Only the best agencies offer SEO traffic guarantees.

Only the best agencies offer SEO traffic guarantees.

Only the best agencies offer SEO traffic guarantees.

If you are reading this, you probably know all about the power of SEO.

SEO brings in the highest quality traffic in the world, and once you start ranking, that traffic is evergreen. It’s literally a game-changer.

But while the prospect of more traffic is exciting, hiring an SEO agency can feel quite intimidating.

What if the agency doesn’t generate results? What if the campaign fails? How can you be assured you will get a great ROI?

Well, we understand EXACTLY where you are coming from, and that’s precisely why we created our SEO traffic guarantee.

How does it work?

Simple – we run an epic SEO campaign for your website, and if we don’t hit our projections, then we will work for free until we do.

Yup, you read that right. Guaranteed website traffic or you don’t have to pay a single dollar.

This is a deal that most other agencies are terrified to offer, but to us, it just makes sense.

If you are ready for an influx of high-quality traffic, click the button below to speak with a digital strategist.

Organic traffic guarantee from First Page Hong Kong.

Organic traffic guarantee from First Page Hong Kong.

Organic traffic guarantee from First Page Hong Kong.

Most SEO agencies have strict policies against traffic guarantees.

So why do we offer one?

It’s simple – because we know that we are the best.

Here at First Page Hong Kong, we have spent the last ten years helping businesses like yours explode their organic traffic.

Our team of digital marketers are SEO-ninjas. We know exactly what it takes to rank on Google because we have done it time and time again with thousands of businesses across hundreds of industries.
Data-driven and detail-obsessed, we look at our clients as partners in growth. Your business becomes our business. Your KPIs become our KPIs.

This is how we’ve grown so fast and maintained a perfect 5-star rating on Google (150+ reviews).

In this day and age, SEO is everything to businesses like yours. Are you ready for more traffic, more leads, and more sales, guaranteed?

Claim your 100% free REVENUE GROWTH strategy session with an experienced digital strategist valued at $2000HKD.

We outline foolproof strategies for significantly increasing website traffic and revenue, even in difficult economic times.

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A brief overview of SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of optimizing pages on your website so they will rank higher on search engines (usually Google). The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic your website will get! Unlike other forms of digital marketing, SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint – it usually takes time to start ranking and getting organic traffic.

There are many facets of SEO. Keyword research is the process of strategizing which keywords you will be targeting. On-page SEO refers to optimizing the pages on your website to make sure they are in line with SEO best practices. Off-page SEO is the process of getting 3rd party websites to add links of your site to their site, which improves your authority in the eyes of Google.

In this day and age, search engines are omnipresent. Anytime we need to find an answer to a question – we Google it! In fact, did you know that over 63,000 searches are performed on Google every single second? This highlights the importance of SEO – every day, your target audience is going on Google and looking for answers to their questions. If you can show up in the results for those queries, then you will naturally generate traffic, which can then be converted into leads and sales.

This is why organic traffic is so powerful. Not only is the traffic highly qualified (we are talking 🔥 leads), but once you start ranking, it’s easy to solidify your rankings, meaning that this qualified traffic will be coming to your website on autopilot day after day. Traffic is everything, and SEO is the best way to get it.

The cost of SEO will depend on a bunch of different factors. First – who is going to run the campaign? If you are a small business, you can totally handle SEO basics by yourself, for basically free! But keep in mind that SEO takes a ton of time to learn and to implement. That’s why most businesses prefer to hire an SEO expert if they prefer to keep things in-house.
If you are interested in hiring an SEO agency, then there are a few different factors that contribute to the price, as each campaign will differ based on the businesses’ needs. What is your budget? What are your goals? How many keywords do you want to rank for? What sort of traffic would you like to bring in? How much would you like to grow your revenue? We always recommend budgeting a minimum of HKD $5000 a month – but when it comes to marketing, more is always better.

The first part of SEO is creating a strategy – we call this keyword research. During this time, you will create a keyword blueprint for your SEO campaign. Ask yourself, what keywords do you want to rank for? Which keywords are realistic to rank for? Which keywords are too difficult to rank for? If you rank for your intended keywords, how much traffic and revenue can you expect it to bring in? What will it take to maintain my rankings for each keyword?

From there, you will begin the process of on-page SEO, where you work to make your website pages as optimized for Google as possible. This refers to optimizing your content, keyword density, anchor text, website loading speed, meta descriptions, title tags, and more. The last part of SEO is building backlinks to your website, which helps to grow your website’s authority in the eyes of Google.

Building backlinks is one of the most important yet misunderstood aspects of SEO. A backlink is a link from one website to another website. Google looks at backlinks like a vote of confidence – and the more backlinks from quality websites you have, the greater your authority in the eyes of Google, and the easier it is to rank for your intended keywords.

But one thing you need to pay attention to is where you are getting your actual backlinks from. What is the website? Are they trustworthy? Do they have a high domain authority? When it comes to building backlinks, we recommend focusing on quality instead of quantity. We have unfortunately seen many websites try to build their own backlinks – only to end up building links from spammy sites. This does more damage than good and can take months to reverse.

On-page SEO is the ongoing process of optimizing your actual website for search engines worldwide. There are many aspects to on-page SEO. First, let’s start with your actual content. You need to make sure that your pages are properly optimized for the keywords that you are targeting. This means optimizing your keyword density, consolidating keywords, so pages don’t cannibalize each other, and ensuring that each page has its own unique title tags and meta description.

From there, you’ll want to focus on the technical side of your on-page SEO. Most importantly, you’ll want to improve your website speed – something CRUCIAL in modern SEO. The faster your site, the better the user experience, the higher you will rank on Google. A qualified SEO technician will be able to look at your website and pick out any problems so your website can run as fast as possible.

Keyword research is often overlooked, but truth be told, it’s the entire foundation of SEO. It would help if you looked at keyword research as your SEO strategy. Start by considering what terms you think people are searching for that are directly related to your business or niche. It’s good to consider a combination of both long tail and short tail keywords.

From there, you will want to use premium software like AHREFs or SEMRush to determine the actual keywords you will go after. While it might be tempting to go for the keywords with the highest volume, it’s not always the soundest strategy. More volume equals more competition, so it’s good to have a healthy mix of high-volume keywords that are more competitive and lower-volume that are less competitive.

SEO is certainly a process, especially when compared to other types of digital marketing. We recommend looking at SEO more like a marathon – it takes time, and you need to pace yourself out strategically. When done correctly, you can expect to start seeing an increase in your impressions after 2-3 months, and you should start seeing an increase in traffic after months 4-6. Of course, this is only a general timeline – your success will depend on many factors, including your niche’s competition and the experience of those executing the campaign.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, ‘wait, 4-6 months? I can do a PPC campaign and start generating traffic immediately!’ While this is certainly true, you need to remember what makes SEO so valuable. You see, unlike PPC, SEO continues bringing in traffic even if you aren’t paying for it. This means that after 4-6 months, you will solidify your SEO rankings, and you will see an influx of consistent, high-quality traffic that comes to your website day after day. This is the power of SEO.

How SEO can benefit your business.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of optimizing your website to get better rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. When you rank on Google, the likelihood of you getting more traffic is extremely high. This is because when someone searches for something, they are looking for an answer, which your website will have. They will then click on your link, which will bring them directly to your website.

This is the power of SEO. Instead of pushing ads in front of your audience’s face, you are playing the long game and waiting for them to come to you. The traffic from SEO is also highly qualified, which means that the likelihood to make an impression and create a relationship is high. The higher the chance of that, the more opportunities you will have to generate leads, sales, and revenue.

While getting traffic to your website is all fine and dandy, the truth is that a business needs actual sales to be able to run! If you aren’t generating revenue, then you aren’t going to get very far, are you? Thankfully, SEO is a digital marketing strategy that can help your business bring in both traffic AND sales.

This is because of the nature of SEO. Let’s say that you run a furniture store in Hong Kong. You know that people are searching for queries about your business every day. ‘Best furniture store Hong Kong’, ‘where do I buy furniture in Hong Kong’, ‘Hong Kong boutique furniture’ and more. That’s why SEO traffic is the cream of the crop! This isn’t just traffic – these are blazing hot, highly-qualified leads who have their credit cards in their hand and are ready to make a purchase.

In an ideal world – both! SEO and PPC are two of the most powerful digital marketing strategies out there right now, and they best work in unison because of the way they complement each other so well. We have seen the best results when the client starts bringing in leads right away with PPC and plays the long game by also investing in their SEO rankings. It’s a one-two punch that gets massive results!

But we also understand that not every business has the resources to invest in both SEO and PPC simultaneously. If that sounds like you, then we recommend considering the needs of your business to be able to make a decision. Do you need to start generating leads immediately? Can you wait a few months to start seeing results? Will you have the budget to maintain a PPC campaign for years, or do you want to invest in something that will pay off more in the long term?

SEO is ideal for businesses of all sizes, ESPECIALLY small businesses. This is for a few reasons. First, while most small businesses know about SEO, very few of them are actually investing in it. Many small businesses have small marketing budgets, so they prefer to invest in something that generates immediate results – like Google Ads or Facebook ads. This means that competition for the keywords you are targeting might be lower than you think it is!

SEO is also great for small businesses because of the impact of local search. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information, and 97% of people learn about local companies online. By investing in SEO, you will place your brand in front of potential customers looking for your products or services. And once you start ranking, the traffic that you receive will be evergreen and come in daily.

If you run a business that needs leads, SEO is one of the best investments you can make. Most businesses prefer to go with PPC for lead generation. While this can be a great strategy, PPC is increasingly difficult. You never know what the price per click will be, and you have to continually pump in money to make sure that you are generating leads. And the moment you stop spending money, your lead generation machine immediately evaporates.

SEO, on the other hand, works differently. Instead of paying Google and Facebook day after day for leads, you invest in SEO now and reap the benefits later. Imagine logging into your computer every morning and seeing an influx of traffic and leads – all with zero ad spend! That’s the power of SEO. It’s certainly a marathon and takes time to start seeing results, but once you do, the investment is totally worth it.

The beauty of SEO is that the basics are actually fairly simple to learn. In fact, you can start learning the basics of on-page SEO in a couple of days! If you have a small team or are a one-person team, you can definitely start learning and implementing aspects of SEO to your site all by yourself. If this is the case, we recommend investing in a premium SEO tool like AHREFs or SEMRush – believe us, they are totally worth it.

But while the basics of SEO are simple enough to learn, this is only the tip of the SEO iceberg. The truth is that an SEO campaign is a large undertaking, which is why we always recommend hiring an agency. An SEO agency will have all of the people in place – from strategists, to copywriters, to tech experts, and more.

There are a few different ways to gauge the performance of your SEO campaign. The simplest way is by checking your organic traffic – if you see an increase, then the campaign is doing well! You can check the organic traffic of your website on Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Another way is to check keyword rankings – the higher your rankings are, the better the campaign is performing.

To take your analysis to the next level, we recommend determining how SEO impacts your bottom line. How much did you spend on the campaign? And how much are you getting in return? By doing this, you will figure out the return you are getting on your investment, and you will also be able to make future revenue projections.

Hiring an SEO agency is a big move – so you want to make sure that you are doing it correctly and hiring the RIGHT agency. First of all, have a look at their reviews, preferably from a third-party website like Google. Reviews like this show that the agency is results-driven and also provides fantastic customer service. For example, First Page Hong Kong has over 150+ reviews and a perfect 5-star rating. The more reviews and the higher the overall rating, the better the agency.

Once you have checked out the agency’s reviews, it’s time to see what sort of services they offer. Do they offer any SEO guarantees or organic traffic guarantees? Agencies that offer guaranteed website traffic are the ones who are most confident in their abilities, so it’s always a good sign. Finally – give the agency a call to learn more about the services that they provide.


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