7 Epic Ways to Get More Followers on Facebook

Sure, the quality of your content isn’t necessarily defined by your follower count. Still, there’s no denying that having more followers is an essential goal for a lot of brands, especially as they grow bigger. So how do you go about doing that?

There are plenty of third-party services you can use to buy followers, but this doesn’t translate well when it comes to engagement. What you’re looking for is a way to attract your target audience and start a conversation with them. The ultimate goal isn’t just the number on your page but the consumer loyalty that comes with it. 

There are numerous benefits of using Facebook, and it’s critical that your business masters Facebook community engagement. To learn more about alternative uses for Facebook, perhaps read our blog on Facebook Advertising!

Post on Facebook

#1. Post Often

Because of how Facebook’s algorithm works, your post from three days ago will likely get buried under all the other clutter, so posting often is essential. More posts mean more visibility, which will help you reach new users and grow engagement. You also want to keep your timing in mind! Posting at a time when most users are actually scrolling through their timelines will significantly increase your engagement levels. 

Have a variety of Facebook posts

#2. Variety

If you keep posting the same thing over and over, chances are your audience will get bored. Bring in some variety and experiment to see what kind of content brings more engagement. Based on your observations, you may have to make changes to your strategy. 

Recycling posts is an option, especially to keep a regular posting schedule, but creating new and original content will always bring more engagement than simply repurposing old posts. You should, however, use your analytics and stats to repurpose old content and customize it according to new trends and preferences! 

Have strong Facebook community engagement

#3. Interact with The Audience

In the past, marketing efforts usually involved a one-sided conversation. Brands were corporate entities, and consumers would usually be forced to take what they were getting. Digital platforms have turned this around. Now, consumers have more power, and they don’t like being talked at.

Building a brand persona and interacting with your consumers like an individual rather than a corporation is essential to attracting more people to your page. Interacting regularly makes them appreciate you more and builds up brand loyalty, which is ultimately what every brand seeks to attain.

Should you be interested in looking for a more visual means to reach out to your audience, perhaps consider using Instagram or YouTube. You can also check out our amazing guide on visual alternatives for community engagement!

Collaborate over Facebook

#4. Collaborations

You’d be surprised how much collaborations can do for your Facebook metrics! Whether it’s influencers or other brands, by collaborating, you get to reach the audience of the person or brand you’re working with and bring traffic towards your own Facebook page! Influencers will usually have a big impact because people tend to trust other people more than brands. Getting their stamp of approval often brings their audience to your page.

Use promotions and discounts on Facebook

#5. Offer Discounts and Giveaways

Everyone loves to save money, and they love free stuff even more! Use that to your advantage, and host platform-specific discounts and giveaways on your page. It’s a good way to increase your reach and bring new users to your page. 

You can improve your chances of impact by setting rules to encourage your audience to engage with you, such as tagging friends in the post. This will help you reach new people and boost your posts at the same time. 

Promote your Facebook page

#6. Promote Your Page

Of course, it goes without saying that to bring more followers to your page, you’d need to promote it. One option is to go for ads based on specific demographics and interests, which will help you reach new users who fit your target audience. 

Another way is to keep your Facebook connected to all your online presence. From your website to your accounts on other social media platforms, linking back to your Facebook is important. There are always users who fit your target audience that may find you on one platform, and linking back is the best way to ensure they join your Facebook following as well.

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Utilise Facebook insights

#7. Use Facebook Insights

Your Facebook Insights Dashboard is essential to your brand’s Facebook page. All your posts’ analytics and metrics are available here, along with insights on how users behave on your page. Based on these insights, you can tweak and improve your strategy to bring more followers and change anything that may not be doing too well. 

Online consumer behaviour is a constantly changing process, so your marketing strategy will need frequent changes too. While all of these methods are surefire ways of improving your online presence, you’ll have to keep changing things around to stay relevant and maintain your Facebook engagement levels. At the end of the day, every step you take should develop a sustainable strategy to attract your audience.

If you’re interested in growing your presence on Facebook, check out our guide on Facebook Ads or get in touch with one of our specialists today!