3 Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Website Owners

For internet marketers and website owners, social media is now an essential part of spreading their brands message to attract and retain visitors, leads, or customers. The largest social media platform by far is currently Facebook, a service that boasts impressive active account numbers, user engagement, and advertisement targeting.

Facebook now has over one and a half billion registered accounts amounting to hundreds of millions of daily interactions and potential leads for any internet marketer. With that in mind, see below for our list of 3 benefits of Facebook marketing for website owners:

1. Business-to-Customer Relationships
When the internet gained prominence the main target for most companies and service providers was to have an online presence in the form of a website. Now as always-connected mobile devices and social media use explode in popularity, having an online presence now also means being on the social platforms that your target audience uses.

The biggest benefit of this is that brands can now build communities around their Facebook pages which foster a two-way conversation between businesses and their customers.

2. Wider Reach and More Specific Audience Targeting
As mentioned above, basically nearly everyone with access to the internet also has a Facebook account. Those large numbers mean that there is an audience for every website owner on Facebook regardless of your niche, and the wider reach afforded by Facebook to site owners is to a highly engaged audience as well.
Like all other social media services, Facebook users follow their interests on the platform and that coupled with the information gathered by the company provides fertile ground for widening your messages’ reach with more specific market targeting.

3. Low Cost Marketing and Budget Friendly Advertising
As if the two points mentioned above were not enough from a free service, online marketers can also benefit from the low cost marketing provided by Facebook’s sheer weight of numbers. The social networking leader offers advertising on either a pay-per-click, or on a per-impression basis. The site also allows advertisers to set their own daily limits according to their budget giving you full control over your marketing spend and strategy.

To conclude, if you’re a website owner and you only have the time or resources to concentrate on one social media platform, then that service has to be Facebook. With over a billion users, an advertiser-friendly and low cost marketing platform that gives brands a wider reach and allows them to build communities, the choice is a no-brainer.