Snapchat Marketing Tools To Build Your Brand

When you think about Snapchat marketing in Hong Kong, you say what? Having a Snapchat marketing strategy is not something that comes to mind.

What we do know is that Snapchat as a marketing tool is useful for niche audiences. In this blog, we will share why and how.

It may not be the most popular social platform in Hong Kong, but with roughly 4.3 percent of the city’s total population using it… The platform still has some traction with niche audiences.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the reality is, that your business should be on every marketing channel. Though, unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat provides businesses with unique marketing potential.

There are more than 5 million smartphone users in Hong Kong alone, and the number of Snapchat users is increasing. Why? Snapchat is a visually-driven platform, and there’s a science behind why people love visuals. Did you know that our brains are “hardwired,” whereby we retain a staggering 80 percent of what we see?

First of all, Snapchat is fun, engaging and of course, trending. Even better?

On average, there are 100’s of millions of daily active ‘Snapchatters’ around the world, so you can attract a wide audience.

Whether you’re ready to share a new product sneak peek or share footage of your business behind the scenes, Snapchat proves a profitable and highly-engaging platform for boosting your brand. We’d say that having a Snapchat marketing strategy has its benefits.

Express who you are! The most successful brands will use Snapchat to tell a story, educate their consumers, host live contests and events, and share previews.

As well Snapchat advertising with Snapchat ads could also be a way to reach out and engage your target audience in Hong Kong.

So, how does your business take advantage of this in its marketing mix? Here, we reveal 7 of the most highly effective tools for building your brand with potential customers.

What are the best Snapchat marketing tools?

1. Snapchat Discover


Image by The Washington Post

If you ever thought Snapchat was just for selfies and bitmojis, you thought wrong. ‘Snapchat Discover’ has fast become one of the world’s biggest sources of news.

Leading by example, global news provider The Washington Post, was the first media company to “break news” on the Snapchat app. 

Following suit, international women’s magazine Cosmopolitan is said to generate an average of 19 million plus views each month.

At present, publishers, media and entertainment brands, and entrepreneurs alike are capitalizing on Snapchat Discover to disseminate content and video ads, gain mass engagement and understand their audience from newfound statistics.

2. Geofilters


Image by Marketing Land

In our previous blog The 6 Most Successful Social Media Platforms for Online Advertising, we spoke about injecting life and some personality into your brand – that’s where geofilters come in.

Sponsored geofilters are an engaging marketing tool for enabling your consumers to share their personal experiences with friends.

Geofilters allow a person to specifically share where they are, at the same time as promoting your product or service to a wider audience. Here, location-based filters are also used in order to maximize your brand outreach.

There are several kinds of geofilters, each providing a perfect fit for a type of brand. For example, there are national geofilters perfect for special holidays, while on-demand geofilters are ideal for sharing your special moment just as it happens.

3. Sponsored Lenses

There are sponsored geofilters, and then there are sponsored lenses. The main difference? It’s a face, not a place.

Sponsored lenses, otherwise referred to as ‘face lenses’, provide brand consumers with a fun, personalized experience.

As an iconic moment in the history of Snapchat, Taco Bell’s sponsored lens campaign for Cinco de Mayo (as pictured in the video above), generated 224 million views in a single day – a ground-breaking record.

4. Snapcodes

See a snapcode, snap it and unlock something exciting! That little ghost icon you’ve most likely seen before is formally known as a specialised QR code.

Not only is this highly-popular form of Snapchat marketing free, but it’s also incredibly influential. Business Insider reports that Snapchat users scan more than 8 million codes a day.

This tool is one of a rare few, which actually merges traditional advertising with digital marketing while growing your audience.

Snapchatters can scan your brand’s unique snapcode to discover exclusive content, receive special offers, and much more.

5. Snapisodes

It’s important to not confuse Snap Ads with “Snapisodes” – a newer term used to describe a Snapchat show or series.

The term ‘Snapisode’ first came to light when international hotel brand Marriott, premiered the first-ever Snapchat original series, which consisted of four 3-minute “snapisodes”. The series was called “Six Days, Seven Nights”, a provocative insight into the brand’s rich travel culture in a fast-paced tour across the globe.

More recently, T-Mobile launched the #GetThanked Snapisode featuring DJ Khaled. For those looking to reinvent or reinvigorate their brand, snapisodes are the answer.

They’re innovative, fresh and in the same way popular TV shows accrue fans, you’re sure to build an audience!

6. Live Stories

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, just imagine what a story means. What do all of the best brands worldwide have in common? They create a sense of urgency. They know exactly how to convince every customer that what they have is something you need – right now. 

Live stories are the ultimate tool for creating such demand. This signature feature reaffirms brand awareness by imparting a personalized viewing experience between your business and its audience – and thanks to Snapchat analytics, you can now track your audience reach and engagement.

The great part? It’s super easy to achieve – just hit record, utilise any of the above tricks and you’re on your way. And for those who are always on the run, there’s even an alternative hands-free way to record. In 2016, Snapchat released the first generation of ‘Spectacles’; the smartglasses that record the world just as you see it – through your eyes.

7. Snapyltics

Snapchat marketing is cool

Surely you’ve heard of Google Analytics, but what about Snaplytics? Simply put, metrics matter. Measuring the effectiveness of each marketing tool goes hand-in-hand with your brand’s overall success.

While Snapchat has a valuable analytics tool of its own, Snaplytics is your fast solution to (specifically) managing and growing your Snapchat stories.

Snaplytics provides automated analytics and actionable insights into your account’s performance.

For those looking to master content marketing on Snapchat, using an in-depth, third-party tool like Snaplytics will help you get there. With Snaplytics, you can also schedule content, create fact-based monthly reports, and much more.

Final thoughts on Snapchat marketing

Start snapping! To learn more about how to excel as a digital marketer, peep our recent blog 5 of the Best Time-Saving Apps and Tools for Digital Marketers, and take your online marketing strategy to the next level. 

Yes, Snapchat ain’t big in Hong Kong. Still, social media can benefit your business. How? Through increased customer outreach online and elevated brand awareness, it all serves to provide a deeper understanding of your target audience, bring more traffic to your website, and then help your SEO.

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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile messaging service that allows users to send and receive drawings, texts, photographs, and videos. Both the app’s download and utilizing it to send texts are free. In a very short period of time, it has skyrocketed in popularity, especially among young people.

What distinguishes Instagram and Snapchat from one another?

The only significant distinction between submitting content to each app is that although Instagram does not let you control how long someone may view an image, Snapchat does.

How effective is Snapchat for social media marketing?

Launched in 2011, Snapchat. Snapchat is still in the top 15 most popular social media sites globally as of 2022. Even though Snapchat may have fewer users per month than Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, adopting Snapchat for business may still be a successful strategy for expanding your brand’s reach.