Does Your Brand Have What It Takes to Be a Viral Brand?

If there’s one thing that all marketers hope for, it’s a viral brand. Something that takes off and spreads like wildfire, reaching many passionate customers shortly. But is that something you can plan for? Or does it just happen randomly?

You’ve seen it repeatedly happen: someone will buy the latest iPhone because ‘everyone knows they need an Apple product.’ But why? What makes Apple so memorable that people are so passionate about them? Regardless of technical reasons, their fans will buy the latest iPhone.

What is it that creates a memorable brand, a powerful brand, a brand that people are passionate about? It all starts with the branding process. This process begins early on, and as you might have predicted, it never ends.

You should keep off the pedal with your ongoing objective to grow brand recognition and attract ideal consumers through effective brand marketing. Your marketing messaging, social media postings, advertising campaigns, and how we create and present our visual assets all express our brand.

Teams of professionals in market research, competitive analysis, and marketing collateral work with major businesses. You might not be there yet, and we understand that.

In this post, we’ll look at what goes into making a brand go viral – and whether or not your business has what it takes.

8 branding tips to level up your brand strategy to become a viral brand.

Any brand need purpose and vision to become a viral brand.
Any brand needs purpose and vision to become a viral brand.

Create a brand identity, including a purpose and vision.

First and foremost, your brand’s vision and goal statement need to be crystal clear. If you and every employee don’t see this right away, potential consumers will notice it very clearly when they interact with you.

Consider a company like Apple, which has a distinct visual identity, a unified message, and a professional voice. They are not here to accompany the consumer on their journey; they are here to attend to the customer. Your mission and vision statements must describe the path you are on.

Make use of market trends to be a viral brand.

The most popular marketing channels used by consumers and how a brand promotes on those channels (or doesn’t) are examples of market trends.

Certain brand ambassadors are getting more attention than others for whatever reason. There may be social media sites with rapidly growing user bases. Some marketing initiatives are connecting with the public because of recent global events.

To avoid deviating from your vision and mission statement, avoid manipulating your entire brand to “fit the mold.” But as most successful firms do, it’s crucial to consider consumer behavior and market trends and modify your marketing tactics to capitalize on them.

Formulate viral referral loops.

Do you know the ideal candidate to work as a brand advocate? It might shock you to learn that it’s the customer. You heard us correctly, yes.

One of your best marketing opportunities is to have current customers tell new customers why they should interact with your business. Offer incentives to encourage existing or former customers to recommend others.

Let’s face it. We have all used the free $20 Uber Eats referral offer. It aids in increasing brand recognition and identifies potential customers with similar interests to your present clients. Additionally, it’s a brand-building plan that benefits you, and we love that marketing strategy.

Viral brand, Let organic growth be your shining light!
Let organic growth be your shining light!

Focus on organic growth.

It takes more than just yelling your brand voice to establish a strong brand personality and increase brand awareness. Word of mouth is key.

Customers must hear it from other customers!

Thinking of community-building tactics in your brand creation process is the greatest approach to achieving this. This can entail joining a social media platform where your target audience is most active.

Once there, you can create spaces, groups, or forums where buyers interact with your business’s products or brand history rather than just purchasing them.

By doing this, you may make word of mouth can spread, and others will see your brand message on other platforms.

Keep the sharing process feeling easy and natural.

Many companies invest a lot of time and money into their content marketing strategy. Still, they often need to pay more attention to one important factor: how to make it easy for potential customers.

Studies show that the more natural sharing processes feel, the better your offer is at being seen by someone who needs what you sell!

So next time you write an email or put together some digital media projects like social posts or web content, think about adding share buttons.

Make it clear too! This strategy will help you reach a whole new audience while also boosting engagement rates with current customers – who wouldn’t love being heard by these newcomers too?

A viral brand gets out there and networks on social media too!
Don’t just network in person, get out there and network on social media too!

Make your brand known on the current networks.

Joining popular social media sites and networking platforms is vital to building a strong brand.

It’s important to join popular and trending networks. Nobody will hear your brand’s values and mission if it is on unpopular social platforms. This is especially crucial for a young business striving to establish itself.

Just keep in mind to follow your target audience. It serves no use to promote your business on a network that is current but unrelated to your target customer.

Investigate your rivals.

Don’t be afraid to make awkward brand-to-brand eye contact.

Instead, observe your rivals to see how they’re doing it. Is there something your brand can emulate or avoid?

You could discover they are adhering to some “brand rules” that you might use as a model. By merely observing what they do, you’ll learn additional branding advice.

A viral brand knows its target audience.
A viral brand knows its target audience.

How well do you know your target audience?

Getting caught up in running a successful business is easy, but it often pays off when you take time out for reflection.

The best way we have found success with our agency was by understanding what customers wanted and needed from us – which helped us understand their needs better than anyone else could!

You can use a buyer persona to understand your customer better. Imagine that you were the person who would buy this product or service–what are some of their needs? Why do they need it, and how does buying our product make them feel when compared with other options on the market today (or yesterday)?

Final thoughts on becoming a viral brand.

So, do you want your brand to go viral? It’s more challenging than it sounds. Like anything else, there are a few key things you need to do to increase your chances of success.

Luckily, we’ve outlined some of the most important ones here. If you can use these tips and invest the time and effort into growing your brand organically, you may see those coveted fans (and money) start rolling in.

But don’t take our word for it – give them a try yourself and see what happens! And if you need help getting started or would like us to look at your current branding strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We love helping brands succeed and grow! It is what we live for.

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