Get your products in front of buyers with Google Shopping Ads and explode your online sales!

Get your products in front of buyers with Google Shopping Ads and explode your online sales!

Get your products in front of buyers with Google Shopping Ads and explode your online sales!

Shoppers often turn to Google to find information on products when they’re ready to buy.

That’s a valuable opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on!

You can drive conversions and sales to your online shop with highly effective and dynamic marketing campaigns, all through Google Shopping Ads.

With Google Shopping Ads, you can display an image of your product at the top of Google Search and catch the attention of eager online shoppers.

All you need to do is use the proper ads to turn their clicks into profitable conversions. 

Google Shopping Ads have proven their value in eCommerce time and time again, and the statistics prove it.

  • 86% of all advertisement clicks come from Google Shopping Ads.
  • Advertisers net 12% more revenue per click from Google Shopping Ads than Search.
  • Ad clicks are 50% more likely to result in a purchase.
  • 66% of consumers prefer online over offline shopping.
  • 99% of Hong Kong residents between the ages of 16 and 44 log on to shop daily.

The statistics tell an obvious story – if your online shop isn’t investing in Google Shopping Ads, you’re missing out on extremely lucrative opportunities.

With high click-through rates and a low cost-per-click, you don’t need to spend a small fortune hunting for buyers – they’ll find you!

How do you set up your ads to result in conversions and an unbelievable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)? That’s where we come in.

Meet First Page; the only partners you’ll ever need to ensure your online shop’s success.

Partner with First Page Hong Kong - APAC’s highest-rated Google Shopping Ads agency.

Partner with First Page Hong Kong - APAC’s highest-rated Google Shopping Ads agency.

Partner with First Page Hong Kong - APAC’s highest-rated Google Shopping Ads agency.

We’ve seen this happen too many times – a promising online shop is excited to scale its marketing and increase its online sales.

But, instead of hiring a professional agency, they decide to bring their Google Shopping Ads in-house. 

Well, guess what… That excitement rapidly turns into flat-out disappointment.

They quickly become overwhelmed by the data, frustrated by the processes, and disheartened by the lack of conversions.

Soon, the disappointment turns to anger, and you think, ‘Google Shopping Ads don’t work – they are a scam!’

Nothing could be further from the truth. Google Shopping Ads can be a goldmine for online shop owners – they just need to be executed the right way. 

Here at First Page Hong Kong, we have a proven track record of bringing in a tidal wave of sales and conversions with Google Shopping Ads.

We have over a decade’s worth of experience giving our clients an insane ROI and taking their business to the next level. 

How do we accomplish this?

Proprietary software. Collective experience. World-class talent. (And lots and lots of coffee)

Our team of digital marketing experts lives and breathes Google Shopping Ads. We have conducted countless experiments over the years, which gives us insights that few other companies can compete with.

We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. That means we can hit the ground running with your campaign and drive results faster than any of our competitors. 

Contact us now to find out how we can help you double or triple your sales with Google Shopping Ads.  

How we achieve greatness with Google Shopping Ads.

How we achieve greatness with Google Shopping Ads.

How we achieve greatness with Google Shopping Ads.

Starting with creating your site’s personalized product feed, our team takes care of every aspect of your Shopping campaign.

We go into the depths of your product pages to give them the 5-star treatment, optimizing them from the front and back-ends for the highest level of visibility to Google.

Listed on the exclusive Shopping tab. Like Search Ads, Shopping ads show up when keywords relevant to your goods are entered into Google.

The First Page team are seasoned professionals when it comes to devising the perfect ad groups that get your products ranking.

Our SEO experts can also help with organic traffic-driving techniques such as SEO contentmobile optimizationlocal optimization, and not to mention best in class keyword research, best practice on-page SEO, engaging meta descriptions, and high-converting meta tags for your product pages.

The team at First Page understands the formula for executing the most potent Google Shopping campaign.

We leverage our years of experience and scientific methods to get you the best-value keyword bids, lowest cost-per-click, and the biggest profit margin.

See what our clients are saying!

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Joe and his team have been very helpful in managing our Facebook page - including the design of our logo, cover photo, content of posts and responses to followers. First Page is a professional and responsive team which I would recommend.
Whitney Tso
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Good service and very responsible. A special thanks to Clarkson, our SEO Specialist. She is very helpful and always gives her full attention to our results. This means we can keep our high ranking on Google. Thanks so much.
Alexandro Chung
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Thanks to First Page, our consultant business is becoming known by more and more customers. The team and the company are very professional and responsible. Most importantly, my SEO ranking has continuously improved since I joined the company.
Emet Sandy
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page over delivered! We’ve seen a 230% increase in our website traffic and a 400% increase in our online enquirers. Now we are now aiming for a 500% increase in traffic by next year. Thanks!
Boris Tselniker
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
With a dedicated team, First Page has managed to increase exposure to our websites with their premier search engine optimisation services. Thank you!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Carl and Bingming were professional, responsive and very knowledgeable. It's been a pleasure working with them. I would definitely recommend First Page to anyone who needs help with all things Digital Marketing!
Ricky Chandra

Other Google Ads services we offer.

Bespoke growth plans for your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Online advertising is the new frontier of marketing, and Google Ads are at the front and centre. However, they can also be an expensive venture, truth be told, which is why you need an agency that clearly knows its stuff. At First Page, we can drive results better than anyone else.

Our Recent Work Honestbee

A case study by First Page - Google Shopping

Honestbee was hungry for more app signups so we utilised Google Ads/Universal App Campaign to drive more app installs/in-app conversions.

return on marketing investment in 2 months
increase in app installs

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Google Shopping Ads Hong Kong

An overview of Google Shopping Ads.

Google Shopping used to be called Google Product Search and Google Products. It’s specifically designed to help users find products from online vendors who use Google Shopping Ads. Users can view the products and compare prices to find the best possible deal from a trusted retailer.

Google Shopping displays images and information regarding products from different online shops to search users based on their queries. The results are displayed at the top of search results and contain a thumbnail, the name of the Ecommerce store or retailer, and the price.

Google Shopping Ads have several significant benefits, the biggest of which is helping you increase your online sales significantly. However, you can also streamline your customer’s purchase journey, build a robust online brand, and improve the quality of your leads. These benefits make it a near necessity for online retailers to have their products listed in Google Shopping, lest their competitors outperform them.

Keep in mind that it’s just as critical to have your ads set up correctly. Without the correct optimisations, your ads might still be beaten by those of your competitors – that’s why you need to use a professional!

To get started, you’ll need a Google Merchant Center account. Creating an account is relatively quick, easy, and free. That acts as the database for all your product feeds. Once you’ve uploaded your feeds over Google Shopping, it’ll automatically upload and update the information while creating listings within Google’s format. To get effective results from Google Shopping Ads, these feeds need to be developed and optimised correctly.

Whenever a user searches for a particular product, Google will check the product feeds in the database to find relevant results. That’s how Google Shopping finds accurate ads to present and, once a user clicks on one of your ads, it’ll direct them to your online shop to complete the purchase.

In an ideal world, the answer would be an undeniable “Yes!”. In theory, Google Shopping Ads can significantly increase your online sales and boost the performance of your eCommerce store. It’s reliable and relatively simple, and the platform was specifically designed to help online shop owners multiply their sales. Unfortunately, theory and practice are two very different things.

The setup of the ad and bidding strategy plays a crucial role in the efficacy of your campaign. A poorly configured campaign might just cost you several valuable leads and conversions. Google Shopping Ads get roughly 86% of PPC ad clicks online, and it’s best to work with an experienced specialist to ensure you get your fair share of the traffic.

Google Shopping isn’t an online marketplace and doesn’t directly sell any products, so it can’t really be compared with other eCommerce stores. To put it simply, you’ll never purchase a product directly through Google Shopping. Instead, Google Shopping compiles products from various online shops and retailers and then promotes those. When a user performs a search, it shows all the products relevant to the user’s query.

If a user decides to click on one of the featured products or Google Shopping Ads, they’ll be taken to the relevant online shop. That is where the final purchase and transaction will take place.

Yes, but not in the way Google Ads would traditionally require keywords. Instead of submitting a list of keywords for Google Shopping to target, it will curate a list of targetable keywords from the description you submit along with your product. In this way, Google Shopping Ads can effectively determine which products to show relevant to a user’s search.

Google Shopping works this way to ensure users have the best chance of seeing products that are relevant to your search. As long as your product feeds are set up correctly, your listing will appear whenever a user enters a relevant search query.

To see your product appear above the search results and within the “sponsored” section, you need to run Google Shopping Ads. As with any Google Ads campaign, you’ll need to have the ads set up correctly with a sufficient budget to appear within the first few spots.

That said, you can also have a free listing. Free listings don’t appear at the top of search results and appear below the sponsored listings in the “Shopping” tab. While not as effective as Google Shopping Ads, a free listing can still allow your product to be noticed.

 Think of it as a featured and regular free listing. Featured listings get higher positions, but sellers need to pay for the advantage. Free listings will still be visible, but only after users have scrolled past the sponsored products.

While Google Shopping allows several types of products to be listed, there are stringent regulations and limitations that store owners need to obey. The list of prohibited items includes, but isn’t limited to, tobacco products, recreational drugs, smoking-related equipment, explosives, guns and gun parts, dangerous knives, and healthcare and medicine-related products.

If you try to list any of these products through Google Shopping, your campaign will be denied or may be penalised. For some, you may receive an exception. For example, you can list parts related to gun safety, while approved healthcare companies can list particular OTC medication. Before you set up your campaign, ensure that you can list products from your store.

How Google Shopping Ads can help your business.

The truth is that when it comes to Google Ads (whether display, search, or shopping), more is always better. This is the way Google has set up its platforms. The more money you pump into your ads, the more you can experiment with different creatives/copy/audiences. You’ll also have access to more data you have, which means you can glean valuable insights, make targeted improvements, and draw better conclusions with your campaign. Once you know what is working, you can tweak, scale, and see some awe-inspiring results. 

We understand that not everyone has a large budget, and it might be tempting to spend a small amount per day as a ‘test’ to see what happens. Sometimes a strategy like this can work, but in reality, you are likely to lose money and become frustrated with your results. That is why we recommend a minimum monthly ad spend of $5000HKD per month. An ad spend of this amount will give you enough data to make conclusive decisions about your Google Shopping campaign – but remember, more is always better.

Yes. In fact, for many online merchants and eCommerce shop owners, we might even go as far as to say that Google Shopping Ads are vital for accelerating brand exposure and growth. Since the platform’s launch in 2010, Google Shopping Ads have become a critical component of successful eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads are cost-effective, scalable, and have a high click-through rate compared to other types of ads. These ads also have a visual component and list the retailer’s name – your store – on the advertisement. The combination allows you to significantly raise brand awareness while also bringing in more new leads and customers. 

At First Page Hong Kong, we specialise in crafting tailor-made eCommerce campaigns for online shops and retailers of all shapes and sizes. We can help guide you through the entire process, from setting up your Google Merchant Centre account to building successful, high-performing Google Shopping campaigns. When we work with you, we take the time to learn about you and understand your product pages. We even revamp them if they need a little bit of work, making them as visible as possible for Google. We’ll even create the perfect ad groups for your products, ensuring that you only get the absolute best results.

In short, our team will take care of every aspect of your Shopping Ads campaign, optimising every element to the best of our abilities. We’re seasoned professionals, and we understand the formula to making your online shop stand out amongst the competition, enhancing your profits, and boosting brand awareness at the same time.

While Google Shopping Ads can be incredibly profitable, they are by no means a way to launch yourself to the top of search results quickly and with little effort. Sure, they can be a cash-printing machine for your online shop, but getting there takes time, experience, testing, tweaking, and relentless optimising. That’s why we always recommend hiring a professional with experience to run your Google Shopping Ads campaign – this will be the difference between your ads being profitable or a failure.

To make money with your Google Shopping Ads, you need to ensure your campaign is set up for success. That means having an ironclad strategy in place, that the settings are correct, and that all elements, from the ads themselves to your eCommerce store, are optimised correctly. It’s also essential to create compelling copy and eye-catching images to attract the attention of your target audience because, without their attention, you have nothing.

There are several bidding options for Google Shopping Ads, and it’s vital to strategise and pick those that best suit your budget, products, and campaign. For example, Smart Bidding uses AI machine learning to determine which users are most likely to convert and target them. There are ways to customise this option, but it can be easy to derail the campaign. Other bidding options include Target Cost per Action, which aims to get as many conversions as possible while remaining below your set CPA, and ROAS. 

Some bidding strategies require your team to be a lot more involved in the process. They’ll need to monitor and make adjustments regularly to ensure the campaign keeps performing. Others can be almost entirely automated. Which is better? It’s hard to say. For many, Smart Bidding strategies are an excellent option for Google Shopping Ads. However, it would be best if you still were involved in making manual adjustments when required to get the best results.

Absolutely! However, two common reasons online shop owners stop their Google Ad campaigns are cost and lack of results. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is due to mistakes that can easily be corrected. For example, while setting up Google Shopping Ads can seem relatively straightforward, mistakes can still happen. Consequently, if your campaign is not set up correctly, you can still blow your budget or make a costly bidding error. That, in turn, can result in costly missed opportunities.

The second thing to keep in mind is that no Google Shopping Campaign became insanely profitable overnight. In fact, the opposite is usually true. While a great ad agency can get your campaign up and running in a few days, it takes a few weeks to gather enough data and know-how to decrease the CPC while increasing overall clicks. In other words, don’t pull the plug just because your campaign isn’t going super well in the first few days. Be patient, and trust in the process. In time, your Shopping Ads will start delivering valuable leads and customers to your site.  

This is a complicated question to answer. For one, the average cost-per-click may depend on various circumstances, including your business, your industry, your location, your target location, and the level of bidding competition (which can vary by the minute). When you put all of the factors together, you can see that it’s challenging to determine accurately what a ‘good’ cost per click is. Having said that, the average cost-per-click for Google Shopping Ads is around USD 0.66 per click. For some industries (like health and beauty, pet care, clothing and apparel, educational supplies, and computers and technology), the cost can be quite a bit higher due to the competitiveness of the industries.

The highest average cost-per-click is USD 1.09, making office and business needs the most expensive Google Shopping Ads category. Others (like medical supplies, child and infant care, food and alcohol, home and garden, climate control, automotive supplies, entertainment, and arts and music) have a lower cost-per-click average than the overall average. It’s important to note that Google Shopping Ads have some of the lowest CPC rates while also boasting comparatively high conversion rates.

If you are considering partnering with a Google Shopping Ads agency, you must understand that not all ad agencies are created equal. Many agencies claim to get results and a talented team. Still, in reality, they operate by a ‘churn and burn mentality and outsource the most critical tasks to cheaper agencies overseas. It’s critical to do your due diligence and ensure that the agency is top-notch before letting them control the fate of your online shop’s marketing budget.  Start by checking out their Google reviews – this is the easiest way to see how successful the agency is and how well they treat their clients. If the Google reviews are stellar (and there are many), then be sure to ask the agency some crucial questions.

Do they have experience in your industry? Do they have detailed case studies showing their success? How big is their team? Do they take the time to understand your business and its goals? By asking these crucial questions, you’ll have a much better idea if they are the right agency for you. You may also want to consider asking for testimonials from existing clients or look on their site to see if they have a Google Partner badge.

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