No matter if you need your content written in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin, consider our expert copywriters to be an extension of your marketing department – and they are ready to start working for you today.

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SEO Copywriting Hong Kong

A brief overview of SEO copywriting.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your webpages, landing pages, and blog posts, so you can increase the likelihood of ranking organically on search engines around the world. Most of the time, SEO refers to Google (they have over 90% of the search market share worldwide), but it can also refer to other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and more.

There are many aspects of SEO – copywriting is just one of them. To master SEO for your website, you will also have to do keyword research and build backlinks to your site. Keyword research is the process of identifying which queries you wish to target – think of it like creating a content strategy. Building backlinks means getting other websites to link to yours, which helps increase your website’s authority in the eyes of Google.

Copywriting refers to any marketing words or materials that you use to promote your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s the words on a billboard, Facebook ad, newspaper promotion, or on your website – if it’s promoting your business, then it’s referred to as ‘copy’. Copywriting is one of the oldest and most important aspects of advertising; if done correctly, it can convert even the coldest leads into blazing hot customers.

The best copywriters are the ones who understand human psychology, as well as the cultural influences that inspire people to make decisions. Copywriting does not have to be complicated – in fact, often, simpler is better. It’s about doing whatever is necessary to convey a message and create an emotional connection between the reader and the product or service being marketed.

SEO copywriting gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to your website. It takes the most important aspects of SEO and fuses them together with the most important aspects of copywriting. The part that focuses on SEO means that you will rank higher on Google. This means more brand awareness, more clicks, more traffic, and more sales. The part that focuses on copywriting ensures that once the user ends up on your webpage, they are likely to take action and make a purchase.

Many businesses hire copywriters who are master wordsmiths and understand human psychology, but have zero experience with SEO. Other businesses might hire SEO services, but the writers are only concerned with ranking on Google – not creating a connection with the customer. To thrive in this modern digital world, you need copywriters who know how to do both.

Imagine this. You hire an SEO agency to improve your organic rankings. You invest money in the campaign, and slowly, over time, the campaign starts paying off, and you start seeing an increase in your organic traffic! But wait… while there is an increase in traffic, it’s not resulting in an increase in revenue or sales. People are going to your site, but they quickly click away because your content is poorly written and doesn’t create an emotional connection. This is because the agency optimized your pages only for search engines and not for human beings.

Now on the flip side, imagine this. You hire a copywriting agency to improve your branding and conversion rates. You invest money in the overhaul of your site, and in the end, you are blown away by how great the copy is! But wait… while conversion rates might be a bit higher, you haven’t seen any increase in organic traffic. This is because the agency optimized your pages only for human beings, not the search engines. Simply put, you need an agency that can do both.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to increase the likelihood of ranking higher on search engines. The higher your rankings, the more people see your results, the more likely they are to click on your link, and therefore, the more traffic your website will get. In fact, did you know that the top 3 results in Google end up getting over 60% of the clicks?

This is why SEO is so important. 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every single day, and over 90% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. It doesn’t matter if you are a local business looking for more foot traffic or a large enterprise looking to penetrate into new markets – SEO gives the best ROI out of any of the digital marketing options.

If executed correctly, an SEO campaign will help increase your organic traffic. But it’s important to understand that an increase in traffic doesn’t always equate to an increase in sales. We have seen this happen too many times – SEO agencies that stuff keywords into your content to help you rank better. Sure, you might get a bit more traffic, but when users land on your website, they will quickly hit the ‘back’ button. This does irreparable damage to your brand, and the increased bounce rate will actually end up hurting your SEO.

In contrast, great SEO copywriting helps you increase your traffic AND your sales simultaneously. A quality SEO copywriting agency won’t look to only get you better rankings – they will look to help you strategize, execute, and optimize a next-level marketing funnel across the entire digital landscape. Once this is done, you will see an increase in traffic AND an increase in sales.

If you want to get better rankings on Google, you need to start focusing on your SEO. We recommend starting out by picking the right keywords. Use a premium SEO tool like AHREFs or SEMRush and start creating a blueprint of the queries you want to target. Be sure to pick a range of keywords, some lower volume, some higher volume, some less competitive, some more competitive. A good mix will increase the likelihood of ranking.

From there, start looking at optimizing your actual website (this is where SEO copywriting comes into place). A great SEO copywriter will know how to balance everything from the keyword density to the title tags and meta description, all of which will be optimized for both clicks AND sales. Finally, you will need to focus on your off-page SEO – otherwise known as building backlinks. By building backlinks, you will increase your site’s authority in the eyes of Google, therefore increasing the likelihood of ranking for your desired keywords.

Copywriting all comes down to one thing – creating an emotional connection between the reader and your business. The greatest copywriters all know this secret. The greater the emotional connection, the more likely you will see an increase in sales, customer loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

Remember, people aren’t always buying products – frequently, they are simply buying improved versions of themselves. Don’t just give them the features of your products, but also give them the benefits. How will your product make their life better? How will your product make them become the person they want to be? By focusing on these things, you will create a connection with your readers and convert them like never before.

How SEO copywriting can help your business.

The cost of the SEO copywriting services will vary depending on many circumstances. First of all – what is your budget? We believe that the minimum budget to set is HKD $5000 per month. Anything less, and you won’t be able to get the data you need to know if the campaign is going well or not. If you can afford more, we certainly recommend that – like all things in marketing, the higher the budget, the better the results!

The cost of the campaign will also depend on some other factors. How many keywords do you want to rank for? More keywords means more pages means more copywriting resources. A 5-keyword campaign will cost less than a 50-keyword campaign. Also, what services are you looking for? If you want to start a proper SEO campaign, we strongly recommend that the service provider helps with keyword research, as well as building high-quality backlinks.

Absolutely! Many businesses prefer to handle their SEO copywriting in-house as they feel it gives them better control over the entire process. But if you are interested in keeping your SEO in-house, there are a few things to take into consideration. First up, hiring the talent. Experienced SEO copywriters do not come cheap, and it will take some time to put up the ad, interview candidates, make an offer, and train someone (who might not end up sticking around). In contrast, with an agency, you can hit the ground running today (without having to pay salary/benefits/training costs).

The other thing to keep in consideration is availability. How much content do you actually need to be written? If you are only looking to write a few new pages, or overhaul old content on your website, then hiring a full-time employee will be overkill. Finally, you need to consider your goals. An SEO copywriter can only help with one dimension of SEO. If you want to improve other parts of your site’s SEO, then you will need to hire more professionals. This is why most businesses prefer to go with an agency – a one-stop solution for all their SEO needs.

If you are looking for an SEO copywriting agency that can create content in multiple languages, you will want to pay attention to a few different things. First of all, does the agency advertise that they write in multiple languages? If so, can they give you case studies in each language showing the results that they have gotten?

But above all, the most important thing to look out for is whether they handle everything in-house. Many agencies will say that they write in multiple languages, but then they just take your outsourced work and outsource themselves to another third-rate agency somewhere across the world. They won’t even check the work before delivering it to you most of the time! Here at First Page, our team of copywriters handles everything in-house, with the highest quality control measures, in multiple languages (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin).

When it comes to results, SEO copywriting offers the best of both worlds – here’s why… First, you will start to see an increase in your traffic. SEO does take some time to kick into effect (around 4-6 months), but once you start improving your rankings, you will see a huge increase in organic traffic as well. We have even seen SEO campaigns start to bring in more traffic in as quick as 2 months.

But here’s the best part.. While SEO takes time to work its magic, copywriting does not! Once your page is rewritten, you will start seeing immediate improvements in your bounce rates, on-page times, and overall sales and revenue. This means that while you are waiting for the SEO results to start kicking in, you will already see an increase in conversions across your website as a whole from the traffic that you already had.

SEO copywriting should directly influence two key factors of your business – traffic and sales. It influences traffic by improving your positions in the search engine rankings (like Google), which in turn will lead to more traffic to your website. You can check the organic traffic of your website on free programs like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Other data, such as click-through rates and impressions, are also crucial to monitor. SEO copywriting influences your sales by increasing the traffic to your site (and therefore the number of hot leads that are coming in) and also converting them at a higher rate.

That’s why it’s so crucial to work with a digital agency that doesn’t just look at you as an SEO client but instead that looks at you as a business partner. Here at First Page, we take the time to understand your business, research your competitors, and create a bespoke marketing funnel that will help explode your traffic and sales. Your success is our success. Your KPIs are our KPIs.

Many businesses are interested in keeping their copywriting in-house because they believe agency writers will not understand their business. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Agency SEO copywriters have some of the best talent in the game. Our team of writers have written for thousands of businesses across hundreds of verticals. This enables them to come into your business with game-changing copywriting ideas, as well as a pair of fresh eyes.

Once you start working with us, our writers will begin by taking the time to understand your business. They will master their content briefs, learn your website, and evaluate your competitors, so they can bring something truly unique to the board. From there, they will begin writing. Once they are done, they will then pass it to another expert copywriter who will proofread the piece and give critical feedback and constructive criticism. Once the piece is finished, they will hand it to the SEO team for further review to ensure the content is as optimized as possible. It’s a team effort, but the results are absolutely worth it.

There are numerous benefits to hiring an agency for your SEO copywriting. First off, costs. Hiring in-house copywriters can take up a tremendous amount of time and money. You will have to create an ad, interview candidates, find the perfect fit, hire them, and provide them with weeks of training. They haven’t even written a single word for your company in all of this time, and there is no guarantee that they will stick around! In contrast, an agency has the talent in place and can start working for you today. Plus, when you hire an agency, you get access to the entire team, including digital strategists, SEO tech experts, PPC specialists, and much more.

The other reason to hire an agency is experience. A truly great agency will have a large team of professionals – each in their own department dedicated to mastering a certain aspect of digital marketing. This sort of experience is immeasurable, especially given all of the different verticals and industries the agency has worked with.

If you are looking at an agency for your content writing services, we recommend doing a few important things. You will want to start by making sure that they even offer the services you are looking for. See if they have an entire page dedicated to the service – if so, it’s a good sign. From there, it’s time to start looking at their reviews. For example, First Page has over 150+ Google reviews and has a perfect 5-star rating. Such a high rating means that we get results for our clients repeatedly.

From there, you will want to reach out to the agency and speak with them directly. Be sure to ask them important questions like… Do they handle everything in-house? How big is their copywriting team? What sort of training is the team given? Do they have any experience writing for companies in your industry? Do they take the time to learn and understand your business model? Their answers will help you decide whether or not they are a good fit.


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