Still Not Taking Advantage of Instagram? When Will You Learn?

You’ll hear or read about it everywhere: the importance of social media in regards to your business’s success. It is amazing, then, that some businesses are letting social media slip from their agenda when it comes to developing a strategic marketing plan. Yes, I’m looking at you too small businesses that think having limited budgets makes you exempt.

For the little guys – create an account

Alright little businesses, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to accept that a lack of funding does not mean there should be a lack of effort when it comes to marketing. The “we can’t compete with the big guys, so let’s just forget about it and stick to what we know” approach will get you nowhere.

Creating an Instagram account is simple enough, best of all it is completely free. So why not take advantage of a great social media tool at your disposal and start connecting with your target audience where they go most? Customers are a lot more likely to remain loyal with a brand if they connect with them and like what they’re about. Instagram is a great way to give your audience an insider look into your business, its processes and its values. It also gives businesses an opportunity to gain insight into what their audiences actually like.

Once mastered, you can start posting content that is easily shared with others. One of the hardest things about the platform is decided what to post. So, get creative and start getting a little snap happy. Don’t just give us images of your products—boring! Give us something that will make us say ‘wow’.

For the spenders – consider an advertising venture

If you have the means (and by means I mean dollars), you should seriously consider advertising with Instagram. With approximately 400 million users, Instagram is a great avenue for those businesses looking to attract the masses. Just launching advertising capabilities this year, Instagram has already helped many businesses in their marketing ventures. Sponsored posts now integrate seamlessly into feeds, attracting users that may otherwise have not considered your business in the first place.

While this all may start sounding like a broken record, how many times will it have to be repeated before you decide going social is right for you?