QR code FAQs

Short for Quick Response, a QR code is a two-dimensional pattern that can be scanned by mobile devices with a QR code scanner. Once the QR code has been scanned, it can perform one of many different actions on the user’s device. There are a number of different QR code types including linking to branded links or social channels, inputting phone numbers into the scanning device and showing the location of and directions to your business – just to name a few.

QR code content has fast become a widespread inclusion in marketing materials, where brands can use custom QR codes valid across all types of devices to better connect with their audience. The opportunities for QR code content are limitless, allowing businesses to utilise both digital and print QR codes to ensure a more improved customer journey.

Where linear barcodes can only store specific information in one direction along a linear path, a QR code adds an extra dimension of possible scannable data. This mixture of both horizontal and vertical means you’re able to keep a lot more information within the QR code – up to 7,089 numeric or 4,296 alphanumeric characters at once compared to the linear barcode’s 85 total characters.

As a result, each QR code type available to be created using our quick and easy QR code generator can give your mobile marketing approach an overhaul. Reach your audience at a level you’ve never been able to before and create free QR codes with the king of all QR code generators found at the top of this page!

If you’ve been doing some research into QR codes, chances are you’ve come across articles discussing static and dynamic QR codes. But what exactly is the difference between a static and a dynamic code?

Static QR codes are a QR code solution that, once created, aren’t able to be modified in any way. They aren’t trackable, nor can they be used for any kind of online retargeting campaigns. A static QR code can be useful for running individual campaigns that don’t need to be tracked, though generally they’re used by individuals and not for business purposes.

A dynamic QR code, on the other hand, can be edited – even if it’s been printed. Dynamic codes are also fully trackable, which makes them the preferred option for most brands. Going with a dynamic QR code enables you to execute retargeting campaigns, as well, and because you’re able to change the QR code content you can reuse it to point to multiple links throughout its life.

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As a business, there are almost endless opportunities when it comes to using QR codes. Free up space in your traditional advertisements, streamline your customer journey, and implement cross-channel marketing campaigns with ease, all when you add QR codes to your marketing arsenal.

Just one example of how you could use our free QR code generator to enhance your marketing is by using a QR code in a competition which has a scan limit; first in, best dressed for free brand merch – and with absolute ease.

There are countless methods for using QR code tech for your business. Use our QR code generator to create all your QR codes and you’ll quickly realize just how useful they are.

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There are lots of QR code scanner apps available in Google Play and the App Store. You may also find your phone’s camera acts as a QR code scanner, too.

The sky’s the limit in regards to what you can include! A quality QR code generator (like ours) offers various QR code types such as high quality QR codes that can easily be read by scanners in print ads as well as online.

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