5 Ways to Get Way More Views on YouTube

 YouTube is an incredible resource for any business hoping to expand their reach through video marketing. It’s immensely popular, easy to use and woefully underutilized by many companies, particularly small businesses. The perk of using YouTube? Less competition to your brand and more attention and engagement of your content. Use these 6 tricks to expand your view count today.

  1. Get the content right.

It goes without saying, but content is still king on YouTube. Users will priorities the value of your video content over everything else, including its length and overall production quality. Having a lower quality camera is no excuse for shying away from video content – it’s all about what you’re offering to the viewers, not about how posh it looks. Create content that relates to your business, offers useful advice and is visually engaging on some level. The views will then follow.

  1. Optimize your video for YouTube.

YouTube has specific algorithms designed to create the best possible user experience, so make sure your videos fit comfortably into their format. Come up with an engaging title, use relevant keyword tags, write a clear and informative description and choose a thumbnail to represent your video that will catch your potential viewer’s attention.

  1. Promote your video properly.

There’s no use taking the time to create a great video, posting it on YouTube and then waiting for the subscribers to come flooding in. You need to get eyes on the content, so share the video on all of your other social media channels, let people know that the video is up and give them a good reason to check it out.

  1. Keep the content coming.

Don’t be disheartened if you post a video and at first don’t get an overwhelming response. Post videos to YouTube on a regular basis and build it into your overall digital marketing content schedule. Each time you post a new video, your subscribers will receive a notification, so the more you post, the more views you’re bound to get.

  1. Add a call to action.

Subscribers are the key to getting high viewing figures on all your video content, so make sure you translate your views into subscriptions. You can do this by adding a ‘subscribe now’ button to your videos – although be careful not to overdo this feature, or your viewers may begin to feel spammed. The button will instantly link viewers to subscribe to your channel. If your video includes somebody speaking on a subject, they should also add a reminder for viewers to subscribe at the beginning and end of the video.