What is Google Lens, and How Does It Work?

Google is the most popular search engine globally. With the introduction of Google Lens, Google intends to improve its search engine services to its clients. But what is Google Lens, and how does Google Lens work? Google Lens is described as a cutting-edge image and camera technology utilizing the aspect of online search capabilities. Read on to discover how you can utilize this amazing product from Google.

What is Google Lens?

Google launched the Google Lens (GL) AI application in 2017 during the unveiling of the Google Pixel phone. The Google Lens application was an exclusive feature of the phone. Over the years, the application has gained immense popularity among various smartphone users. Additionally, the application has undergone frequent upgrades to ensure it’s updated and extra efficient.

GL, in summary, is an application, that:

  • Analyses images to perform specific tasks.
  • Displays specific information related to the images. T
  • Has vision-based computing capabilities help users find what they are looking for.
  • Uses the information to take practical actions, copy, translate, explore, and discover relevant information.

Simply put!

GL helps you search for information online using your camera or a photo. Traditionally most of us are used to searching for information online using keywords. The mobile application works with Google Assistant, an in-built Android camera, and Google photos. Unlike other earlier image recognition applications, Google Lens uses artificial intelligence, which makes it faster and more efficient.

Is Google Lens available for both iOS and Android?

GL is available for iOS and Android devices. Android devices can easily download the Google Lens app from Play Store. However, iOS device users have to use the Google App to access the GL application. The Google Lens features will be available on the camera icon present in the Google App. When using the visual search platform for the first time, you must grant the app access to your image gallery and camera.

It’s important to check if the GL application is compatible with your Android device. You can check the app’s compatibility with your device when you access the Play Store application and search for the application. You aren’t required to buy the application when downloading it from Play Store for Android device users. The Google app is also free and has no purchase subscriptions for smartphones that don’t use the android system.

Google Lens as a visual search engine for eCommerce
Google Lens in action

How Google Lens works for eCommerce SEO

According to Orbelo, there were 2.14 billion online shoppers globally by the end of 2021. The number is a 4.4% increase from the 2020 number of online buyers. Every year, online buyers increase, which is greatly attributed to the increase in smart devices and internet connectivity. The potential of the eCommerce industry is great, with plenty of opportunities to enhance the efficiency of eCommerce platforms.

During the pandemic, online sales experienced tremendous growth. Everyone was forced to use online shopping to shop for everything from groceries to high-end jewelry. Online shoppers use different digital tools to enhance and streamline their shopping experience. Google Lens is one of the key digital tools that is gaining popularity among online shoppers.

Is it like a visual search engine?

Understanding the functionality of GL will help you fully use this visual search engine. When using the Google Lens application, an image is uploaded from your gallery or camera to Google’s servers. The application then uses artificial intelligence to analyze the image and determine the information present in the image. During the image analysis, GL will compare the image with other images. It will then rank the images found based on their similarities and the relevance of objects present in the images.

GL is a reliable assistant when browsing through the various shelves in an online store. The new technology gives online buyers the eCommerce SEO advantage when shopping online. How? By combining image and text online search capability. GL will also use its detailed understanding of the submitted image and SEO to provide relevant information and results from the internet. You will get a list of all the online stores where you can purchase the product. Also, you will get information on available options, and any other relevant data you need.

When presenting the relevant eCommerce data, GL ranks the relevant data and can narrow the information to the most relevant results. After presenting you with the relevant data, the Google Lens gives you various options on the next cause of action. When using the application, you will have the option of the following features:

  • Smart Text search
  • Smart Text Selection
  • Google homework questions
  • Translate
  • Search around you

Google Lens saves the online shopper the struggle of describing a product or searching through various similar products. The product picture will provide all the information and details about the product needed by Google Lens to find the most accurate information about the product. With the multi-search option on Google Lens, you can translate text into different languages and identify other key aspects of your image.

Final thoughts

Google Lens is more than a visual search engine. The application can provide more than the basic relevant information about an image. The application is the best digital commerce assistant for online shoppers providing online buyers with eCommerce SEO results. Using the image you provide, the application will provide you with relevant information about the product, ranging from online stores to the best deals and similar items. 

You can also use the app to add events to your calendar, translate text, find Google reviews of businesses and even copy business cards’ information to your address book. Download the Google Lens application and access plenty of eCommerce SEO information relevant to your images.

If you need assistance with Google Lens and creating a strategy for your products with images optimized for eCommerce SEO, First Page Digital is here to help. You’ll be able to drive more traffic to your site and services with the right image data, targeting audiences looking for more details for specific photos.

FAQs about Google Lens

Before you leave, we have some answers for the most popular questions people have about Google Lens. If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us.

Can I use Google Lens on website?

If you prefer using your browser to reverse search for an image, Chrome can now use Google Lens on desktops. You may need to update your browser to the latest version. When users find images on a page, all they need to do is right-click on it and select “Search image using Google Lens.” 

Can I use Google Lens for my business?

Google Lens is extremely useful when you’re trying to expand your network. If you see business cards on websites, it quickly scans the information in a way that you can use for your contact portfolio. It saves time having to manually input the information into your database by extracting the contact details from the image.

Does Google Lens cost money?

You won’t need to pay for Google Lens, as the platform is free of charge on mobile and PC devices. It’s a tool that Google created for its users to make it stand out as one of the best search engine platforms available online. You simply need to download and install it to start using it.

What is Google Lens good for?

The image search platform helps to identify various details about a photo, especially if you’re looking for products or other images related to it. You can also search for the original image source, which is helpful for crediting the creator when you want to use it on your site. If you’re posting images of your own products, eCommerce SEO meta data will assist Google Lens users in finding your images for related searches.

Image searches simply find the best results for your query. Google Lens takes it a step further and identified specific items within the photo, such as text, vehicles, animals, and more. It also helps you find the original image source, while it can capture the text within the image in a way that you can use for your business.