How Instagram Shops Can Increase Digital Footprint

The number of internet users is increasing every day. With the increased online shopping platforms, buyers have more options when purchasing items. How to stay competitive as an online retailer? Can having an Instagram shop be helpful? In this post, we explore why it could be helpful to you. 

The world has five billion internet users, which is 63% of the global population. The number of internet users accessing social media platforms like Instagram was 93% of the five billion. Setting up online shops like an IG shop is easy, with the eCommerce industry boasting 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites. With the increased online shopping platforms, buyers have more options when purchasing items.

The eCommerce industry has become very competitive, and online entrepreneurs are forced to develop better and more innovative strategies. In addition, the use of social media for eCommerce has drastically increased, with more businesses targeting their target markets through various social media platforms.

Social media platforms provide businesses with free inbuilt services and products, useful in marketing and advertising. IG shop is an example of eCommerce social media. ECommerce social media generally refers to using social media platforms to market an eCommerce platform. Online businesses use social media to increase brand awareness, generate online sales, and attract new online followers.

Ecommerce social media comes with plenty of businesses when used effectively. Read on and discover how you can utilize IG shop for eCommerce to boost your business.

What is an Instagram Shop?

The Instagram shop is an online store supported by Instagram, which online businesses use to sell their products. Instagram launched the feature in 2020 to provide Instagram users with a new shopping experience. Instagram users can visit the IG shop from the brand’s IG profile or feed and view the available products.

The Instagram shop is equipped with essential features to allow Instagram users to make purchases from the storefront. Online buyers use the Instagram app browser and purchase without leaving the application. Unlike the traditional storefront, an IG shop allows online entrepreneurs to use photos and videos to market and display their products.

The IG shop icon is displayed on the Instagram profile of your business. When individuals click the link, they are taken to your IG storefront, where they can access other products and learn more about your brand. Online buyers can also get in touch with online businesses and get timely responses. IG shops also allow companies to add their contact information to their profile for faster communication.

What are the key features of an Instagram Shop?

Instagram shopping allows Instagram users to buy items while using their accounts. The storefront has unique features that make shopping easy for online buyers and increase brand promotion for businesses. The IG shop has the following key features:

Online storefront

online businesses can sell and share their products and services. Potential buyers can browse through your products and explore your collections. All the products have product descriptions, price tags, and clear pictures of the products.

Product collections

online businesses can customize their IG shop by using the product collection feature. They can curate their products and services into various themes, e.g. new arrivals, clearance sales, summer collections etc. The product collections help buyers find their preferred items more quickly.

Product details pages (PDP)

the Instagram shop has a PDP that allows businesses to provide all the relevant information about their products. Buyers can find the product descriptions, pricing, and how to use the product on the PDP. The content on the PDP can be tagged on Instagram posts, reels, and stories and hence attract more people to your IG profile and shop.

Checkout on Instagram

businesses don’t need to redirect buyers to an external platform when shopping on IG shop. The Instagram shop has a checkout feature that allows buyers to purchase directly via Instagram. Businesses can use the checkout feature to announce an incoming product launch. The IG Businesses with Checkout can promote upcoming exclusive drops, where buyers can preview the product details and also set reminders to purchase the product when it becomes available. The checkout feature is only available to US businesses only.

Product tags

the product tag feature makes highlighting products on your catalog in your videos and images easy. Buyers can easily access the product and the IG shop simply by tapping the photo or video. You can also use ads on your product tags to increase your reach. The Instagram Ads Manager is very instrumental in setting ads on product tags.

Free and Easy to set up

Instagram doesn’t charge fees when online businesses set up IG shops on their profiles. Hence it’s one of the most affordable digital tools to use when marketing your brand on Instagram. Setting up the Instagram storefront for your business is very easy. You only need to have product details about your products.

How can you use an IG Shop for eCommerce

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with 1.386 billion users globally. The most significant percentage of Instagram users are individuals aged between 18 and 34 years old, taking 62.2% of the total user population. 50.7% of Instagram users were men, while women took 49.3% of the total population. Online businesses can market and advertise their products to a large market base.

As of 2021, more than 200 million businesses were using Instagram to market and advertise their brands. Out of the 1.386 billion Instagram users, over 80% of users follow a business profile, with over 200 million users actively using business profiles daily on Instagram. 81% of Instagram account holders use social media to research products and services before buying. In 2021, it was reported that more than 70% of businesses in the United States use Instagram for marketing and advertising.

There are plenty of marketing opportunities for online businesses on Instagram. With IG shop, Instagram users with online companies can promote their brands and sell products on the platform. You don’t need any technical or to be a social media guru to know how to set up an IG shop. The process is pretty simple and takes a few minutes.

After setting up your Instagram shop, it’s essential to have effective strategies that will boost your storefront and attract buyers to your platform. IG shop is an online storefront, and online entrepreneurs can redirect buyers to their eCommerce website if they have any. The features allow buyers to access the seller’s eCommerce platform using a browser within the IG application. However, they can still purchase using the eCommerce website or the Instagram shop.

Online businesses that want to allow buyers to purchase goods via Instagram must set payment options. Companies are required to use Facebook Pay, and whenever purchases are made, the business owner can access the payments through Facebook pay. When purchasing anything via IG shop, buyers can use PayPal, debit, or credit cards. Online entrepreneurs can also provide alternative payment methods in their product posts.

Instagram shop example

Important tips when using IG Shops for your eCommerce business

Below are vital tips to use when using IG shop for eCommerce to promote your brand:

Launching Timely Collections

when creating the collections of your products on your IG shop, understand what the potential buyers are searching for. Create collections or launches which easily attract and connect with the buyers. It’s essential to constantly be updated with your collections’ latest and trending items.

Easy shopping experience

Buyers will most likely make a purchase when they find as much information as possible about a product in one post. Apart from updating your business profile with business information, you should use the “Tag Product” features when posting products. When using a post, reel or story, you must include as much information as possible about the product and a link that takes the buyer directly to your IG shop.

Investing in Instagram ads

Instagram has the feature of using ads, where businesses can launch an ad with clickable tags. These ads can quickly draw people to your business profile and Instagram shop.

Use high-quality images and video

The Instagram shop is a more interactive shopping platform. The pictures you use for your products should stand out. The photos and video should provide as many details as possible about the product on your IG shop.

Using the correct hashtags

Instagram tags offer an easy way for users to search items and profiles by presenting results that are highly relevant to the specific keyword. The tags are categorized into Top, Recent, and Reels. With the correct hashtags, potential buyers can easily find your products in their search results. Tags can be used on any post, reel, and even story.

Instagram Shop vs. Facebook Shops

As an online entrepreneur, you might wonder which is the best option when comparing Instagram and Facebook shops. Corporate Facebook owns Instagram; therefore, Instagram shopping is powered by Facebook. Payments on IG shops are processed through Facebook, and business owners must link their IG shops to their Facebook profiles.

When looking for the best option, it’s crucial to consider the demographics of your target market. If your potential buyers spend more time using Instagram, then an IG shop will be more practical to reach them. If your buyers use both platforms concurrently, you can set up Instagram and Facebook shops.

It’s very instrumental for eCommerce platforms to have various online storefronts, increasing brand awareness and potential sales. Since businesses must use Facebook to launch their IG shops, setting up both shops will be more efficient. You can use the same product collections and details on the same platforms.

What are the benefits of an IG shop

Using an Instagram shop for your eCommerce has several benefits, which are crucial in increasing brand awareness.

  1. IG shop is free and easy to set up. Since Instagram doesn’t charge fees, online businesses can easily incorporate an IG shop as one of the digital storefronts that target potential buyers who frequently use the platform. Using the platform is pretty easy, especially for individuals who are savvy with the platform.
  2. The Instagram shop is a reliable online storefront that allows online entrepreneurs to diversify their digital presence. Online entrepreneurs need to have several digital storefronts where buyers can easily purchase if one storefront isn’t functioning. Multiple storefronts are very handy for small eCommerce businesses, primarily when they are run on social media platforms like Instagram.
  3. It’s a reliable mobile catalog for businesses. Instagram users access the application using their mobile phones. When using the IG shop, they can scroll through a company’s product catalog while using their phone. With the IG shop, eCommerce stores can create a comprehensive product catalog and avail it on their IG shop and profiles.
  4. Online businesses can increase brand awareness and grow their followers using Instagram shops. Instagram users can easily share a product post or a reel, raising the brand awareness of the business. Using the relevant and correct hashtags on the product posts will also increase the number of people who view the product and business profile.

Final thoughts

The Instagram shop is an interactive online storefront for businesses to easily interact with their buyers promptly. In addition, the collections features allow e-commerce platforms to create a customized catalog of products on their Instagram shops, making it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. An Instagram shop might not be the only solution to increase your digital footprint as an online entrepreneur, but it will be a crucial component of your Instagram sales strategy.

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FAQs about IG shops for eCommerce

We don’t want to leave you with any further questions on how you can use Instagram shopping to your advantage when it comes to eCommerce. Here are some of the more common questions with our answers.

Yes, you can, but it involves linking your business account to your website, which is also linked to your Facebook account.  You need to keep in mind that the IG shop usually has its own checkout, so purchases can be made there. On your Instagram business bio, you can also place a link to the shop on your website.

Who is eligible for an Instagram shop?

Firstly, you need to have a Facebook business page or account that you can link to your IG shop. Also, there are only some eligible markers for Instagram Shopping, as it’s not available worldwide as yet. You can find the list of eligible countries on the IG Shop page.

Does it cost to have an Instagram shop?

You don’t have to pay to open an IG shop, as it’s completely free of charge. As long as you have a Facebook page and an Instagram business account in an eligible market, you can get started.

Why is my Instagram not eligible for shopping?

Once you establish your IG shop, the Facebook team needs to review and assess it for eligibility. If it doesn’t pass this scrutiny, you’ll receive a notification on Instagram as to why it failed. For example, it may be due to an unavailable market or something being wrong with your products or business account.

Do you need a business license to sell on Instagram?

One of the IG shop requirements is that you represent your registered business, brand, or domain. In essence, that means you don’t need a business license to sell on Instagram, which is great news for entrepreneurs and freelance designers.