Golden Tips to creating a landing page masterpiece

Your landing page is more than just a web page. It is where your followers, customers and clients get to familiarize themselves with what you offer. Landing pages have built and broken ecommerce businesses around the world. But what is the science behind it? Why is a landing page a crucial factor to building a stable website? Well, the answer is simple really. It is the first place any potential viewer will learn of what you bring to the table. Our will as human beings is bent on what we see. If we see something attractive, we want to get closer and associate with it. So to build a perfect landing page, you have to give it the allure it deserves. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track.

Give your landing page the perfect headline

When you open a newspaper, the first thing you look for is a headline that will spark your interest. The same thing goes with your website’s headline. Is it attractive enough to make a viewer want to find out more about your services? Will it compel them to stay minutes, hours, or even come for multiple visits to your site? Hence, when coming up with a headline, these are the type of factors you should keep in mind.

Content, Content…oh yes, more content

The quality of your content is what will inspire viewers to stay longer on your website. In fact, white hat SEO relies a lot on creating content that is interesting, exciting, and gives viewers a call to action. Perhaps they may decide to buy a certain product, or maybe they will sign up for a service, or subscribe to a newsletter. All in all, a straightforward and well written landing page is key to boosting your viewership on your ecommerce business.

Finish up with authentic working links

Links are important aspects of white hat SEO. They are also critical in directing the viewer to a call to action. When you use actively working links, you are also able to direct viewers to other pages of your website where they are able to purchase products, services and other relatable items. Ensure your landing page has visible working links. This also promotes the ranking of your landing page by search engines such as Google.

Lastly, maintaining your landing page is the final piece to the puzzle. Take the time to consistently update everything on it; ranging from the content, any advertisements, and the links. As one of the leading SEO specialists in Hong Kong, firstpage will cater for all your SEO needs; so that you never have to worry about the level of quality of your landing page and website again. If it’s high ranking you want, then it’s high ranking you will get.