Social Media Tips

The world of the startup has changed significantly over the past few years, thanks largely in part to the rise of digital marketing and online efforts. Every startup has a myriad of pitfalls that could potentially ruin them, but this is issue is magnified if you’re constrained to a small budget. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources available in digital marketing that can help your brand without blowing the budget. This post aims to offer some digital marketing advice and tips that are geared towards the startup with a shoestring budget.


If you’re trying to bring in more customers, build your brand or just get your name out into the online ether, there is no better way than social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all free and fantastic ways to connect with potential customers and grow your audience organically. To take full advantage of social media, your startup needs to make an impact there.


Be Reliable And Consistent Online

Your audience is a receptive bunch and they will pick up on your overall online presence. It is important that you ensure that you are regularly addressing questions on your social media channels. If you do not, your audience will lose a lot of trust in your brand’s integrity and you will notice a sharp drop in people viewing your information online. It is best to make yourself available as often as possible, which is relatively easy with a smartphone in your pocket.


Engage Your Audience

Another issue that you can run into online is not engaging with your audience enough. Building a rapport with your online viewership helps a great deal with your brand identity and image, so do not overlook this. With that said, try not to flood your readers with too many messages and updates, as this can frustrate and turn them off. Try to aim for somewhere between five to ten posts a week on Facebook, or if it is Twitter then about three to five posts daily.


Think About Your Customers

Promotions are a great method of employing your social media to your advantage, as it can bring in new custom. However, remember that you need to offer something of value to the customers that are reading. So focus any promotional content towards them, rather than your brand.


Social media is a constant education that you will learn more about as you go. However, these quick tips are a great place to start with your social media efforts online.