Get Greater YouTube Views with SEO Now!

Getting greater YouTube views with SEO is crucial to your brand. Given how much effort goes into creating a high-quality video, you’ll want to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. There are several strategies to improve your views of your YouTube channel. The thing is, if you want to beat the competition, you need a crisp approach. We can tell you that YouTube SEO is likely the most successful strategy to increase your views.

Getting things right on YouTube for your brand is a must. Google’s YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, with more than 500 hours of video posted every minute and more than one billion hours of video watched daily. You do not want to miss out on this qualified traffic do you?

With our helpful tips below, you can get a specialized optimization plan. It is a plan to boost that helps your business obtain visibility with its target market on YouTube. It won’t be long until more engaged visitors find your videos. Remember, most customers want to see more video marketing from their favorite businesses. So, you must make sure your channel stands out is crucial to your success.

What is SEO on YouTube?

Are you ready to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos? Unless you post a viral phenomenon, your channel is unlikely to increase by orders of magnitude in a single day. However, this does not rule out the possibility of taking immediate action to improve your performance.

There are a variety of tactics that you can use to improve your content. These tactics ensure that it ranks better in YouTube search results. Remember that YouTube is effectively an extensive search engine. As such, a well-thought-out YouTube SEO plan may help you increase your reach and, as a result, your views.

You can guarantee that your channel attracts like-minded customers. You’ll want to persuade them to become regular watchers of your content. It is easy to do this by applying many keyword-driven approaches and changing your content strategy.

YouTube views with SEO
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YouTube Video SEO Tips to Increase Views

It’s natural to want more people to see what you’ve created. Adopting a tailored YouTube SEO plan based on your brand’s individual objectives is the best method. Aim high and achieve this goal of helping your channel expand and increase conversions. We’ll look at a few search engine optimization tactics to help you get more views.

Research Keywords

Without keyword research, you won’t be able to employ an effective YouTube SEO strategy. Here marketers identify search phrases that their target audience uses. These keywords are incorporated into this strategy across your channel to attract the attention of YouTube’s engines. You can boost the exposure of your content to the appropriate people by finding phrases that are highly relevant to them.

As a result of this process, more individuals will find your content. Maybe then they will subscribe or convert to your website. The keyword research strategy for each brand will be unique. Choose phrases with a high search volume but minimal competition for the best results. You can design a winning plan by measuring performance, creating clear targets, and analyzing your rivals.

Create video titles that people want to click

Keyword research is an integral part of any SEO strategy since these phrases are utilized to improve your content’s searchability. When it comes to keyword input, your titles should be the first place that you start. You may create attention-grabbing snippets using a keyword-driven strategy, ensuring that the right visitors see your material in search results.

Not only will these phrases help you climb the rankings, but users notice terms that are personally relevant when they scan search results on the page. Remember that YouTube users are aware and suspicious of clickbait. As a result, make sure your titles organically contain keywords and avoid using exclamation marks or capital letters.

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Include video tags

When you submit a new video to YouTube, you must use the tagging system to correlate it with similar topics, themes, and categories. You’ll notice that your videos rank higher with more relevant visitors because it aids the YouTube algorithm in understanding what your material is about. So, in terms of SEO, what tags should you use?

Your primary keyword is the most significant starting point. A 3D printing company may utilize the “3D printing” tag to reach highly engaged customers. Longer phrases, in addition to short-tail tags, are a fantastic way to grab a specific audience. Because this box has a limit of 120 characters, make sure you only use the most relevant terms for content.

Create optimized descriptions

Every YouTube video’s description may be beneficial to your SEO efforts. Presenting a keyword-driven and compelling message will assist in persuading viewers to stay and subscribe to your page, given that you have up to 5,000 characters to work with. Because snippets of your description are displayed in YouTube’s search results, it’s crucial to devote time and care to this part of your post.

With this in mind, put the most important information at the top of the description to get more hits. The system also evaluates your description for important keywords to improve your exposure. Converting your viewers becomes simpler and more efficient when you include information about your business, connections to your social media accounts, and an enticing call-to-action.

Use more descriptive file names

The importance of file names for your video uploads is one of the most ignored parts of YouTube search engine optimization. When saving a file on your computer, use your primary keyword instead of creating an incomprehensible name. Although the YouTube algorithm can’t watch your video, it’s always looking for clues to figure out what it’s about.

This includes the file name you used to submit your video, which you might be shocked to learn. The algorithm is more likely to place your material appropriately in relevant searches if the file name matches the keywords incorporated in your title, tags, and description. This may look like a small step to you, but it might give you an advantage over your competitors.

Include captions and transcriptions

We already know that YouTube’s algorithm uses whatever text and code it can discover to provide consumers with accurate search results. As a result, including transcriptions and captions in your content is an excellent approach to improving your SEO rankings.

Creating your own SRT file guarantees that your movies show in relevant search results and attracts significantly more viewers since the system sifts through this data in search of keywords.

Also, keep in mind that many users use English as a second language or have hearing problems, so transcriptions and subtitles may be quite beneficial in terms of engagement.

Increase your video lengths

In-depth research has revealed that films with longer durations on YouTube acquire more views over time. Although many marketers claim that people’s attention spans are shortening, the statistics tell a different tale regarding YouTube’s success. A study of 100,000 movies found a positive link between rank performance and video length, with a video length of 11 minutes and 44 seconds generating the highest views.

As a result, there’s a strong incentive to make longer and more detailed YouTube material. However, be mindful of dragging out your films needlessly since publishing movies with needless filler content can damage your reputation. Your viewers will get bored and not watch the entire video.

Encourage user engagement

The more viewers engage with your films, the more likely they are to rank higher in search results. The search engine optimization ideas we’ve given are about making technical adjustments to make this a reality, but communicating with your audience may also enhance engagement. Every video you upload, for example, should have a call-to-action encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Along with this request, emphasize how this simple step assures that you will be able to continue producing high-quality material in the future. You might conclude your videos with thought-provoking questions and invite people to like your videos. The questions will help ignite comment conversations between viewers, and these indicators all signal to YouTube’s algorithm that your video serves users successfully.

Add hashtags

Hashtags are commonly used in conjunction with social media material, although many YouTube creators do not take advantage of this function. It is a terrific technique to find like-minded viewers because visitors are prompted to click on hashtags to watch videos researching the same topic. Hashtags appear on a video page in two places: above the title and in the description box.

Furthermore, hashtags are another signal the algorithm uses to organize information in search results. You can lead more users straight to your content if you utilize hashtags correctly on your channel. Each video can only have 15 hashtags, so it’s important that you don’t go overboard if you employ this strategy.

Cross-promote your content

A successful YouTube SEO plan considers the different channels available in your company. Most businesses have social media sites where their fans already engage with their material. By adding a new video to your YouTube channel and announcing it with a new post on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you ensure that more people, those already familiar with your company, come to view it.

If they like what they see, there’s a strong possibility they’ll sign up as a subscriber to your YouTube channel as well. Think about how you can leverage your existing communication network to get additional views and also consider promoting new films through email campaigns.

What software can improve your Youtube views with SEO and for ranking?

Every organization that creates content wants to get its films in front of the most relevant YouTube users. While this is undoubtedly a complex undertaking, there is a broad range of YouTube ranking tools that may assist you in gaining a significant advantage over your competitors.


TubeBuddy is one of the most popular options for YouTube ranking software. It features a wide range of tools to assist brands and marketers in improving their strategies. You can attract more viewers by increasing productivity and simplifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

TubeBuddy, for example, gives you detailed information on the video rankings of your own material and your primary competitors. It also comes with a keyword explorer and a best practice auditor, ensuring that you always post material with the highest chance of success.

Using this tool for YouTube SEO might be precisely what you need to increase your view count, thanks to efficiency enhancements, bulk processing features, and extensive research analytics.


VidIQ provides a comprehensive audience-building toolkit based on the most up-to-date SEO tactics. This comprehensive tool offers a wealth of tools for keyword research, allowing marketers to evaluate phrases right in YouTube’s search box using features like its Keyword Score. Furthermore, the Keyword Inspector tool guarantees that you know whether or not a particular keyword is relevant to your target market.

You can make the best selections for your next upload by looking at how keywords change in popularity over the year. There are also powerful tools for competitive analysis. VidIQ, for example, gives information on your competitors’ keyword choices, their most popular content, and more. This program is excellent for YouTube SEO and many other functions.

Google Trends has long been a popular research tool for organizations and digital marketers wanting to figure out what’s making waves with customers. As a result, it’s really useful for improving your content strategy. It’s an excellent tool for finding out how issues are being discussed by customers worldwide, even though it lacks comprehensive research capabilities like the previously stated SEO software.

You may, for example, look for specific categories to discover how your sector intersects with other popular subjects. You may also look at seasonal trends to see whether a video on a given topic might be a significant hit in the run-up to the holiday season. is a freemium web tool (free to use, but with in-app purchases for premium tools) that makes optimizing your SEO strategy simple. It’s a speedy approach to identifying keywords that will fuel your channel’s success because the service provides up to 750 long-tail keywords for each search.

This single solution can streamline how you place content throughout your organization by simultaneously including search choices for Google, Amazon, Bing, Instagram, etc. It is, however, equally effective for people who are just interested in raising their YouTube views.

This straightforward tool can be the best way to learn the ropes if you’re new to keywords.

FAQs on YouTube views and SEO

Is YouTube free for businesses?

The exclusive location for your company’s videos on YouTube is your free brand channel. You should personalize the landing page banner to highlight your company’s distinctive features and include your logo and business name. It’s a collaborative effort since you may invite partners to post videos and manage material.

Why is YouTube good for brands?

Because YouTube displays your videos to users who are interested in similar goods or services to yours, it is an excellent source of qualified traffic that is valuable to your company. This makes it simpler for you to grab their interest and convert them into paying subscribers or clients.

What is a brand account on YouTube?

You may activate and administer a YouTube Brand Account using your own personal channel. With the help of this brand account, your firm may have a distinct YouTube presence with its own name, branding, and content. You may also add channel managers to the account on YouTube.

Final thoughts on increasing YouTube views with SEO

Creating YouTube content may be a time-consuming and costly procedure, so don’t allow your hard work to go to waste. Rather, use the most up-to-date YouTube SEO tactics to get the attention your high-quality material deserves. Working with a competent team means that you won’t have to worry about this challenging duty.

First Page Hong Kong has managed hundreds of video SEO campaigns for both domestic and international customers. Our track record proves that we understand what it takes to reach your target demographic. Are you interested in learning more? Contact one of our SEO experts to see how we can boost the number of views on your YouTube channel.