How to Get Customers Excited: 5 Cool Ways to Spark Online Shopping

It’s time to put the ‘Merry’ back in Christmas. When it comes to online shopping, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the happier your customers are – the greater the likelihood of them buying more from you.

The best E-commerce platforms know exactly how to lure online consumers: they demand a sense of urgency. Not only does this prompt consumers to act fast, but it creates a certain thrill, which makes them feel as if it’s an offer too good to miss.

You’re probably no stranger to urgent demands such as “available for a limited time only” or “buy now while stocks last”, whereby a phenomenal 93% of consumers admit they’d actually buy more if free shipping were available.

With more than 4.15 million eCommerce shoppers (and counting) across Hong Kong, how will you set your online shopping platform apart?

In addition to offering free shipping as an invaluable incentive, we reveal 5 awesome ways to get consumers excited these holidays!

1. Create a Christmas Countdown


Image by @christmascountdown

Just like purchasing a chocolate calendar at the beginning of December, counting down the days until Christmas is sure to fuel the ultimate anticipation.

Inject the Christmas spirit into your social media marketing campaign by simply integrating an online advent calendar. Whether you use Instagram (as pictured above) or Facebook to gradually upload posts, this provides a unique opportunity for your brand to get creative.

For this countdown, you can even integrate social snaps surrounding the unique online shopping experience that your brand provides as the backdrop for each number.

2. Run a Special Promotion

Ignite your E-commerce store with the quintessential promotion and make your customers feel special this holiday season – just be mindful of how you word it.

According to Psychology Today, a sales queue that aligns with a promotion focus is much more effective than a queue that indicates a potential prevention focus.

Here, it’s proven more effective to state “take” or “get” a certain amount off the complete price, in comparison to simply “save” an amount.

3. Use Personalised Packaging 


Image by @katespadeny

Having personalised packaging is like saying “from our brand to you with love”, and customers appreciate it.

For most, unwrapping a beautifully presented gift is just as inspiring and heartfelt as the gift itself. Why? Because presentation plays a significant part in the public perception of your brand, including just how much you care about your customers.

In fact, a remarkable 61% of online consumers report getting more excited about receiving a package when it’s branded.

4. Take Your Customers Behind the Scenes

 width=Image via @dkny 

In our previous blog The Rise of Emotional Marketing: What You Need to Know, we affirmed the vast importance of developing an emotional bond with those who visit your site.

When it comes to online shopping, the same rule applies – visitors who feel an emotional connection with your brand are 8 times more likely to become customers. So, how do you create this?

Take your customers on a journey, tell them a story and expose the personality behind your brand – this is where videos greatly assist. You may use IGTV to reveal exciting footage of behind the scenes, your latest promotion and of course, holiday-inspired videos are a win!

5. Service with a Smile


Image via @fourseasons

Tis’ the season to be jolly, so remember to share the Christmas spirit. The holiday season can be an incredibly busy and sometimes frustrating experience for those who do online shopping last minute, so remember that going that extra mile always pays off.

Simply sharing positive messages across your social media accounts, and offering extended customer support through your E-commerce store, are two of the ways in which consumers are made to feel safe and secure.

From enabling such, not only will customers look forward to gifting those they love, but they’ll also remember your brand in making the process as simple and stress-free as possible – and it’s this consistency that truly sets a brand apart.

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