Maximize your reach by making sure you’re fostering the right partnerships

When it comes to digital marketing, you might have heard of something called backlinking. This is where one website, or web resource, will link to another, providing it with an addition stream of users. This can be great for a business trying to increase traffic on their site and wanting to reach more people.

There are many ways in which businesses try to generate more backlinks.


 Firstly, some groups might pay others for backlinks. This is probably the easiest way to generate them. A business can generate a lot of backlinks and, depending on who they are paying, from a range of different websites. However, this is the problem. If a higher quality website is going to provide a business with better quality backlinks, then they are probably going to charge more money; if they allow backlinks at all. If a business does not invest much money into the backlinks, they might be wasting their money by being linked to from unrelated or unvisited websites.


 Businesses might also exchange links with another website. This way, both are generating more traffic for each other. This is a great way of generating a network of similarly focused websites. Businesses can generate better quality backlinks, but it does mean that visitors will be exposed to potential competition.

Guest Posting

 Finally, businesses can participate in what is called guest posting. Guest posting is pretty much what it sounds like. It is where a business or person will write an article or piece of content for another website. This will help to encourage more traffic for that website, which in turn will provide a link to the business’s website. This is a potentially time-consuming way of going about generating backlinks, but it can generate better quality traffic.

The websites people will guest post on tend to be related to their business and so the accumulated traffic will likely lead to more conversion (People who add to your business as opposed to just looking at your website). You can post in a manner of different ways, from full articles to much smaller testimonials.

Overall, in order to benefit from better quality backlinks, businesses probably need to sacrifice something in return; be it time or alerting users to the competition. However, if a business believes in the product or service they offer, backlinks can open up huge possibilities which other websites do not.