5 Tips on Taking the Perfect Holiday Selfie

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s undeniable: selfies have become a massive part of everyday life. In fact, it’s predicted that millennials will take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.

Most of us carry our smartphones with high-quality cameras right in our pocket, meaning that capturing memories has never been as easy as it is now. This is especially useful when you’re travelling, as it’s no longer essential to carry a big, awkward camera around with you while trying to take some jealousy-inducing holiday snaps.

However, how strong is your selfie game? Here’re some tips to harness your full potential on this year’s vacation — don’t forget to peace and pout!

Light it up

When it comes to taking the perfect selfie, lighting is the first thing you need to consider. Natural lighting is the best way to take a beautiful, bright photo. Try to have light hitting your face, but avoid direct sunlight that can wash out or pixelate the photo.

Selfie sticks: yes or no?

People may tease those who pack a selfie stick in their holiday suitcase, but honestly — we think selfie stick enthusiasts are onto something. Selfie sticks allow you to show more of the landscape around you, which is obviously a huge plus when you’re travelling and want to show off the stunning beach around you. It also opens up possibilities for shooting from interesting angles, which can add a bit of variety to your Insta feed.

Pro tip: put your phone on continuous shooting mode, where it will keep taking photos while you find the perfect shot. While you’ll end up with a lot of photos, there’s bound to be at least one you’ll like!



Make your selfie interesting to look at by choosing a beautiful background. Your location tells the story of your travels and gives context instantly: think iconic landmarks and lush nature shots. Just remember to be conscious of framing — there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a stunning landmark only to have half of it cut off by poor angle choices. Reach for the stars and extend those arms!


While a good selfie is dependent on thoughtful camera work, applying an appropriate filter can make your photo pop. Enhance the colours of natural landscapes with high-contrast filters, or add a soft, faded effect to white-based indoor shots. Some great photo-editing apps for your phone include VSCO Cam, Aviary and Afterlight, while apps like Layout and PicFrame allow you to make a neat collage of several photos.



Be yourself!

Don’t forget that selfies are all about capturing who you are. While the above tips can help you nail your holiday snaps, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun! Whether you choose to smile, pout or do a silly face, give your holiday selfies a touch of individuality by embracing who you are and enjoying your travelling experiences.