11 Crazy-Effective Tips To Optimise Your Landing Pages


Have you ever been on a landing page that is so perfect, that you felt like you just had to put in your information?

We’ve all been there, but this feeling is no accident. In fact, this is exactly what happens when a perfectly optimized landing page meets a hot, hot lead. 

Getting your customers to take action on your landing pages is about one thing – landing page optimisation (otherwise known as LPO 🕺🏻). 

But what makes a truly optimised landing page? And how do you create a landing page that is so magnetic that it converts like crazy?

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the 11 ways we optimize landing pages for our clients. These tips are simple to implement and can increase your conversions, leads, and sales overnight. 

#1 – Write Directly for Your Target Audience

how to optimize your landing pages

Your landing page must grab the attention of your target audience. To achieve this, you need to identify who your consumer is and their primary reason for visiting your site. 

This information will then help you show that your products and services are perfect for them and communicate this using the right language.

Keyword research is an invaluable component of LPO. Online tools such as Google Keyword Planner help you understand what your audience is searching for in Google. You can then use this data as a basis to begin creating your copy. 

Ensuring that your landing page features these keywords helps to connect you with your target audience. Websites that communicate with their customers using keywords can reach more viewers and gain more sales overall. 

#2 – Utilize Search Engine Optimisation

ways to make more sales from landing pages

A savvy SEO strategy will ensure your site ranks high on search engine results pages, meaning you’re visible to the largest number of potential clients.

To achieve this, your site must be designed around a number of ranking factors. Specifically for your landing page, you must consider user experience, include well-written copy, and mobile-first optimisation.

70% of web traffic is now viewed on mobile devices, often when users are on the go and searching for a quick solution to their problems.

An effective landing page will need to rank in the top search results and clearly communicate the offerings of your business to this mobile-first audience. 

#3 – Use a Minimal Design

tips for LPO (landing page optimization)

A beautifully designed landing page will directly influence your click-through rates. A successful page will include a recognisable logo, an attractive colour scheme, plus a great selection of photos and videos.

A clean and minimal design will work best for your page as space is limited. We all know what it’s like to be overloaded by design elements and overwhelmed by information – don’t do this!

However, well-chosen content can connect with people on a personal level – and this means shares, likes, and organic search traffic. It’s an effective and economical way to spread the message of your brand. 

There are many examples of great landing pages, but one thing they have in common is a minimal design and selective use of content.

#4 – Stay On Brand 

stay on brand for better landing pages

Your landing page must summarise your brand in a short amount of space and time. Your digital marketing, social media and online content will develop who your business is and what makes it unique. 

But your landing page must condense all of this down into something concise. 

Your brand identity must be summarised on your landing page and clearly communicated using minimal resources. Optimised headers and microcopy will help you to achieve this.

#5 – Add Client Testimonials 

tip #5 - add client testimonials for better landing pages

Testimonials demonstrate that you have great relationships with customers who are willing to vouch for you. This is important because they’re great for driving more sales.

Testimonials are an unbeatable way to develop trust with your clients. 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and 88% trust them as much as an in-person recommendation.

Your landing page must give your business a great first impression. You can create this experience by showing that other consumers have genuinely benefitted from your services and are willing to recommend you to others.

#6 – Use a Direct Call To Action

great landing pages use calls to action

A call to action should drive audience behaviour and generate your desired outcome. An effective landing page will encourage viewers to click through and explore the site further.

CTAs are perfect for your landing page because they can guide audience engagement with a minimal need for copy and design. 

You’ll want every visitor to be wowed by your landing page and want to continue their journey. So, use CTAs which create curiosity to achieve conversions. 

#7 – Choose Your Optimisation Tools 

best tools for landing page optimization

It’s important to test your site and understand how it performs in terms of SEO. There are many tools that allow you to test your site and measure its efficiency. Your page may look great on screen, but is it going to give you the boost in search engine rankings that your business needs?

Here are some great tools to help you test the optimisation of your site…

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – This toolbar checks the SEO health of a page – including broken backlinks and rates of organic search traffic.
Woorank – A comprehensive set of tools designed to develop your digital marketing strategy, plus easy options to check your page health and metadata. 

Screaming Frog – This tool crawls your site to check on-page SEO and audit any technical issues that may slow speeds or affect user experience, including broken links and duplicated content. 

#8 – Check Your Conversion Rate

CRO for landing pages

Landing Page Optimisation is part of the larger practice of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). CRO is the practice of maximising the number of users who carry out the desired action of the site or page.

This could include purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or simply clicking a link. 

#9 – Explore CRO Strategies

Working more closely with CRO will allow you to design your page around a strategically chosen user journey.

It is important that you choose a conversion strategy that’s right for your business and clients. Whilst the goal of any landing page is to increase conversions, a more holistic approach will consider the entire buyer’s journey and all the factors which combine to create a great user experience.

Thinking of your landing page as part of a broader strategy will increase its overall success. 

#10 – A/B Test To Increase Conversions

a/b testing landing pages

A/B Testing refers to the practice of creating two versions of the same page, using different tools and techniques, then testing to see which is most effective. This could be a small change, like different headers or the wording of your copy, to an entirely different page and approach to SEO and CRO. 

The benefit of A/B testing is that you can explore alternatives and be sure that the strategy you choose is right for you. It’s a testing method that will give you a range of data – allowing you to analyse your page and make effective changes. 

#11 – Ask For Opinions

Once you’ve completed your landing page, it pays to ask for opinions and advice from your colleagues and clients. Whilst SEO and CRO and central to your design, you must remember that user experience is just as important. 

A great landing page will be accessible and legible to both humans and bots. It’s all about balance search engine optimisation with a site build, copy and design that creates a great user experience.


Now you’re ready to create a landing page that jumps off the screen and really connects with your customers! Your business deserves attention and optimisation is the smart way to gain it. 

At First Page, we’re dedicated to optimising your site with a suite of SEO tools. We can even help you build your consumer base with SEM and develop your brand with SMM. To learn more about how to build a stand-out presence online, contact our Digital Strategists to arrange a consultation.