Email subject line FAQs

Even if you’ve created a campaign that includes the best email content that’s ever existed, if your target audience doesn’t click through to it they’ll never see it.

As such, it makes sense that the element which has the opportunity to gauge their interest and make them click through – the email subject line) is without a doubt the most important of all. So what are the best email subject lines?

Good subject lines are important for catching the attention of your audience and encouraging them to open and read your email. Here are some key elements that can make a good email subject line:

Clear and concise: The subject line should clearly and concisely convey the purpose and main message of the email. Avoid using vague or unclear language that may confuse the reader.

Personalized: Personalization is key to making your audience feel valued and engaged. Use their name or other personalized information in the subject line to grab their attention.

Relevant and timely: The subject line should be relevant to the reader and timely. If you’re sending a promotional email, for example, make sure the subject line reflects the promotion and any time-sensitive deadlines.

Action-oriented: A good subject line should encourage the reader to take action, such as opening the email, reading the content, or clicking a link. Use action-oriented language and power words to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Attention-grabbing: Use attention-grabbing language and techniques such as humor, curiosity, and emotion to pique the reader’s interest and make them want to know more.

Overall, a good email subject line should be clear, personalized, relevant, action-oriented, and attention-grabbing. By using these elements, you can increase the likelihood that your audience will open and engage with your emails. The same applies to a title of a blog post too.

First and foremost is the word count. If your word count is above 6, you’re risking that it gets cut off by the recipients’ email clients. Data also suggest that if the word count is below 4, this can also have a negative effect on open rates. Keep the word count between 4-6 words for optimal performance.

Next is the character count. Data shows that a character count between 21-40 sees better open rates, so make sure to stick to that. Also, be mindful when writing email subject lines whether it will be for mobile devices or not. Making catchy email subject lines for mobile devices is challenging.

Your word choice is also essential. Using spam words is a big no-no, of course, but in addition to avoiding spam words, you also want a succinct word mixture and balance creativity with the point you want to get across. This also includes the preheader text. Be sure to test subject lines before sending with the best of all email subject line testers found at the top of this page!

Finally, the subject line type you opt for will depend on your marketing strategy and the goals of your campaign. The Advanced Marketing Institute has a headline analyzer, a simple tool that can show you the emotional marketing value of your email subject line. Type directly into the field and hit the ‘Submit for analysis’ button.

When it comes to email marketing, it’s all about: Review. Send. Check. First, you want to be 100% certain that every single element – subject line, sender name, score, word mixture and balance, et cetera – is on point before distributing. Test, test, test… and test again. In fact, there are five tests everyone should do before executing an email campaign (call +852 2356 3200 to find out what they are and how we can help).

But back to the topic at hand – due to the importance of subject lines, they should be your first step and a major focus. A great subject line for email marketing will also include keywords relevant to your target audience.

The word mixture and balance you decide upon will make all the difference in terms of open rate. Address issues such as word count, language, and more using the email subject line tester on this page! Our subject line tester has been developed for marketers, and this, in combination with our other available marketing tools, will ensure a much more successful campaign.

The last thing you want to do is trigger spam filters with the subject lines of your email campaign. Mailmeteor scores copy and offers a comprehensive spam report for your email subject line, using deep learning tech as an email subject line grader (though you can input other copy to score as well).

Using an email subject line tester and seeing the score means you’ll know precisely what you need to do to improve your chances of increased opens. Subject line testers enable you to test and address different copy options and offer a score to show you how close you are to perfection.

Our email subject line tester, built for marketers, provides a score out of 100, allowing you to test before you send, check for issues, and put your best foot forward when it’s time to execute.

Want to test, send, check your email campaign? Marketers and business owners, head to the top of this page!

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