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Get greater ROAS from your Facebook ads in Hong Kong.

Get greater ROAS from your Facebook ads in Hong Kong.

Get greater ROAS from your Facebook ads in Hong Kong.

You are missing out if you are not advertising Facebook!

Over the last decade, Facebook Ads have become one of the best channels for digital marketing and one of the most effective ways to grow a business. 

With global active monthly users reaching 2.8 billion, it is hard to justify not using Facebook advertising on the burgeoning social media platform. 


Because Facebook ads are highly targeted, endlessly scalable, and (if you hire the right agency), they are incredibly profitable.

Facebook advertising in Hong Kong has continued to grow over the years, with a total advertising audience on the site reaching 5.79 million monthly active users – that’s well over 70 percent of Hong Kong’s population at your fingertips.

Don’t lose out, get advertising on Facebook now and make some real profits!

A dedicated team on your Facebook ad campaign.

A dedicated team on your Facebook ad campaign.

A dedicated team on your Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook advertising can seem like a straightforward process, and, to some extent, it is.

But dig a bit deeper, and you’ll soon realize that a comprehensive strategy is required to make it truly worth your money and for your brand to reach optimal returns on your marketing investment. 

At First Page Hong Kong, we have run hundreds of Facebook ads campaigns, spanning dozens of industries and generating millions of dollars of profit for our clients.

Through this time, our team of Facebook ad specialists have run countless tests and experiments. Our access to data is unmatched when it comes to fully optimising your Facebook ad campaign right from the start.

First Page provides expertise in selecting the right content, creative design, target demographic, and budget to ensure that your brand succeeds in reaching customers with a high conversion rate. 

In addition, we provide A/B testing of different components of your ad to test different strategies and see what works best for your specific

Facebook marketing campaign. By monitoring this, we can see which types of content need modification and which are working, leaving no room for disappointment.

No matter if you are looking for leads, clients, sales, exposure, or followers – we have the expertise and experience to deliver a Facebook ads campaign that no other agency can.

See what our clients are saying

Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I like First Page’s responsiveness, professionalism, and access to their trained digital marketing professionals. Angela, our Digital Strategist was professional and focused on helping me accomplish my company's marketing aims. Well done!
Ollie MC
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We can't recommend First Page highly enough! The team are proactive, transparent, knowledgeable and patient - always providing great advice and actionable recommendations. We are seeing tangible results from our SEO campaign and look forward to an ongoing partnership.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We have engaged First Page for their SEO services for many years. Khairul has been very helpful and patient. He answers our queries and makes sure our account is well-managed and ranks the best. Looking forward to a long-term partnership. Highly recommend!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
This is our second time working with First Page! I would highly recommend them for their efficiency and effectiveness. The service they provide is very professional and responsive. We saw great improvements and results. Thank you!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We would like to highlight the professional and dedicated SEO service provided by Carl and Bingming. It’s one thing to fulfil contractual obligations, but they supported us beyond the line of duty which deserves to be commended.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I met with Angela, who came across as very sincere and willing to share honest opinions. She followed up on our requirements very closely, showing me technical details on what can be improved I was convinced by their company's capabilities.
We design and brand your Facebook advertising to win.

We design and brand your Facebook advertising to win.

We design and brand your Facebook advertising to win.

Designing Facebook ads has never been easier with First Page’s team of professionals.

We have extensive experience creating ads in various formats and have a keen understanding of which are the best received for different purposes. 

We can help your brand create eye-catching photos, engaging videos, slideshows, and carousels for any of your products.

Our Facebook ad copies are crafted with the attention to detail necessary to create valuable leads for your brand. 

Our agency has a team of multilingual graphic and digital designers with a proven portfolio to create instant experiences, images, and videos in a variety of languages and industries. 

We will make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd! We know it is imperative to your success. 

Words matter - We do Ad copy in English and Chinese.

Words matter - We do Ad copy in English and Chinese.

Words matter - We do Ad copy in English and Chinese.

Writing content that suits your brand’s needs and helps compel new and returning customers to engage with your brand’s services is the bread and butter of First Page’s services. 

We help you zero in on your target demographic by writing slick copy that will be sure to grab consumers’ attention.

Our team of experienced writers will ensure that your brand message and tone are correctly conveyed in both languages.

Pushing out bilingual Facebook advertising in Hong Kong, where a large portion of the population speaks both English and Chinese, can drastically increase your potential conversions.

Performance always matters.

Performance always matters.

Performance always matters.

Great Facebook marketing is only half the puzzle. Our experience with Facebook ads can help your business find more prospects.

Supported by a leading Facebook advertising agency like First Page, we can create a campaign that resonates with your specific target market.

Doing this with precision, we can also help create the most effective landing pages for your brand.

When interested consumers click on your ads, they are taken to a custom-built page to capitalize on the engagement from your Facebook ads and drive conversions. 

We know how to use a combination of strategies, including keyword optimization, deep data analytics, and content experimentation, to ensure that your prospective customers maintain interest and follow through.

Conversion tracking and analytics.

Conversion tracking and analytics.

Conversion tracking and analytics.

When running a Facebook marketing campaign, we take great care to study the performance of individual ads.

All this information is tracked, especially sign-ups, downloads, contacts, etc., and compiled into your brand’s optimal Facebook marketing strategy. 

We will monitor and adjust the focus of your Facebook spend according to which ad or audience performs best.

With a deep understanding of analytics, we can showcase everything from a micro-conversion to a sale.

This way, we can ensure that you get the most value out of your media budget and boost your brand’s reputation and position.

Ready to get started on your campaign? Chat to the experts at First Page about how we’ll achieve your objectives for an unbeatable ROI.

Other socials ads services offered by First Page.

Bespoke growth plans for your business.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

500 million active daily users is nothing to scoff at. We can create laser-targeted ads that cut through the layers to put your products/services right in front of your ideal audience.



The world’s most important business platform is a great place to hunt for quality B2B leads. LinkedIn has been misused a lot lately, though, so it’s a delicate act that we can help your brand get right.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

If you’re looking to build brand awareness and increase sales, few online channels hold as much power as YouTube.

Claim your 100% free REVENUE GROWTH strategy session with an experienced digital strategist valued at $2000HKD.

We outline foolproof strategies for significantly increasing website traffic and revenue, even in difficult economic times.

Hurry! Limited spots available.


Meta business partner

Meta Partners in Hong Kong

advantages of working with a meta business partner:

Our award-winning team develops focused campaigns to optimise ROAS and elevate your brand.

Enjoy support and insights directly from Facebook as part of our Meta Business Partnership.

Capitalise on the newest tools to broaden your business's reach with Facebook's 2.8 billion monthly user base.

Our award-winning team develops focused campaigns to optimise ROAS and elevate your brand.
Enjoy support and insights directly from Facebook as part of our Meta Business Partnership.
Capitalise on the newest tools to broaden your business's reach with Facebook's 2.8 billion monthly user base.

Facebook Ads Hong Kong

Why should I use Facebook ads?

Aside from being one of the most popular social media on the planet, Facebook also allows businesses to reach billions of potential customers on their platform through paid messages. This means that with careful planning and calculated strategies, you can seamlessly blend your products and services into the daily lives of your target audience. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you.

First Page is a digital agency with a wealth of Facebook advertising experience and a track record of helping clients achieve their digital marketing goals. By combining high-performance digital marketing strategies with compelling copy and images, our team of experts will help you produce powerful campaigns that can discover, attract, and captivate customers like nowhere else.

Short answer – No. You can start creating Facebook ads with just a standard Facebook account like the one you’re already using every day. However, as the online landscape becomes more and more competitive, creating a specific Facebook Business Page will not only make planning your ad campaigns easier but allow you to engage with your customers and raise brand awareness directly.

While you’re sitting here contemplating, your competitors are already getting hundreds of leads a day through their Facebook Page. Don’t worry, though, because it’s never too late to catch up, and with a little bit of help from our strategists, you might even surpass them. By combining effective strategies and excellent content, First Page’s team of experts will help you create a Facebook page that stands out, gets leads, and amaze your customers.

People across the globe have one thing in common – they are Facebook users. As of 2021, Facebook has already accumulated 2.8 billion user profiles, a number that far exceeds any other social media or organization on the planet. By reaching just a tiny fraction of this population, any business can achieve a meteoric rise in their brand awareness and sales like never before. However, as the competition gets more fierce, standing out will not be an easy task.

This is where First Page will make a world of difference because we are experts in tailoring unique Facebook campaigns and incorporating comprehensive forecasting and A/B testing to get you the results you need. Our team of strategists will help you produce ads that can reach your target market with pinpoint accuracy and raise more awareness for your brand than you can ever imagine.

Facebook’s users literally come from every corner of the world. Whether your business targets men, women, teens, elderlies, young professionals, or sports enthusiasts, they are all here in large quantities and ready to become customers. No matter what products or services you’re trying to sell, or the scale and location of your business, Facebook will always be a powerful tool to help you reach new customers if you know how to use it.

At First Page, our team of Facebook strategists is good at doing one thing – reaching consumers in every step of the customer journey. No matter if you are looking to raise brand awareness, promote a seasonal sale, or educate the market about a newly invented product, we will help ensure that your Facebook ads and campaign fulfill those goals and more.

As different optimization events, such as landing page visits and purchases involve different costs, the total spending for each Facebook campaign can be quite different. Different businesses will use different budgets to achieve different goals, and different audiences will be attracted to other businesses for various reasons. With that in mind, the only advertisements that should ever be considered expensive are the ones that underachieve.

First Page’s talented team of strategists are experts in developing a profitable campaign and have a track record of delivering high ROI. This means we can help you determine a budget that will be cost-efficient in Facebook’s ad auction system while ensuring that your business consistently generates traffic, leads, and conversions. With stellar growth and sales in your pocket, no Facebook campaign will ever feel expensive.

Facebook ads and Google ads stand toe-to-toe in their ability to reach audiences and generate revenues. While a tailored campaign for either platform will guarantee stellar results, several unique features make them very different weapons for very different uses. To compare, a Lookalike Ads campaign on Facebook can reach a broad range of audiences who might have an interest in your products and services, as well as raise brand awareness.

On the other hand, a detailed Google Search campaign is much more efficient in reaching consumers who are further along their buyer journey and will generate a higher conversion rate. With your needs and goals in mind, First Page’s team of experts will help you tailor a marketing campaign that uses either or both options. Regardless of your budget, we can bring you the most significant returns for your investment while making a massive impression on your audience.

One reason why Facebook Ads are so attractive for businesses is that it offers a wide range of ad formats for them to choose from. You can use Video Ads to raise brand awareness, Slideshows Ads to promote a new product, or Messenger Ads to generate leads. Whatever your goal might be, choosing the correct ad format for each specific need will maximize the return of investment as well as the efficiency of your overall campaign.

Too much work? First Page is here to help you. Not only do we know when to use Product Ads, Slideshow Ads, or Video Ads to help you achieve specific goals, but we also have a team of talented writers and designers that can produce high-quality material across all those formats and make a huge impression on your customers.

By adding a short piece of code called Facebook Pixel to your website, you can measure and evaluate the results of your Facebook Ad campaign and make adjustments that will help you better reach your target audience. This powerful tool will enable you to narrow down customers who visited your website or completed specific actions so that you can improve your strategy and generate higher conversion rates.

Facebook Pixel uses cookies to keep track of your website’s visitors and their actions, such as revisiting or completing specific actions. It will help you better understand your customers and the overall customer journey and provide insights on conversions and results. Using Facebook Pixel will ensure that your campaign is not only profitable but consistently improve results over time.

How do I win at Facebook ads?

Getting a good start means setting realistic short and long-term goals based on your brand’s current standing and careful, extensive research on the market. Once you have that in place, we recommend you create a Facebook Ad Manager account. This useful tool will provide valuable insights and suggestions to guide you through your campaign.

The next crucial step is determining a target audience for your campaign. Finding the right demographics, such as gender, location, age, interests, etc., will help you reach high-quality leads for your products and services. Depending on your objective, you will want to create eye-catching material for the desktop or mobile version of Facebook that will engage with your target audience. Put First Page in command and enjoy the benefits of an exceptional campaign.

Good ads have one thing in common – they enthrall the audience and make them engage. Different target groups will require different tactics, but a compelling copy with a clear value proposition is always on the menu. Start by researching your audience, putting yourself in their shoes, and start producing creative and irresistible ads.

Keep in mind that getting users to click on your ad is only the first step. Their journey will extend to your business’s website, so it’s essential to provide them with a consistent experience. Nowadays, mobile versions of websites often receive more traffic than their desktop counterpart. Having good design on both ends will help you win over both groups of audiences. Talk to a First Page Strategist to learn more about optimizing your website and Facebook ads.

As Facebook’s catalog of ad formats continues to grow, you can find new and exciting ways to engage with your audience like never before. No matter what your marketing objectives are or what type of products and services you want to show, there is always an ad format that will give you better results.

Got a few stunning images of your new products that you want to show? Carousel ads are the way to go. Got a snappy joke you want to use as your ad slogan? Mix it into a funny image ad and captivate your audience. With your brand image and marketing goals in mind, First Page’s team of experts is here to help your Facebook ads go viral.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy out there, but you should always start with one thing: set realistic goals for your budget and tailor the campaign to your particular needs. Once you’ve researched and carefully crafted audience personas that can outline your ideal customer, you’ll have a pretty clear roadmap to reaching your goals.

Be creative when you execute your Facebook campaign. Aside from compelling and well-designed imagery, videos are also a great way to add a unique voice and charm to your brand persona. Employ tactics like geo-targeting your campaign to reach local audiences. Test different methods and track their results. Continue to improve and polish your Facebook campaign, and your results will only get better.

Ready to start your Facebook Ad campaign? Make sure you find a method of measuring results so that none of your precious budgets go to waste. Learn to analyze how your strategy is performing and ensure that they deliver an outstanding return on ad spend (ROAS). Depending on the objectives set on your ad campaign, some metrics will be more significant than others.

Campaigns focusing on brand awareness will use impressions as their benchmark, as this figure tells you the audience volume your ads are reaching. For businesses that want to convert more high-value customers, using a value-based Lookalike Audience campaign with lifetime value data would be far more efficient in tracking and bringing results in the long run.

A/B testing is what digital marketers use to test out different versions of an ad. Once you’ve defined a measurable target (such as clicks or impressions), you can create two distinct ads with different variables and test out their efficiency. By comparing the results of the two ads, you will find out what your customers are drawn to and know how to improve the next one.

One rule of thumb in A/B testing is to only test one variable at a time. This will focus on comparing the isolated variable and help you assess which combination of elements attracts the most customers. Remember also to take sample size and time frame into consideration. With a bit of help from First Page’s team of experts, A/B testing will get you the best results for your budget.

As the online landscape becomes more competitive, businesses are putting more and more resources into managing their Facebook ads campaign. However, a successful and cost-efficient campaign often requires a ton of experience, manual labor, creative input, and working hours to develop. It is a huge investment.

On the other hand, partnering up with a leading Facebook advertising agency like First Page means you will benefit from the proven results we’ve achieved across every industry. With millions in sales already generated for our clients, we know the right formulas to help you succeed. From determining a budget to producing ad copy, our team will work with you closely and provide regular reports to help you get results that you couldn’t get on your own.

Depending on the size and scale of an agency, their team might specialise in a specific area of an ads campaign but come short in another. First Page, on the contrary, is a full-service Facebook advertising agency, meaning we have a specific team of experts for each step of the process to provide the most comprehensive service for our clients.

From conducting in-depth market research to help you determine your goals and budget, to producing impactful copywriting and graphic design, to analyzing results and making technical adjustments throughout the campaign, First Page’s talented team of marketing specialists are here to give you impeccable service, every step along the way.

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