Promote That Niche Product No One is Searching for

With people turning to the internet every day to discover new products and places around them, SEO has become a primary marketing method for modern businesses. Clicks are mainly generated via the first page of a Google search, and for those that are shown on that page, the benefits are endless (as are the customers).

The first step to the process, however, is the person actively searching that industry or market in order to find these businesses and organisations that provide the service. So, what happens when your products or services belong to a niche industry that isn’t necessarily being searched for?

There are ways to combat this by approaching your marketing tactics a little differently.

What are your Google habits?

The phrase “put yourself into the customer’s shoes” is widely passed around, but we want you to assess your own online habits for this point. What do you type into a search engine when you do not know the name of a specific business, service or product? Do you search for similar industries that you’re already familiar with? By looking at the ways you naturally search for a product/service, you can gain an insight into what others may do in a similar position.

Think of your business as ‘solving a problem’

Once you have assessed your own Google habits, you need to look at your own pages and identify the crux of what your business is all about. What contribution are you making to society? Rather than focusing on your products or services, focus on the problem your business solves. People do not remember or turn to complicated words and phrases when searching for solutions; quite often, they’ll enter a question or query into Google. Figure out the aim of your industry and what exactly you want people to know, then work out common phrase searches behind your industry and the needs felt by your customers.

Learn to generalise

Do not overcomplicate the ways in which people find your business. Whatever your service is, try to market it in the most generalised way possible so that you garner more attention from potential customers. Once you have their attention, that is when you can identify the differences of your product and why they specifically need your services.

Push or pull?

Push marketing and pull marketing are SEO strategies that are characterised in diverse ways. The typical marketing seen in SEO is pull marketing, whereby your business is made to stand out in its field and pull in your audience. If you offer a niche product or service, it can be more beneficial to opt for push marketing. Here, you put the message in front of your customers and show them exactly what they are missing out on. This can be in the form of a Facebook or YouTube advertisement, where it is placed in front of the viewer even though they didn’t specifically search for your business or product.