6 Easy Digital Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Leads

The Internet has made access to information easier than it’s ever been before. However, this also means that all the figurative noise makes it difficult to discern what’s valuable info and what’s not. It makes things even more so when almost everyone tries to sell you something. As such, if you’re unable to truly reach someone’s real desires and needs, getting their attention will be next to impossible. But, it doesn’t need to be that way!

So then, how do you market your business in this environment? Building relationships with your customers that last and increasing sales is the name of the game. And a well-structured digital marketing campaign can accomplish that with the following strategies.

1. Create Engaging Landing Pages

Have you made a promise to your followers in your content? Then you’ll need a landing page to keep that promise, as this is where you’ll convert visitors into customers. Landing pages are usually solitary web pages with a focused goal, separated from the rest of your website, that a potential customer first “lands” on.

They can be click-through pages that take people to another place, like an e-commerce site or funnel. They can also be for lead generation. These lead generation pages often offer free giveaways or discounts in exchange for a name and an email. If a landing page has convinced a potential customer to divulge their personal information, it has done its job.

However, you can always have more than one landing page active at once. Most marketing experts recommend that you create multiple landing pages, each targeting a different segment of your audience population.

Since landing pages are where people will generally find your website, ensure it’s done well. If potential customers think your site is confusing, difficult to use, or shoddy looking, they’ll be quick to click off. This is no good! So then, how do you make landing pages that keep visitors on your website long enough to see if you’re worth something to them?

Here are some simple tips you can utilize:

  • Choose a web hosting plan that supports the fastest loading times.
  • Don’t make your landing page too busy. Give it a professional look, and use just enough images to communicate your message without being over-the-top.
  • Since most individuals surf the web on their mobile devices, your website and landing pages must be mobile-friendly.
  • Because people’s attention spans tend to be short, keep your message direct and to the point.
  • Always offer opportunities to learn more about your products or services via email.

2. Use Creative Videos to Grab Attention

Use videos as a digital marketing tool to grab attention

It may take a bit more effort to make, but a well-done video is one of the most effective ways to direct online traffic where you want it. By consulting with social media experts and establishing an interactive presence on TikTok and Instagram, where video is a dominant media, you can easily increase your company’s traffic. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your viewer count goes up when you consistently release content. So, you owe it to your own company’s growth to try out the latest social media trends.

Yes, videography is an expensive endeavor to delve into yourself, but you can find surprisingly affordable services that will assist. For instance, First Page can assist you in optimizing video on your website in conjunction with all of your digital marketing strategies.

3. Collaborate with Influencers

People who have amassed an incredible social following and are usually regarded as experts in their respective fields are called influencers in this day and age. Influencer marketing, that is, collaborating with these individuals, can be a tremendous help when it comes to promoting products. These influencers can provide the viral social proof your brand needs with the trust they’ve built with their audience.

By using social media to paint your brand’s story and promote your products and services, influencers can elevate your social media marketing beyond what is typically possible alone. Alongside them, you can show new audience members to your brand that your company is a legit part of the market it inhabits.

Building actual trust with new potential customers is a difficult road with so much shoddy and untrustworthy content online. But with effective community management, marketing collaborations alongside influencers pave a way to interact with those new customers more organically.

This allows companies to share the perceptions and reputability that their influencer of choice happens to own already and make bigger strides in establishing authority in their coinciding markets.

4. Diligently Test Your Customer’s Purchasing Journey

To best convert views to customers, it’s imperative to think about their actual needs and factor them into your business’s equations. A/B testing is one such strategy to convert those followers more effectively. These tests give you feedback in two different forms, showing which version of your campaign is more successful, and illustrating what your consumers best respond to in real-time.

Being able to test with a small population sample first, rather than making assumptions, will help you understand what language and imagery are best to present in your next marketing campaign. By understanding the majority of your viewer’s legitimate desires, increasing your conversion rate is drastically easier. If your goal is to constantly generate consistent marketing leads online, then the A/B test is a sure-fire method.

To be on the winning end in online business, it’s never an option to show incompetence. By using A/B tests, you can ensure that you’re always putting your best foot forward by rigorously trying out prototype campaigns, and only launching the ones that do as exceptionally as possible.

Additionally, you can pick which variables to test and compare, because they all have more than a few aspects you can fine tune. This will help you in defining which landing page is best for each segment of your audience.

5. Prioritize a Solid Keyword Research and SEO Strategy

Digital marketing keyword research and an SEO strategy

Last but not least, it’s never been more important to understand the impact of SEO marketing than today. Everyone on the Internet has questions that need answers, and they search for those solutions every day via Google.

With search engine optimization, you can quite literally attract free attention to all of your online presences. SEO is important because it will elevate you above similarly competing companies. When two sites have similar offerings, the one that has better SEO will appear higher up in the search rankings.

People browsing the Internet unknowingly use keywords to search for information all the time. As such, you need to conduct keyword research to properly understand what keywords your ideal customer is using. Simply put, how will anyone ever find your website if you don’t even know what they’re looking for? Also, it’s the search engines themselves that are looking for your keywords, as it is how they rank your website. This is SEO in a nutshell.

Here are just some of the major SEO trends happening at this moment:

  • Maximizing chances of appearing high up on Google with content optimization. Top-shelf quality will enhance your digital marketing.
  • Answering real questions. On Google, there is a section specifically devoted to related questions and searches people have asked before, depending on their dialogue. You can drastically improve your chances of appearing higher up by taking the time to consider other relevant questions and searches and including some of this content into your own website.
  • Mobile-friendly. We’ve already mentioned how most users do their searching on their smartphones. Keeping your content ideally set up for mobile is then, of course, your best SEO strategy.

6. WhatsApp Broadcast acts as a lead generation tool

As the name suggests, WhatsApp Broadcast is a way for you to send a message to multiple users at once. Companies can use it to send promotional messages to customers or make an announcement to the employees. This feature in the personal WhatsApp allows users to send up to 256 messages a day by default, helping companies save considerable time. In contrast, you can send a message to up to 1000 people when utilizing the official WhatsApp Business API. Given the high broadcast messages at scale, more business owners have begun to use the official business API (like SleekFlow) to send bulk messages. The more conversions, the higher price you need to pay. With SleekFlow’s calculator, you can estimate the fee under the new conversion-based model.

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