9 Social Media Management Tools to Help You Get Organised


Struggling to keep your social posts consistent across each channel? Managing one platform is hard enough, but adding three or four more social media platforms into the mix can make it feel impossible.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so hard. Using additional resources like a social media scheduling tool can save you a lot of time, stress and money in the long run. If you’re looking to start using a social media management tool or even upgrade from your current one, check out some of our suggestions.

1. Buffer

Buffer can help you manage multiple social media platforms at once

Buffer makes managing content across several social media channels a breeze. The app allows you to create status updates that are posted across a variety of channels all at once, or scheduled into a content queue to be done automatically.

Its analytics feature lets you know how effective your posted content is, offering insight into the number of clicks, mentions received, retweets, and potential reach. Its intuitive, accessible interface is another major benefit, as well as its easy to use image editor add-on Pablo.

2. Airtable

Manage, create and share small databases through airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based app for creating, managing and sharing small databases. It’s the perfect solution for blog editorial calendars, sales CRM, expense tracking, and PR or media lists with the option of also creating your own databases.

Airtable is collaborative in real-time, making it easy to keep co-workers up to date with changes in a project.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools.

Used by over 15 million people and by over 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies, Hootsuite is perhaps the most popular social media management tool. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to schedule content, track your social ROI, run social media ads, and monitor keywords, hashtags and locations to better familiarise yourself with your market.

It offers several flexible plans, starting from the one-user free plan through to enterprise options.

4. CoSchedule

Build your marketing strategy from CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar that helps almost 8,000 marketing teams stay organised in more than 100 countries around the world. Users are able to build their entire marketing strategy from one master calendar, collaborate with teams and streamline their execution process from the one place.

Offering a drag and drop calendar, social media scheduling and an analytics tool, it’s a fantastic choice for a content management solution.

5. Sendible

Manage all your social media on Sendible

Sendible is an ideal option for those managing multiple clients across social media by harnessing the power of automation. The software specialises in scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement, as well as having CRM functionality.

A major benefit is that it streamlines your posts across all channels into one place and allows you to respond to them at once.

6. Iconosquare

Get insightful analytics from Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the best options if you want to manage your Instagram account.  Over 10,000 agencies and businesses currently use Iconosquare, reaping the benefits of their easy to understand yet advanced analytics to drive better business decision-making and growth. You’re also able to keep a close eye on competitors and how they’re performing through their own industry benchmarks. 

They do all this through an intuitive and well-designed platform that allows you to manage more than one Instagram account through a single Iconosquare license. If you’re a business that has a variety of accounts, this is the choice for you. 

7. Later

Later is one of the best free forever social media management tools

Like many of the other tools on this list, Later is, at its core,  a scheduling app. It allows you to plan ahead what posts and captions you’re going to make in an intuitive and well-designed platform. 

The defining feature of Later is the fact that it offers a completely free forever plan – not just a free trial. This is a great platform for beginners to get the hang of social media organisation before, if needed, expanding to a paid software. If you upgrade, you’ll find a host of insights and useful features at your fingertips to help drive growth and sales – think of hashtag suggestions, suggested post times and much more. 

8. Loomly

Get endless content inspiration from Loomly.

Loomly is another platform that allows you to schedule all your posts and manage your social media content from one centralised location. A well-designed platform means everything from crafting, previewing and scheduling posts can be done harmoniously. Loomly has recently released its own community management system called Interactions that allows you to easily engage with your audience directly from Loomly itself – because we all know how important speaking to your audience is. 

Where Loomly truly excels is its capability to provide inspiration and post ideas based on trending topics, holidays and other special dates. If you’re someone that struggles to come up with ideas for what to post, Loomly can be a lifesaver. 

9. Meet Edgar

Take social media automation to the next level with MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is the ultimate social media scheduling software for those that just want to make life simple. There isn’t an analytics section to give you that more data-driven approach like many of the other management tools on this listicle, but MeetEdgar takes automation to the next level. 

MeetEdgar can create the posts for you, before scheduling and posting them for you. It will find quotable text from articles and blogs before providing you with several variations to choose from. Do this along with a host of other features such as A/B social messaging tests, an exclusive link shortener, and more. 

Final thoughts…

Any of these social media management tools can be instrumental in growing your business. Each one has its own set of pros and cons, and the right one for you and your business is the one that suits your unique needs. Learn more about social media marketing or, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.