Basic Rules of Successful eCommerce Website Development

Web design can make or break your online shop, so it’s essential to ensure that it’s both efficient and attractive. Check out six ‘golden rules’ of eCommerce website development that would help your business succeed.

Have the simplest and most convenient cart

Usability is the key to effective online sales. Your cart should be as simple and efficient as possible as this is the first thing that buyers assess when measuring the quality of your service. Note that the cart’s design should match the overall website theme so that it looks appealing and the cart itself should be clearly noticeable. A good cart should update in real time and display the essential product details.

Enhance the buyers’ trust by posting ‘trust indicators’

One of the major issues that worry buyers is that their private info will be compromised. Show people that your website is safe by posting logos from the reputed services that provide your digital security. There are other ‘trust indicators’ that have a similar effect, such as a lock symbol and various approval seals from renowned services. Be sure to include a link to the privacy policy page into your eCommerce website development plan as should be present on every page.

Make the buying process linear

Provide your buyers with an opportunity to make a purchase quickly. The linear checkout process is straightforward, simple, and accepted as the ultimate model by the giants of the eCommerce world, such as Amazon.

Keep your forms simple

First of all, you should minimize the number of forms to fill out as people who come to your website want to buy something, not to spend half an hour on ‘paperwork’. Only leave the fields that truly matter for your business and make them as uncomplicated as you can. A person should be able to fill out those forms on the go, putting very little effort in thinking about the answers.

Be sure to provide easy-to-follow explanations and instructions so that your clients can understand exactly what they need to do. A clickable question mark at the end of the field is the best way to introduce this particular feature.

Include multiple sorting options

The standard choices are ‘sort by price’ and ‘sort by popularity’. Consider adding ‘best selling’, ‘new’, and ‘user rating’ to the mix as well as any field-specific sortings you can think of.

Introduce refining options to enhance the shopping experience

Refining the products by size, colour, material, etc. makes it easier for buyers to find what they need and increases their pleasure of buying from you.