Common copywriting mistakes for landing pages

The current lay of the land in online marketing puts a heavy emphasis on landing pages and what they can do for a business. One of the key aspects of a useful landing page is that it can net you some really big leads. However, if you are hoping for that big prospect to come through but are struggling with turning visitors into leads, it could be your copy.

There is a degree of finesse involved in copywriting for marketers, and there are respectively a lot of mistakes to be made. This post hopes to look at some of the most common copywriting issues that could be hurting your landing page conversions, as well as tips on how to fix them.

Think Benefits Instead Of Features

Benefits and features are two important pieces of information that will help sway and educate your audience. Features are what your product or service can do – office management software, for example. Benefits are a little more personal because they tell your audience what your product or service will do for them, such as make working life easier.

It is important that, when you are writing for your landing page, the copy focuses on benefits first. This will draw your audience in much more easily than a bland description of features.

Content Is King, Not Word Count

One of the most common mistakes to make in copywriting for SEO is to create fluffy content that is neither useful nor engaging. Often, this happens as a result of trying to cram in useful keywords wherever possible. However, it is a surefire way to lose a readership quickly as it provides next to nothing for them.

Instead of focusing on quantity, try to target your copy into a direct, focused message for your audience. Always remember to make it easy for your reader to gather the important information, and if you want to start a conversation with them then make it entertaining.

Copywriting Is A Conversation

It can be too easy to oversell your product or service, which can easily dissuade an audience. The above mistakes can happen to the best of us, so always think about your readers when writing copy. It should be a conversation, not a list of benefits. Keep your message as direct as possible, and make life easy for your prospects. That way, your landing page will see some serious conversions and your business will grow.