Hong Kong video production services. Work with Hong Kong's best video production company.

Hong Kong video production services. Work with Hong Kong's best video production company.

Hong Kong video production services. Work with Hong Kong's best video production company.

There’s only one marketing tool that leads to a 200 – 300% increase in click-through rates, boosts conversions on landing pages by 80%, and has 93% of businesses agreeing on its raw selling power: Video Marketing.

There’s no denying the extraordinary impact of visual marketing. When was the last time you took notice of a social media post with no image?

Probably never! Using creative multimedia solutions to improve your visual marketing is still woefully overlooked by business leaders and marketers alike who fail to fully comprehend its potential.

In fact, do you want to know how effective visuals can be for your campaign? Consider these eye-opening facts:

The equivalent of 1.8 million words is in one minute of video — or 3,600 web pages. Engaging images average 94 percent more views than content without visuals 100 million users watch online videos every day; half of them share what they’ve viewed

Want to take part in this massive visual marketing opportunity?

Then get in touch with our professional video production team to give your company tailored, top-quality visual content for your upcoming video project that gets viewers hooked and converting like crazy.

Work with HK’s top video production agency!

Hong Kong based product photography services.

Hong Kong based product photography services.

Hong Kong based product photography services.

Running an e-commerce store and wondering how important images are to your sales?

Did you know that an overwhelming 92% of shoppers say product images are the most influential factor in their purchase decisions?

Any creative agency worth its salt will tell you that high-quality branded content will be very visual.

So, if you are not using industry professionals to do your photography, then likely that yours aren’t up to standard.

Don’t run the risk of letting your customers think your product quality is the same as your images.

It is no secret that compelling product visuals are central to boosting sales.

With our experienced professional visual production services, you’ll see your products in a whole new light.

Capture what makes your product stand out and let customers see what they’re really going to get!

Testimonials for you.

Testimonials for you.

Testimonials for you.

Showcase the best of your company with testimonial videos created for your business.

Spread the positive word of mouth and let your customers do the selling for you.

Driving more sales to businesses through digital marketing is our passion – but don’t take it from us!

Take a look at our testimonial videos and see what’s possible.

Custom creatives are our pleasure!

Custom creatives are our pleasure!

Custom creatives are our pleasure!

Using our video production services or photography services will lift your brand out of the masses.

Nothing sets a business apart from the competition more than custom visual content.

97% of companies using video marketing say it’s the most effective form of brand communication.

Created to your exact requirements, you’ll get awesome bespoke creative photo and video content that embodies your brand and gets customers contacting you quicker than ever!

The other thing we can do is get all of your visuals ready and optimized for the web.

Our expert team can prepare everything to make sure your visuals are SEO friendly, easily searchable, and do not slow down your website.

Remember, bad or no visuals with your campaign is like going outside without your pants on.

Remember, bad or no visuals with your campaign is like going outside without your pants on.

Remember, bad or no visuals with your campaign is like going outside without your pants on.

Here’s the truth…

Expanding your business through marketing is crucial, but doing it with poorly executed visuals, whether on your social media or website, is suicide.

Many businesses fail as they do not fully capitalize on their visuals and their impact when engaging potential customers.

All platforms, in any country, potential customers will be more likely to click-through and convert when engaging visuals are used.

Claim your 100% free REVENUE GROWTH strategy session with an experienced digital strategist valued at $2000HKD.

We outline foolproof strategies for significantly increasing website traffic and revenue, even in difficult economic times.

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Video Production & Marketing Hong Kong

A brief overview of visual marketing.

Visual marketing is a subset of content marketing. With visual marketing, the focus is on connecting with your audience through visual media. That’s your images, influencer assets, videos, and any other branded content. Having a visual marketing strategy gives you a way to make your brand stand out amongst the online clutter that exists online today.

Recent statistics show how powerful visual marketing can be:

75% of marketers drive better ROI when using visual content
Social media is the top visual content platform B2C marketers use

Just remember that visual marketing is about communicating your brand values and spreading a wider narrative through images, videos, influencer assets, user-generated content, and other image-based assets.

From your website to any social media platform, to your EDM, to your online customer service chats, There is an opportunity to use visuals like photography and video. Even on more traditional platforms like forums, visuals can have a huge impact on improving engagement.

Effective video and photography bring awesome value to the communication of ideas and narrative for a brand. Visual marketing as a strategy can build brand awareness and loyalty. They are also more likely to engage audiences and encourage shares, ultimately increasing conversions and sales.

We will tell you that ALL businesses need to invest in visual marketing. If you are going to stay ahead of the competition, visual marketing is essential to stay top-of-mind with existing and potential new customers.

If your business is looking to grow and remain relevant, good photography and video will be essential! It doesn’t matter if your company is a small local startup looking to expand into new markets or if you work for an enterprise that is ready for international domination – visual marketing should be one of the pillars of your marketing strategy.

First, you need to look for experience. Many agencies out there claim they have the know-how to execute photography and video, but this is rarely the case. Make sure the agency’s website shows evident expertise in photography and video production. Just as importantly, ensure that they have a clear track record of generating amazing results for their clients.

How to do this? Check out the agency’s reviews – preferably from a third-party source. For example, First Page Hong Kong has a perfect 5-star rating from over 150 reviews on Google. This shows that we are committed to getting jaw-dropping results and delivering exceptional customer service for all of our clients. When you reach out to the agency, also be sure to ask them questions about their experience. Have they worked with other companies in your industry? Do they have experience on multiple Chinese media platforms? Their answers will help clarify whether or not they are the agency for you.

How photography and video can help your business.

What is going to get your brand noticed online? Without a doubt, it will be online videos, pictures, screenshots, GIFs, slide decks, and infographics. These types of visual content will take your marketing campaign up a couple of notches. Why? The simple fact is that visual content generates 94% more views. Visual content is 50 times more likely to make it to the first page of Google.

Without any doubt, Visual content will bring in the customers for your business. People love great visuals. Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners?
There is just so much content online. At this point of saturation, it can be hard to stand out. When your potential customers are scrolling their social media feeds, pages, or even an article, most of them skim read. Visual content can make a difference and help boost conversions in every stage of the customer journey: attracting prospects, generating leads and closing the sale.

Handling all your photography and video in-house is certainly doable! You just need to make sure that you have the right talent in place to get the best possible results. First up, you will need a creative lead, a photographer, and a videographer. This team will also need to know your target market’s visual nuances and understand the culture to meet the visual needs to engage your customers. You will also need to factor in equipment investment. This is not cheap!

Getting the culture part right from the start is crucial. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Finally, you need an editor or graphic designer to handle post-production. They will also need to have the same cultural knowledge. Once this team is in place, you can start executing an in-house marketing campaign.

This depends. Handling all the visuals in-house will give you a bit more control over the process, but the costs will be significantly higher. You will need to hire at least 3 key positions – a creative lead, a photographer, and a videographer. As a minimum, these 3 positions will set you back about 60K – 80K $HKD per month. The added investment in good quality equipment (cameras, sound equipment, computers, and software) could set you back easily 100K $HKD.

The cost of hiring an agency is considerably lower, and you get to work with experienced professionals who know how to create engaging visuals. The actual budget will depend based on your company’s needs. We suggest budgeting a minimum of $15,000 HKD a month, but with all things in marketing, a bigger budget will mean more data and better results.

There are a variety of metrics available to know if your visuals are working. The key here is to focus on your goals with your campaign. Also, it is important to know what part of the marketing funnel the visual will be. For example, if the visual will be placed at the top of the marketing funnel, then you may be interested in tracking engagement. If the visual is at the bottom of the marketing funnel, you would be more inclined to track conversions. Then, if you see increases in your metrics after launching new content, you know your visuals are having a positive effect.

Creating and tracking all of these metrics on different platforms for your visuals can be time-consuming. This is why working with an agency can be so effective. They have experience creating visual content for campaigns, and most importantly, they know what metrics to look at. A truly stellar agency will look at your campaign’s data and be able to interpret it for direction for your visuals quickly. This means they can continually optimize your visuals to get the most bang for your buck.


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