What is a Landing Page? (Examples + Guide)


Achieving a ‘high conversion rate’ has always been the biggest challenge for marketing teams! This guide will explain how a Landing Page is one of the effective solutions to solve marketing problems with examples.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page can be seen as a mini website, or a one-page website. The goal is to create a page that is simple and easy to understand, focusing on the key points to elicit interest from the visitors. The content is laid out in such a way that it gradually evokes a feeling of desire, eventually leading the visitor to take action towards further engagement and finally becoming a bona fide customer!

SEM digital marketing pillar

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How does a landing page operate?

Landing Pages are widely used across various channels, such as e-commerce, Instagram, Facebook, email, PPC, Google Ads, and other platforms. The goal is to enable the target audience to make a quick decision to take the next step (sign up, make an appointment, fill out a form, place an order, subscribe) through the page, converting them into potential customers (Leads).

Therefore, you can consider a Landing Page as a powerful conversion tool. Its value lies in turning unfamiliar visitors into ‘consumers’. You can think of a Landing Page as a large funnel that collects traffic (Traffic) from all directions through different channels, and through funneling operations (the content layout of the Landing Page), it creates new consumers!

“A single objective” is the key feature of a Landing page. A single objective means that, after visitors browse the webpage, we expect them to complete the most important action, such as booking a course, placing an order, or registering as a member. Therefore, it is best to avoid including too many other objective links, buttons, or elements that could distract the visitor’s attention.

For example, when selling an Airbnb flat:

What to do: Include everything from introducing the neighbourhood, furnitures, reviews from previous customers, current discounts, to the final CTA “Book your Airbnb now”
What not to do: Do not mix the “Book your Airbnb now” with “check out other Airbnb offerings” or “check out other neighbourhoods”

AirBNB landing page template.

Landing Page & Website Difference

A website have various tabs such as home, product introduction, client cases, etc. A plethora of information is arranged across different tabs according to the website’s structure, waiting for visitors to explore at their leisure. In contrast, a Landing Page is a standalone page that focuses on the product or objective you want to highlight. It’s designed to present a concentrated essence of information and to guide the visitor’s actions step by step!

Although a Landing Page lacks “other tabs” that provide opportunities to see other related content, this design effectively solves the human problems of “choice paralysis” and “distraction.” Visitors can focus more on absorbing coherent content, which in turn increases the “success rate” of achieving the webpage’s goal.

What Makes a Good Landing Page

Since we understand the landing page’s purpose, the elements it should contain are relatively straightforward. Setting aside the content layout and industry-specific know-how, the essential elements of a Landing Page are listed below:

  • Call-to-action (CTA) design
  • Form
  • Video
  • Image
  • Compelling headline

1. Call-to-action

The call-to-action design (CTA) is a large and conspicuous “button design” on the page. Its purpose is to let the visitor know clearly what the next step they should take is after being guided by the text. The click-through rate of this CTA button is the key performance indicator (KPI) for this Landing Page.

Take Disney+ as an example: the large and noticeable blue buttons “$$$” is the website’s CTA. After you press the dollar signs, the page will lead you through the subsequent setup process.

2. Forms

The goal of a Landing Page is “conversion.” In addition to urging the audience to click a button to proceed to the next step, using forms to collect customer information is also a very common application.

Forms are used to collect essential customer information. Take Netflix as an example: the large and noticeable red button “Start Using” is the website’s CTA. After you enter your email and press this button, the page will lead you through the subsequent setup process. Even if you don’t complete the setup process, Netflix has already successfully obtained a list of emails from people interested in subscribing to their product.

What makes a good form?

Collect Only Necessary Data
When creating the form, consider whether each question is essential under the promotional goals of this Landing Page, such as: country, phone number, address, and the name of the specific event being attended. With modern form design tools, it’s not always necessary for customers to fill in their information actively. By integrating form tools with CRM tools, a lot of information can be pre-planned to be automatically filled into the form, saving customers the trouble of entering data themselves and thereby increasing the form submission rate.

Assist with Multiple Answer Formats

Using various types of responses like single choice, multiple choice, dropdown selections, open-ended questions, calendar date picks, etc., can help respondents to answer questions more conveniently and quickly. A little creativity and empathy in the form’s design can make a big difference. Think about how you would prefer the form to be if you were to fill it out yourself for a more comfortable experience.

Focus on Your CTA Wording
Compared to phrases that suggest you need to give something up, such as “Buy Now,” “Register,” or “Add to Cart,” using phrases like “Start My Course,” “Get for Free,” “Join the 5-Day S.M.A.R.T Challenge,” or “Start Planning My Finances” are more positive, proactive, and suggest gaining value, which are more likely to entice clicks.

3. Videos

Videos intensifies the sensory visual experience of the viewer, capturing their attention! Compared to monotonous black-and-white text, dynamic video can better showcase the “subtle differences” of a product and better guide the viewer’s gaze to the highlights you want to feature. Different video channels have different restrictions on video and advertisement length, and depending on the industry, there are varying audience habits. You need to use data analysis to figure out how to most accurately depict the product’s features within a limited time frame.

Taking Facebook Ads in the gaming industry as a reference, you can see that the advertisement duration falls within 16 – 20 seconds, and at the same time, this duration yields the best conversion results.

4. Images

Good images can help encourage visitors to click the CTA button!

In the case of photos, the presence of people adds a human warmth and can even convey a variety of emotions. Therefore, pictures with people are relatively more interesting, but the emotions they emit can affect different people in different ways. It’s important to make choices that correspond to who your target audience is!

Unbounce Landing Page Example

Moreover, the nature of the business also influences the choice of photos. Simple furniture photos may be suitable for the furniture industry. Some industries may prefer scenary photos rather than people.

For example, insurance and finance often start with the concept of ‘home’. Therefore, images are very characteristic with home, warm, family photos.

Family photo in an insurance landing page

5. Compelling Headline

The key to a headline is that you must ‘quickly, intensely, and accurately‘ hit the consumer’s pain point! A good headline should arouse curiosity, create a sense of pleasure, or provide a solution to a problem!

First Page’s own landing page

Using our own landing page as an example. Words such as “kick-ass”, and “skyrocket” are more compelling than ordinary vocalbularies such as “great”, or “increase”. A “free custom strategy” also captures attention of most viewers, as it is very hard for most people to ignore the word “free”.

SEM campaign with first Page

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Benefits of having a landing page

Increasing Conversion Rate
A single-page sales page undoubtedly sets a clear path for the target consumer and marks the way with indicators. As a result, potential consumers, under the explicit and implicit content, can easily follow the “planned rhythm” and make a purchase.

One Concept, One Goal
The distinction between a single-page website (Landing Page) and a traditional website (Website) lies in the clear product direction, even focusing on a single product. This makes the Landing Page’s layout clear and simple for visitors in terms of message reception.

In an era of information overload, you too may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of products available. Reports have indicated that displaying multiple products can be detrimental to psychological health! Hence, talk about just one thing at a time!

Easy to Manage
As mentioned earlier, simplifying a web page makes it easier to manage from the backend. When we focus solely on one product, the related marketing analytics can be more finely tuned! The webpage operates only when a promotional campaign starts, and it ends when the campaign ends. A single-page website is used exclusively as the primary medium for ad delivery, allowing marketers to analyze page effectiveness conveniently and accurately.

Fast Development
With a clear goal, and after adding essential CTAs, images, videos, or forms, you have completed 80 percent of the work. The rest is about cleverly arranging the content! Many tools allow marketers to quickly create Landing Pages independently through drag-and-drop methods, like HubSpot CRM. This tool combines customer relationship management with Landing Page creation tools. The landing page collects customer information while simultaneously tracking it in the CRM. Subsequent retargeting strategies can then be deployed, leading to unstoppable sales success.

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SEM headlines!

How to build a landing page?

Nowadays, there are many free resources available that provide templates to help you easily create a Landing Page, such as HubSpot, Wix, WordPress, etc.

All of the above are multifunctional integrated platforms. In addition to aiding with the construction of the “frontend,” such as web pages and Landing Page template design, they also offer backend database data analysis. Among them, HubSpot’s integrated services are arguably the most comprehensive in terms of functionality.

HubSpot started as a digital integrated service platform with a focus on “CRM” (Customer Relationship Management). Its powerful CRM system consolidates various customer acquisition information and then transforms the collected data into the basis for executing marketing strategies.

The advantage of template websites is that they offer multiple modules for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your selection, you can insert the necessary information into the web page and then make minor adjustments to suit your needs, creating a beautiful and professional Landing Page all the same!

2024 Landing Page Examples

Below are the landing pages examples that we believe fit the criterias that we introduced above.

Shop Candy Landing Page
Grammarly Landing Page
B2B Edition Landing Page

Final thoughts

After observing the design of various Landing Pages, you will notice that their content directly targets the consumer’s pain points. These uncomfortable points for the consumer are emphasized through the Landing Page by highlighting the need, offering a solution, and finally supporting it with user testimonials. This is the essence of a single-page website’s strategy. With one page, you tell the customer, “We know your problem, and by simply clicking the CTA, your issues can be easily resolved!”

In summary, condensing all the information you want to communicate to consumers while eliminating the superfluous and keeping only the essence, presenting it in a more streamlined way on a single screen is indeed a great choice, isn’t it? Are you ready to try your hand at this hot tool? A “beautiful” Landing Page is waiting for you to create!

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