8 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Instagram Followers

Social Marketing

The popularity of Instagram has continued to skyrocket in recent years, and many companies have started establishing brand-specific Instagram accounts. In previous articles, we’ve focused on topics relating to individual Instagram users, such as “5 Hong Kong Influencers You Need To Follow On Instagram” and “Influencer Marketing: 7 Tips To Attract Your First 250K Instagram Followers”. But in addition to talking about individual Instagram accounts, learning how to apply these marketing strategies to the corporate landscape can help your company stand out on social media. 

1.Include good and useful Instagram bio

If you already have an Instagram account of your own, you probably know the first step after creating the account should be setting up the bio section. It can include call to actions (CTAs), brand hashtags and related links that are all especially useful for people who are considering following you. Your bio is important as it is the place they will gain information about your brand – and then decide whether to follow you or not. You can also update your bio regularly to provide a backlink to any seasonal event, competition or promotion your brand is running. 

2.Host a competition or event

Once you have gathered a reasonable number of followers, you can organise a competition or event to attract even more users to your brand’s Instagram page. By asking users to like, post, comment, use specific hashtags or tag their friends, your website’s visits and product sales are likely to increase. When your users share posts with their friends, they’re spreading brand awareness and you will eventually gain more followers from it. 

3.Make good use of Instagram analytics

If you made your company’s Instagram a business account (this can also be easily done after a page’s initial setup), you have access to a comprehensive set of data about your followers. From their age and gender to most active hours and much more, this information can give you an in-depth understanding of your average follower. You can then customize and tailor your posts to cater towards the type of people on Instagram that your content appeals to the most. 

4.Tag related users and include geographic information in your posts

By tagging related users in all your posts, whether it be restaurants, companies, celebrities or other accounts you will be displayed in that account’s tagged feed. For example, if you take a group photo of your brand’s corporate public relations event, remember to tag everyone who is in the picture. People who browse those accounts now have a direct link to yours. If your business cooperates with other brands or KOLs, this method is particularly useful for increasing your visibility and following. 

Some people also search Instagram through geotags if they are interested in a particular place. By adding your city or a nearby landmark to your post, it will gain much more visibility to potential followers. 

5.Follow, like and comment

By strategically interacting with users who might follow you, it’s good practice to follow, like and comment on their posts. To know which users have this potential, start by frequently using hashtags to find out which users publish a similar type of content. At the same time, you can look for these users actively through hashtags, the Discover page, and interacting with those that have already followed you. 


6.Repost posts that mention your brand

Every time an individual user tags your company or brand in a post of theirs, you have the option of reposting it directly to your account. This is not only a good way to show a positive and authentic review of your product or service, but is also a great way to interact with users. Before reposting, however, make sure you have permission to repost it as stated in the Instagram Terms of Use. After obtaining user consent, you can use an application such as Repost for Instagram to make the processing simpler and more professional. 

7.Make use of Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are a great resource for all businesses in the modern era. Whether it be creating effective carousel ads to promote your products or services or hosting a marketing event, Instagram Ads will be analyzed based on customer interest and behaviour to gather the interest of most potential customers and followers. 

8.Analyze your competitor’s strategies

Much like traditional marketing, learning from your competitor’s strategies and behaviour on Instagram is a great way to understand how to increase your own following! Whether you find hashtags, KOLs or other unique strategies that you may have not thought of, it can be beneficial when it comes to growing your business’ Instagram following. In addition, you can use this as inspiration when it comes to finding the type of content that earns the most likes and comments.