Social Media Strategies: Successful Ones You Can Learn From.

How are you coming along with your social media strategy this year? Good? Are you up to date with your social media insights, analytics, and available resources? Each of these plays a vital role in building a social media strategy or social media marketing strategy that is unique to your business.

There are various factors to social media strategies. You will need to cover the basics to guarantee that your business’s social media campaigns run successfully.

Social media platforms have proven valuable marketing strategies for a successful business. It has become apparent to marketers how important social media channels are.

There is YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat are for attracting customers, boosting engagement, and prompting conversion.

Effective SEO usage is another way to get more engagement and exposure while moving content up the ranks.

As a business owner, it’s important to realize how beneficial it is to use social media and to ensure that you are getting a good return on your social media marketing efforts.

However, are you aware of optimizing your social media campaigns for maximum impact? Do you know how to set social media marketing goals and achieve them for your social media marketing strategy?

We’ll be covering this in this post. As a bonus, we also have some killer brand examples of great social media strategies too!

The eight aspects of a beneficial social media strategy

1. Have a holistic outlook and do an audit

Looking at the bigger picture will help you find a social media strategy that works for your business.

It’s important to look at the totality of what you want to accomplish with your social media presence. Don’t just focus on each post’s performance.

Habitual social media audits are vital for your social media platforms. Self-auditing will highlight which social media campaigns are successful and which aren’t.

It’ll help you notice outliers, evaluate benchmarks, and generate new goals while fine-tuning your social media strategy.

2. Set clear goals

Social media planning is important

Before initiating a social media campaign, you need to identify your goals to ensure you stay on track. You’ll be measuring your results against the standards set by your goals. As such, your project’s successes and shortcomings are relative to the goals you have in mind.

You and your team meticulously focus on your goals. You can identify where to divert your collective energy to get the most out of cooperation.

3. Get a clear understanding of the brand’s audience

You need to know your target audience completely to ensure that the social media content of your social media strategy will resonate with potential consumers and followers.

Find out what issues your target audience may experience, where they like to socialize, what outlets they turn to for information, and their financial status.

By knowing more about your audience, you can better target them. Clear goals will set you up for an effective social media strategy. It will also provide a good guide for your social media content strategy.

When you can identify this information, you’ll be able to plan strategies for establishing a more engaging and connected community.

4. Be on the right platforms

Choose the right platforms for your social media strategy to succeed.

It is important to choose the right social media network(s) for your business, and being knowledgeable about the ins and outs of these platforms is vital.

To target your audience accordingly, you need to reach them across various social networks, but realistically you can’t be available on each one.

You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew with limited resources and time. Ensure that the networks you decide upon aligning with your long-term business goals.

Be mindful that even if a social media platform is popular, it might not be the right platform for your goals or target audience as planned in your social media strategy.

5. Have a social media schedule and a content bank

An editorial calendar and strategic plan are at the core of each effective social media campaign. 

When you are well informed about important upcoming dates and tasks, you and your team are on the same page, giving you more connecting time with your audience, performing social listening, or even utilizing unexpected chances to launch your project.

Your schedule should outline your offline marketing strategies and embrace your social media goals.

It would help if you also created a content bank with a social media schedule and plan.

A well-organized content bank will help you with an inventory of past content for repurposing during content shortages.

6. Use social platform-specific features

SEO social media strategies depend upon the conjunction of timely participation and automation. These tools are extremely important to social media marketers.

You can also boost your progress on social media platforms with network-specific tools (like Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, etc.). 

7. Perform analysis and measurement of your strategy

Analysis and measurement should be an integral part of any social media plan.

Not all of your campaigns will be successful, but by measuring and assessing them, you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t, and then keep doing what does and stop doing what doesn’t.

8. Make time for engagement

It’s become crucial to engage with your audience at this stage of social media marketing to expand your network.

It’s vital to connect with the community even when we’re inundated daily with many posts, messages, and accounts. It has become time to put the social back into social media.

An effective SEO social media strategy allows your business to ask questions, communicate, and engage with those you are trying to reach.

Algorithms consider your level of participation when parsing your content and deciding whether or not to display it in your audience’s feeds.

With the continuous growth in the social media world, it’s important to adhere to the tried and tested strategies to ensure continuous positive results for your business.

You Can Learn From These 5 Successful SEO Social Media Campaigns

1. Facebook Marketing Social Media Campaign: Carlsberg

During the 2019 Champions League season Carlsberg got creative and promoted a limited edition red beer that matched Liverpool FC’s football uniform for the final.

By utilizing Facebook Ads, Carlsberg promoted their red beer campaign to highlight their admiration and sponsorship of Liverpool FC.

Jürgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, participated in this campaign, and the brand shared a video message from him to Liverpool supporters and influencers.

Carlsberg social media strategy

The campaign achieved the following during May and July 2019:

  • A ninefold internet traffic increase for Carlsberg
  • A 7.2 point increase in the Carlsberg and Liverpool FC partnership
  • There was a 19 times higher return on ad expenditure

Through Facebook Ads, Carlsberg was able to draw big website traffic and, at the same time, increase their brand exposure with their Liverpool sponsorship. Incorporating such a partnership into one’s brand can prove beneficial, retaining relevance with your audience even when the campaign has finished.

2. Instagram Social Media Campaign: Red Bull

In 2020 Red Bull was featured #69 on the Forbes World’s Most Powerful Brand list. The brand has “given us wings” for more than 28 years, and since 1987, they have launched another four varieties of energy drinks to tingle more tastebuds with unique preferences.

You will find Red Bull in over 170 countries, explaining how they have been able to sell more than 60 billion cans. 

With a tropical-flavored “Summer Edition”, the brand’s goal was to increase awareness through an Instagram campaign to generate sales with the brand’s expansion. 

And what better way to attract attention and promote their campaign than having a teaser before the summer season?

Their brand-building focused on simplicity, introducing the can’s new look with videos and photographs infused with yellow filters to accentuate that summer feeling.

The efforts paid off because they gained more popularity with the #thissummer Instagram hashtag trend than its competitors.

Redbull social media strategy


  • A 9 point favorability increase
  • Reached 1.2 million people
  • A 7 point unconvinced market drop
  • Top-of-mind awareness increased by 10 points

Instagram has proven to have a huge impact on user engagement through influencer marketing. It is important to understand users’ behavior across social platforms before you can grow your clientele on Instagram.

3. Twitter Social Media Campaign: Auto Trader

To boost their awareness, Auto Trader aimed to use the #AutoTraderGoals during their 2018 World Cup campaign. 

They ended up trending higher than the official World Cup’s sponsors. With a free vehicle promotion for each goal scored by England, the public didn’t have high hopes that many would be given away due to England’s past World Cup performance!

They used an analytical approach with the #AutoTraderGoals campaign with Twitter marketing. The excitement and amusement grew as England exceeded expectations.

Utilizing Twitter marketing and the hashtag during this branded campaign was a clear sign of success due to these reasons:

  • Twitter boasts a large sports fans community, consisting of mostly males.
  • Auto Trader’s vehicle giveaway became a comical story, not to mention the Finance Director’s faked nervous breakdown, aiding the other teams to avoid having to give away more vehicles.
  • The brand has become memorable on Twitter due to the hashtag trending higher than World Cup official advertisers. Everyone was aware of the brand that gained popularity during England matches.
  • Companies hoped to gain more popularity by spreading spoof tweets using the hashtag and sharing the story.
Autotrader social media strategy

The campaign was successful due to:

  • It was a conversation starter.
  • They were using Twitter Conversational Cards to their advantage to influence more followers.
  • Utilizing videos to attract attention 
  • A spike of interest in the Financial Director’s relation with the public led to a remarkable increase in income and website traffic.

4. YouTube Social Media Campaign: Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Jamie Oliver hosts his own YouTube channel with guest appearances while featuring amusing videos sharing recipes and instructions.

He also urges his subscribers to share their recommendations or leave comments to be part of Food Tube’s story.

The aim is to create a zestful, captivating community of foodie enthusiasts. With meticulous playlists like “Staying Healthy” and “Cooking with Kids,” it also offers unique branding and a channel trailer. 

For captivating online users, they ensure that each video offers a well-defined title with a custom image thumbnail and keyword-rich descriptions.

This channel knows how to entice fans to keep them hooked on browsing through the videos.

Chef Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel is considered high on the popularity list, with Food Tube having more than 5.5 million followers.

Jamie Oliver Social Media

Key message?

The channel not only focuses on promoting a product for increased revenue or conversions. The aim is to generate a foodie community inspired to participate by providing amusing and excitable material.

If you want your videos to get noticed and climb the ranks like this channel, you should consider using YouTube SEO appropriately.

5. LinkedIn Social Media Campaign: Maersk

Operational in 150 countries, the container transport corporation Maersk is one of the world’s largest in the industry and has utilized various social media networks for marketing.

Once they had compiled a social media study, they concluded that the preferred method of customer communication was via LinkedIn.

So it only made sense to them to include LinkedIn advertising in their B2C strategy to keep their followers up to date with shipping news.

They also use this platform to emphasize industry challenges and trends while enticing followers to participate in discussions.

Maersk offers engaging content and has increased its reputation through having a thought leadership approach on LinkedIn.

By using video material, they have promoted important business topics. LinkedIn isn’t simply used for selling but rather for alliances and communication.

Maersk ensures consistency throughout many LinkedIn pages, and the brand can express its message constructively.

Maersk Social Media

Employee hashtag usage is encouraged on Career pages, like “Maersk Technology,” “Together All the Way,” and “Maersk Life,” aiding in the logistics of its messages.

Through LinkedIn advertising, Maersk utilized a scope of content forms for developing thought leadership to give more value to their followers.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing can benefit your business and impact brand exposure, lead generation, and sales.

So consider how these five successful social media campaigns succeeded in preparation for your next campaign venture.

Now you have grasped the fundamentals for a great social media strategy! We suggest for all marketing teams leverage social platforms for their brand’s success.

It is a lot of work to get right, so patience is key.

Getting it right on social has a steep learning curve that most businesses simply do not have time to understand. Instead, let the specialists at First Page Hong Kong handle your social media strategy. You can take advantage of the most up-to-date social media management advice and tools.