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Tik Tok is the future - Leave your competitors in the dust with a proven social media marketing strategy.

Tik Tok is the future - Leave your competitors in the dust with a proven social media marketing strategy.

Tik Tok is the future - Leave your competitors in the dust with a proven social media marketing strategy.

It’s official. As of 2021, Tik Tok has surpassed 1 billion active users, making it the 7th most popular app globally.

Wildly engaging and highly addictive, Tik Tok content is the perfect medium for brands to build emotional bonds with their audience and generate enormous leads.

And the best part? It already offers a host of ad formats that you can use to reach audiences in a host of different ways.

Gain insane exposure with these Tik Tok ads:

  • In-feed ads
  • Top View ads
  • Brand Takeover ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Branded Hashtag ads
  • Branded Effect ads

Your competitors are letting a golden opportunity slip away by not adding Tik Tok ads to their marketing arsenal.

And we’re here to make sure you don’t do the same.

Make your sales explode with Tik Tok Ads from First Page.

Make your sales explode with Tik Tok Ads from First Page.

Make your sales explode with Tik Tok Ads from First Page.

Having good video content is always an advantage, but it’s not enough to cut it.
Successful Tik Tok ad campaigns require good planning and management. This means knowing exactly how and when to start, analysing data as the campaign progresses, and making calculated decisions to get the most out of your ads’ performances.

This is What First Page is all about.

When other agencies played down Tik Tok’s potential, we wasted no time incorporating it into our clients’ weaponry. We knew from the very start it was here to stay, and it was good knowing.

Because while the others stuck with their old methods, we ventured out here to the wild wild west to test, experiment, and collect data that none of our competitors has. And we’re ready to use them to create impeccable ad campaigns for your business.

Start working with First Page today and see your sales and brand awareness rocket up on the world’s favourite social media platform. Click the button below to book a free call with our Digital Strategists.

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After meeting different SEO agents, First Page is still our go-to agency. Their Senior Digital Strategist, Angela provided us with a lot of insights and recommendations for our company. Very satisfied with their friendly yet professional service. Highly recommend!
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If you are looking for a competent SEO company, I would highly recommend First Page. Jim and Derek have been quite understanding in finding out our business's needs. Our rankings have improved significantly!
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Shirlyn has been very dedicated and helpful in our SEO campaign. Apart from understanding our business needs, they boosted our SEO ranking significantly. Their team was willing to go the extra mile in promoting and updating us on suggestions to further improve our online image.
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First Page has done a fantastic job with our SEO campaign. Their team are great at what they do and have been thorough in ensuring that our keywords are fully optimised to yield Page 1 results.
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Gary has been very helpful in our SEO campaign since day 1. He never fails to constantly update us on our progress and provide resolutions. He definitely deserves 10 stars instead of 5 stars! Good job Gary!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Cherlyn has been my Digital Campaign Manager for almost 3 years. She is responsive and knowledgeable about digital strategies. Considering my industry is highly competitive online, I have seen the amount of hard work she and her team have put into improving my website traffic.

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TikTok Ads Hong Kong

Why should I use Tik Tok ads?

The popularity of Tik Tok makes it a tremendous tool for businesses to reach new customers. This is made all the more convenient as Tik Tok now allows business accounts to place ads on their platform and seamlessly enter the daily lives of millions of young audiences. And with First Page managing your Tik Tok ads campaign? Prepare for the monstrous amount of business coming to you.

Apart from being a pioneer of Tik Tok advertising, our agency also has years of experience and a proven track record for helping clients succeed across every social media platform. Blending successful digital marketing strategies with compelling video content, our team of experts will allow you to rule the land of Tik Tok and acquire thousands of customers.

The stats don’t lie. As of 2021, Tik Tok has accumulated over 1 billion users. 90% of them access it daily, and these numbers still have much room to grow. If you want a high influx of new customers, there is no better place on earth to find them. So the only question that remains: how many of those 1 billion do you want as your customer?

Get greedy with your number. Because with First Page taking over your Tik Tok ads, the sky will be your limit. After producing engaging ads for your brand and releasing them to the audience, we will monitor results, test variations, and make improvements to grant you bigger returns on your investment than you could ever imagine.

There is no question regarding Tik Tok’s popularity. Still, it’s also noteworthy that the app’s penetration is much higher amongst younger demographics, as 80% of their active users belong in the 16-34 age group. This could present a very unique and appealing marketing opportunity for businesses that want the young money, and we’re here to help you take it.

At First Page, our team of Tik Tok specialists knows how to win them over. Whether you are trying to raise brand awareness, drive overall sales, or promote a seasonal product, Tik Tok is a great platform to achieve those goals. With the help of First Page, your Tik Tok ads will get to your target audience with pinpoint accuracy and leave a lasting impression.

Unlike other social ads such as Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok ads carry a minimum campaign spend. Depending on the format of ads you want to use and the type of strategy you want to employ, the cost of your Tik Tok ads could be drastically different. Whatever that initial cost might be, a successful campaign that drives sales and web traffic will bring that money back tenfold and more.

Here at First Page, our digital strategists are experts in helping businesses do just that. Across all social media platforms, we’ve developed proven strategies that have track records of delivering high ROIs and skyrocketing brand recognition for our clients. With dramatic growth and sales in front of your monitor, the word expensive will no longer be in your vocabulary.

Unlike Facebook ads and Instagram ads, Tik Tok ads currently carry a minimum campaign spend and a charging scheme much different from its competitors. Tik Tok’s unique video-oriented functions also put them way ahead of competitors when it comes to engaging the audience, which means you are guaranteed high-quality interactions with your potential customers for the money you’re spending.

Suppose your objective is to build a strong connection with your target group and turn them into high-quality leads. In that case, Tik Tok is an unignorable platform for you to achieve that goal. Partner up with First Page and let us take over your Tik Tok campaign. From strategising in the beginning stages all the way to monitoring results, our team of specialists will make sure your ads not only complete your objectives but give you better results than you expected.

Google ads have a godly advantage over all its competitors because they directly show relevant ads to a customer who is specifically searching for a product. It’s hard to picture a digital marketing campaign without using Google ads. Still, if your goal is to build brand awareness or show off your products to audiences with similar interests in a visually appealing and creative way, Tik Tok ads can provide you with much more success.

Tik Tok is a video-oriented platform with unique features that make it a powerful advertising monster for any business that wants to show off its products. With good strategies and great content, First Page will help you exploit these advantages and make your brand and products the headlines of the internet.

Depending on your objectives and the varying strengths of your brand and products, you might want to consider the different ad formats that Tik Tok offers. While Brand Takeover ads are a great way to reach a broad audience, Branded Hashtag ads are much more effective in generating high-quality brand interaction. In-feed native ads operate in ways similar to Facebook and Youtube ads and are also a great way to start your Tik Tok campaign.

No matter your preference or objective, First Page knows how to bring you the perfect solution. With a proven track record of producing highly engaging material across all platforms and formats, our talented team of specialists will help you create ads that are snappy, punchy, and unforgettable.

While you don’t necessarily need a Tik Tok Channel to start placing ads, having a brand channel that appeals to and connects with your audience is never a bad idea. As Tik Tok continues to grow and become more and more popular across different demographics, having a Tik Tok Channel might soon become as essential for your business as having a Facebook or Instagram business profile.

As Tik Tok is still relatively recent compared to its competitors, the competition for marketing and advertisement is less fierce, and offers much more room for success. If the services or products you’re selling target the demographics of Tik Tok users, don’t wait. Get started on your Tik Tok marketing campaign and reach your audience ahead of time with help from First Page.

How do I win at Tik Tok ads?

Starting your campaign on Tik Tok requires a bit more precision than the other social platforms. It’s best to have clear objectives and realistic goals in place, so none of your budgets goes to waste. Our recommendation is to start with a bit of research and outlining.

Start by asking yourself these questions: What do I want to achieve with the money being spent? Do I want to showcase products or raise brand awareness? Who will be most interested in my business? From here, you will know which ad format or bidding method (Cost per mile, cost per view, cost per click) will work best for you and the overall strategy of your campaign. Need some advice along the way? Our digital strategists at First Page will gladly offer some help.

Great ads should help you achieve your campaign goals. Whether this is to showcase your products and generate quality leads or show off your brand persona and increase popularity. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok users mainly use the app for entertainment. Having strong creative ads will significantly increase your chances.

Differing from other social media platforms, Tik Tok ads are seamlessly showcased alongside native content. This unique advantage has given them impressive watch-through rates and unique opportunities to win customers over in ways that Facebook and Instagram can’t. Great Tik Tok ads should blend popular trends with your brand without sounding like a sales pitch. Talk to a strategist from First Page to learn more.

After figuring out your objectives and the budget and resources you have at your disposal, you should research the various advantages and shortcomings of each Tik Tok format to make the best decision for your campaign.

While in-feed ads are great for creating seamless ads and advertising your brand naturally, TopView ads that put you right on top of the feed and Brand Takeover ads that appear in fullscreen could both have a much more significant impact if done well. Branded Hashtags ads and Branded Effects are great ways to engage with your audience directly, and influencer marketing is always an excellent way to build your brand reputation. Talk to a strategist at First Page and let us provide you with a creative solution.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for succeeding on Tik Tok. You can always base your methods on strategies that already work or have proven results on other social media platforms. With that being said, the single most crucial aspect of planning your campaign is always research. Learn as much as you can about your target audience, outline your goals and targets, and set a realistic budget that can get you there.

Tik Tok ads demand creativity more than any other social ad. Having a solid writing and video team as your backbone is crucial. Still, the importance of testing, monitoring, and applying digital marketing techniques should not be overlooked. Let First Page take over your Tik Tok campaign, and we will provide you with everything you need.

Having a method of measuring and comparing your ad’s performance will help you make improvements and save a lot of money in the long run. While Tik Tok’s Ad functions are still relatively new and improving over time, users can still find valuable information on their ad’s performance through reading the statistics and reports given on their dashboard.

Depending on the objective of your campaign, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your ads by keeping track of their reach, traffic, video views, and click-through rates. Ads that perform well should have an outstanding return on ad spend (ROAs), but keep in mind that these numbers will take time to improve. Make adjustments and test out different ad variations over an extended period. Your results will be better as you move forward.

Like other social media ads and digital marketing formats, A/B testing is a great way to test out the effectiveness of your Tik Tok ads. You can also find out if there is room for improvement. Upon deciding on a measurable target (e.g. CTR or Video views), you should produce two sets of ads with varying variables and see which one gives the best results.

To conduct A/B testing properly, you should only change one variable at a time and keep everything else the same for your two sets of ads. Sample size and length of time should also be considered, as they also shed light on important information about the performance of your ad.

The digital marketing landscape is getting more and more competitive by the day. Aside from having knowledge and experience in digital marketing, you will also need a team of competent writers, designers, and marketers to produce competitive content that attracts your target audience consistently. With limited resources, if you want to stay ahead in an increasingly digital world, partnering up with an agency like First Page is a great solution.

Our digital specialists at First Page have proven records of achieving high ROAs across various social media platforms and generating millions in sales for our clients. Letting First Page handle your Tik Tok ads means you will immediately benefit from having an experienced team on your side right from the very start and all the way to the finish line.

Different agencies will specialise in either producing content, planning, executing, or managing campaigns, depending on the size and talent of their team. If you want a comprehensive package that offers high-end service in every step of Tik Tok advertising, there are few digital advertising agencies out there that are as well-rounded and complete as First Page.

Our agency is made up of different teams that specialises in different aspects of digital marketing. From conducting detailed research and analysis on your business and the competition, copywriting and designing impactful content, monitoring results, and tweaking performances on a technical level, you can always expect First Page to give you top-notch service and deliver stunning results. Talk to our digital strategists to learn about the details of our Tik Tok service.

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